Best 2000 Watt Inverter

A 2000W power inverter is a handy little device to have.

They are great for converting DC power into AC power so you can use your household appliances or charge an electronic device in the middle of a power outage.

They are also great for camping or working outdoors – so it is easy to see why a lot of people want to buy a strong 2000 watt power inverter.

But which 2000 watt power inverter is the best?

What To Look For In A Good Power Inverter

When it comes to buying a good power inverter, it can be easy to get lost in all the technological jargon. Every company is sure to try and push their product in your face, willing to boast about every feature of their inverter unit – but what does a power inverter really need to function and be useful?

Here, we have put together a criteria of features that we look for in a good power inverter with an in-depth look at each one.

Pure Sine Wave VS Modified Sine Wave

Power inverters are available in two different types: pure sine wave inverters, and modified sine wave inverters. A modified sine wave inverter are typically more affordable than a pure sine wave inverter as they are easier to build with fewer components.

However, modified sine wave inverters produce smaller waves of power, use up more power to be able to run, and are more likely to build up excess waste heat. This excess waste heat can lead a modified sine wave inverter to overheat and cause long term damage, unless the inverter is built with a very good cooling system .So in comparison, the more modern pure sine wave inverter is typically more efficient, quieter, and produce cleaner electricity than modified inverters. This makes them the obvious choice in a lot of buyers’ eyes – including ours – but a lot of heads can be turned by the more affordable price tag attached to modified inverters. So when it comes to choosing between a modified or pure sine wave inverter, we would recommend you get a pure sine wave inverter unless you can find a more affordable modified inverter that has a good cooling system built into its unit.

Good Conversion Efficiency

Power inverters are used to turn DC power into AC power that you can use to power your devices and appliances. However, some of that power output is lost which means that some inverters will give you less power than others. The average percentage of efficiency in a power inverter is between 80%-90%, but there are inverters available with both above and below average efficiency ratings.

When it comes to buying your own power inverter, we recommend you look for one with a peak efficiency somewhere in the average range or above.

This means that the inverter you are buying will have a great AC power output so you will get the absolute most out of your power inverter and it will quickly earn its worth.


Unfortunately, power inverters must be kept somewhere dry and cool – which makes it a bit of a pain when it comes to using a portable power inverter. However, there are inverters available with added protection features to help them survive better in more extreme environments. A power inverter that has aluminum casting around its unit is the ideal choice for those looking for a portable inverter. Although this does not mean you can leave your inverter out in the rain – it is more likely to survive an accidental splash or being hit by a few light drops of rain.

It is also a sturdy shell that protects your inverter from damages caused by bumps or being dropped. So, if you are looking for a power inverter you can take outside to power electrical equipment, we would recommend you get one with aluminum casing. It is also worth making sure that the inverter has an adequate cooling system such as a good high quality fan for thermal protection.

Other safety features that are a huge bonus include surge protection, voltage protection and overload protection. These features will not only keep your inverter cool and avoid it overheating, but they also will protect you from any electrical accidents or fires. All of this combined will make sure your power inverter as a long life and will last you for many power outages yet to come!


And finally, you should look out for any features that make your power inverter easy to use.

A good power inverter should include lots of ways to attach your electrical device or housing appliances such as USB charging ports and a good number of AC adaptors. Some may even have cigarette lighter port which is an amazingly useful feature for campers. All of these help make your inverter more convenient for your use, so make sure you have plenty of options on how to attach your electronic devices.

So, with this criteria in mind, we set off to find the best 2000 watt power inverters available. Take a look below at our choices and see if the best inverter is there for you!


Krieger 2000W Power Inverter


Giandel 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter


Bestek 2000W Power Inverter


Krieger 2000W Power Inverter

For a solid modified sine wave inverter, you should try the Kreiger 2000W power inverter. Although the outdated technology does hold this inverter back from an impressive power output, it is protected from the typical overheating and damage caused by high temperatures seen in usual modified inverters.

This is thanks to the large and powerful high speed cooling fan that is built into this inverter – however, we found it to be very loud and irritating. However, it does keep Kreiger’s modified inverter cool.Being a modified inverter, this does make it a lot more affordable than some other inverters and it also functions very well. It is built with 2 USB ports and two AC outlets so you can easily connect multiple devices to this one inverter.

It’s also great to take outdoors thanks to the internal aluminum heat sinks that help protect it against harsher weather conditions – although this does not mean you can leave it outside in the rain. All in all, Krieger have made a pretty good modified 2000W power inverter – although a pure sine inverter would have been a little more ideal.


  • This power inverter is built with 2 USB ports and 2 Standard North American AC outlets, so you can easily attach your appliances or gadgets.
  • Features a single high speed cooling fan to regulate the power inverter’s temperature, along with other protections against short circuiting.
  • This power inverter also contains large internal aluminum heat sinks to help it survive in any kind of weather, making it a great source of power while outdoors.


  • The large cooling fan is very loud and irritating.


Giandel 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

We think that pure sine wave inverters are just a better choice than modified inverters because they are more powerful and are generally more efficient when it comes to powering your household appliances. The Giandel 2000W pure sine wave power inverter is a testament to the superior quality of pure sine inverters.

It has a great efficiency rating of 90% so it gives out more than enough power to charge your connected devices. However, be aware that the Giandel inverter requires a different battery voltage when compared to other inverters.

It uses 24 voltage batteries instead of the usual 12 voltage batteries. It’s an easy mistake to make so just be sure you have the right batteries for this inverter.This inverter also has a good amount of other benefits – such as its strong aluminum alloy casing that makes it a great portable power inverter.

It also has an intelligent cooling fan to prevent the inverter from overheating, but we also found it to grow louder and louder the longer the inverter was left running for.

This can be annoying so you should take this into consideration before committing to a Giandel 2000 watt inverter.


  • This unit is made using a strong aluminum alloy shell, protecting it against splashes of water and damage.
  • It also has a great maximum efficiency rating of 90% so it can quickly power up your electric devices in no time.
  • Utilizes more advanced technology as it is a pure sine wave power inverter.


  • The cooling fan does become louder and more annoying the longer this power inverter is left running for.


Bestek 2000W Power Inverter

For a power inverter that can be used pretty much anywhere, we recommend the Bestek 2000W power inverter. Thanks to the corrosive-resistant aluminum housing, this power inverter has very good protection against all kinds of damage and the odd splash of water.

It is compact and lightweight so you can take it with you to campsites or harsh environments where you need AC power. This makes this power inverter great for remote job sites – just be sure to keep your inverter dry if rain starts to fall. The Bestek power inverter is also well protected from high temperatures thanks to its high powered built in cooling fan. This means that the inverter is less likely to overheat and the results show because the unit was barely warm after we left it running for a long time. It powers up electrical devices with no issue so despite the fact we could not find an exact efficiency rating on the paperwork, it still does its job well. The only issue is that there is no clear USB port, so you are limited to using devices and appliances with AC connections.


  • This 2000W power inverter is solid and durable thanks to its aluminum housing that protects it from bumps and drops of water.
  • It features a high-powered cooling fan to protect this inverter from overheating.
  • Runs lots of different devices perfectly and without even getting warm, so the efficiency rating must be high.


  • No USB charging port means that you are limited to what kind of devices you can power with this inverter.


Aims 2000W Power Inverter

Another pure sine inverter, the Aims 2000W power inverter is a great choice for those seeking a versatile and powerful power inverter. It has plenty of features for ease of use, including a USB port and two AC outlets. It also features a cigarette lighter that is very useful for campers in need of a lighter. Each outlet and port also gives out a fair amount of power even with all in use, as this inverter has a great efficiency rating of 90%. What we also liked a lot about this inverter is that it is a lot quieter than some of its competitors. It still features two cooling fans to keep the inverter from overheating, but it also made very little noise. It was a nice change from some of the previous inverters we tested. However, this inverter is still not perfect. While we were unpacking it, we noticed that it contained very little documentation.

Usually, inverters will come with a manual to help you set up and how to fix any warning issues that appear on the LED display – but the Aims inverter did not come with such documentation. This means that if you were to buy this inverter and there is an issue with it, trying to solve it can be a bit of an issue in itself. Despite that, this inverter works really well and we were especially pleased with how quiet it runs while still giving out enough power.


  • This high quality 2000 watt inverter has a great efficiency rating of 90%.
  • We found the dual cooling fans to run fine and to be far quieter than some other competitors.
  • Contains lots of features to help power up your electrics such as a USB port and 2 AC outlets- it also features a cigarette lighter!


  • Comes with very little documentation so trying to work out errors and faults can be stressful and a pain to deal with. 


Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter

We decided to include another modified inverter for those looking to buy an inverter that is more affordable, so we went with the Ampeak 2000W inverter. Although we would highly recommend a better pure sine wave inverter, the Ampeak inverter still does a good job of powering your electrical appliances. We do wish it’s efficiency rating was higher but it is still within the average range so it is acceptable.It is also capable of keeping itself cool thanks to the two built in cooling fans and the automatic shutdown protection that kicks in if the Ampeak inverter does start to overheat.

It also has bonus protection features like overload protection and short circuiting. This means you can use the Ampeak knowing that you are safe from any shocks or burns. The Ampeak inverter is also pretty versatile as it includes a USB port and 3 AC outlets to hook up a lot of devices. For a modified inverter, it does a pretty good job – but it is quickly outranked by other pure sine wave inverters.


  • The Ampeak inverter is built with 2 cooling fans and automatic shutdown protection against overheating and overloading to keep you safe.
  • It also features 3 AC outlets and a USB port to help power most devices.
  • Has an efficiency rating of a maximum 85%.


  • This is a modified sine wave inverter, making it outdated and louder than pure sine wave inverters.


Renogy 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Finally, we have Renogy’s 2000W pure sine wave inverter. Renogy is a well known company that manufactures high-quality electrical appliances such as solar panels – and their own pure sine wave inverter is no different. This pure sine wave inverter is very easy to use as it can connect to most electronic devices. This is thanks to its inclusion of three AC outlets and a built-in USB port.

For even more convenience, Renogy has even included a wired remote control so you can mount your power inverter anywhere without having to worry about getting to its buttons. We found the remote control very easy to handle and responsive, so this is a definite plus. Renogy’s pure sine wave inverter is also very efficient as it sports an efficiency rating greater than 90%! This means that this is a very powerful inverter with limited conversion loss. Plus, there is an impressive dual cooling fan system to prevent overheating and it also comes with a few added features like overvoltage and under-voltage protection so you can use this inverter with confidence.

However, this does make the Renogy inverter a bit more heavier and bulkier than some other inverters, but it is worth it for the impressive output power.


  • This power inverter is incredibly easy to use as it comes with three AC outlets, a built-in USB port and a wired remote for convenience.
  • Built with 2 cooling fans to protect against high temperatures and both under and over voltage protection features.
  • A great power inverter with a conversion efficiency rating greater than 90%, there is less conversion loss with this power inverter.


  • This inverter is very large and heavy when compared to some inverters from other companies.

Best 2000 Watt Inverter  – FAQ’s

What Will A 2000 Watt Inverter Run?

A 2000 watt inverter is capable of running a bunch of different electronic devices including freezers, lights, stoves, and tools – nearly anything that runs on AC power.

Best 2000 watt inverter

How Many Batteries Do I Need For A 2000 Watt Inverter?

Typically, a 2000 watt inverter will need two 12V batteries, but some may need a different input voltage range or a different number of batteries. It is best to check the manual of your inverter first.

How Many Outlets Can You Run On A 2000 Watt Inverter?

It depends on how many outlets your inverter has, but most manufacturers would recommend you only run two at a time so both have enough power to function properly.


As you can see, there are lots of inverters to choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Our favorite was the inverter made by Renogy due to its multiple outlets and remote control, but the best inverter for you all depends on what you need and what you are going to use your inverter to power.

However, we would still strongly recommend spending the extra funds on a pure sine wave inverter as they are more powerful and more durable, but the choice is ultimately yours. We hope this guide has helped you choose the right inverter for you!