Best Bagged Vacuums

Bagless vacuum cleaners are becoming more common these days and as such some people may believe that the bagged models are a thing of the past. Despite being less convenient, bagged vacuums still have lots of benefits. 

The bag in these units actually acts as an air filter, which captures fine particles of dust to prevent them being kicked back out into your room. 

If you have anyone in your house with bad allergies, then you will want your air to be as clean as possible. As such, many people who suffer from dust allergies will choose bagged vacuums over their more modern counterparts.

Not only are these units more hygienic, but they also cost less, although you will have to buy replacement bags on a regular basis. 

So if you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, there are a lot of good reasons to select a bagged one. While some units will require you to replace the bags, others will have more heavy-duty linings. 

With such models, you can actually take the bag outside and beat it to remove any dust, meaning you can reuse it time and time again.

So with all that in mind, here are our picks for the best bagged vacuums currently available to buy online. 


Hoover WindTunnel T-Series


Kenmore Elite 31150


Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner


Hoover WindTunnel T-Series

The Hoover WindTunnel is a great model for those who need a powerful vacuum cleaner that can reach any area in their home. It is compatible with a wide range of Y bags, although to get the best result it is better to not use cheap bags.

Using Hoover type Y pleated carbon HEPA bags, this vacuum can trap 99.7% of dust particles as well as pollen and dirt. 

This unit comes with several attachments, including a thin nozzle for removing dirt from corners and crevices, a pet brush for cleaning sofas, and a hood with removable brushes.

It works equally well on hard floors and carpets, making it a perfect tool for family homes. With a 30ft power cord, you will be able to clean multiple rooms before needing to switch plug sockets. 

The WindTunnel T-series features a HEPA filter, which means it will keep your home free of pollutants and allergens. Unfortunately, it can only hold smaller bags and as such you will need to swap them out quite frequently.

However, this is a small price to pay for a hygienic vacuum that is versatile enough to reach every corner of your home. 


  • Range of different attachments for thorough cleaning.
  • 30ft power cord. 
  • Features HEPA media filter.


  • Small bag capacity. 

Also available at: Hoover


Kenmore Elite 31150

Kenmore’s Elite 31150 is a great choice for those who want a powerful vacuum cleaner that can keep every inch of their home perfectly clean. It boasts 3 motors, which work together to provide enough suction power for cleaning both carpets and hardwood floors.

The Elite 31150 comes with four different attachments with a pet HandiMate for removing pet hair from your furniture and narrow crevice tool for cleaning hard to reach places.

It also comes with a telescoping wand and combo brush for sucking up dirt from staircases and other elevated areas. With an inbuilt HEPA filter, you can rely on this vacuum to suck up even the smallest particles. 

One of the main things we like about this model is how quiet it is. It has a floor switch, for seamless transitions between carpets and wooden floors to ensure that it will leave your whole house clean, with no scratch marks.

There is also a dirt sensor that will inform you when your floor is perfectly clean and free from debris. 


  • Floor switch for transitioning between carpets and wooden floors. 
  • Inbuilt dirt sensor.
  • Comes with a range of versatile attachments.


  • The regular hose attachment is very short.

Also available at: HomeDepot


Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele makes some of the best vacuum cleaners around, and the Complete C3 is no exception. This handheld vacuum is a compact yet stylish piece of equipment, with an elegant design that will look great in any household.

It’s also very efficient, boasting a powerful 1200W electric motor and an extra long hose. 

The complete C3 comes with a HEPA AirClean filter that the company promises will remove 99% of harmful particles while cleaning.

Each filter bag can hold roughly 4.5 liters, which means you can easily clean your whole house at least twice before needing a replacement.

Our favorite thing about this vacuum cleaner is its compact size, which makes it very easy to store anywhere in your house.  

You can control the suction speed with +/- buttons located on the back of the vacuum. These can be operated with your foot for maximum convenience, so you won’t have to bend over while using this vacuum.

There are two attachments, one of which is built for carpets, while the other is for use on hardwood floors. 


  • Compact and easy to store. 
  • Extra long hose and power cable. 
  • HEPA AirClean filter removes 99% of harmful particles.


  • You have to swap attachments for moving between different types of floor. 

Also available at: EVacuumStore


NaceCare HVR 200 “Henry”

If you’re looking for a classic vacuum cleaner with a friendly face on it, then say hello to Henry. The NaceCare HVR is commonly used in commercial applications thanks to its durability and powerful suction.

It’s lightweight too, making it easier to move from room to room with a long hose that means you won’t have to drag it behind you too much. 

One of our favorite things about this vacuum is that it’s extremely quiet. The 680W motor only produces 47dB of noise, which is far less than other comparable brands.

With a HEPA-Flo bag in this unit, you can rely upon it to remove 99% of the allergens it encounters while cleaning your home. 

The HVR 200 is very easy-to-use, with only one switch for turning it on and off. There is also a helpful handle for reeling in the wire after you are done vacuuming.

This makes the whole unit extra compact and easy to store in any cupboard in your house. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a compact vacuum cleaner that’s both functional and stylish. 


  • Quiet operation. 
  • Compact and easy to store, thanks to the retractable cord. 
  • Long hose with a wide range of available attachments.


  • Doesn’t have the strongest suction power. 


Eureka Mighty Mite

The Eureka Mighty Mite is a budget friendly, handheld vacuum cleaner that offers all the benefits of more expensive models.

It has a powerful 12A motor, that provides plenty of suction powder for leaving your home completely spotless.

The head is suitable for any floor type, from carpets to hardwood surfaces, and is attached to a long extension wand for reaching every corner of your home. 

Thanks to its small size, this canister vacuum is very easy to store when it’s not in use.

With a small 2.5 liter capacity, you may find that this unit needs emptying quite often, but this is a small price to pay for an efficient and versatile vacuum.

The 20ft cable means you won’t have to keep switching plug sockets as you move from room to room.

It also has a blower port, which is great in fall when you need to blow leaves off your lawn or patio.

If anyone in your home has allergies, then they can rest easy knowing that the triple bag filtration system will remove most small particles with ease.

If you’re looking for a quality vacuum cleaner at a bargain price, then the Eureka Mighty Mites should definitely be on your list.


  • Available at an affordable price. 
  • Compact and easy to store. 
  • Triple bag filtration system.


  • Small capacity, bags will need to be replaced often. 


Sanitaire Traditional Upright Vacuum Gray

This Sani­taire upright vacuum cleaner is a commercial unit designed for heavy-duty cleaning in large warehouses.

It features a powerful motor that ensures that you can get the job done without wasting time or energy.

The extra large bag on this model makes it look very old-fashioned, but it also means you won’t have to empty it very frequently. 

What makes this bagged vacuum even better is the fact that you can reuse the bag by taking it outside and shaking it out.

This saves you money in the long run as you won’t need to constantly buy new filters to keep your vacuum cleaner running.

The large head is equipped for cleaning smooth wooden floors, but works equally well on other surfaces like shag carpets.

This hood is built from polycarbonate materials that are super durable and won’t break easily.

All of these features combine to make an amazing vacuum that will keep your house perfectly clean for many years to come.

Overall, this is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable heavy duty, upright, vacuum cleaner. 


  • Heavy duty and durable unit. 
  • Works on all types of flooring. 
  • The bag can be shaken out and reused.


  • The hood can’t reach dirt located under furniture.

Also available at: SanitaireCommercial

Best Bagged Vacuums Buying Guide

Buying a vacuum cleaner isn’t always straightforward. There are many factors to consider, including power, noise level, ease of use, and overall value for money. 

We’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you find the best bagged vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Bagged Vacuums


You don’t necessarily need a powerful vacuum cleaner to get the job done. However, if you have a large home with lots of tricky to reach areas, then it can certainly help. 

A high power rating means that the motor is able to generate more suction, allowing you to remove larger quantities of dust and debris. 

Machines with a higher wattage are also great for picking up dirt from under furniture and will cut back on the time needed to clean your home.  

Noise Level 

Noise level is another important factor to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. Naturally, we all expect a vacuum to be a noisy piece of equipment, but you don’t have to settle for a model that gives you a headache every time you use it. 

While some people may assume that a noisy vacuum means it is more powerful, this isn’t always the case. 

Available Attachments

If you want to take your vacuum cleaner further than just cleaning your shag carpet, then you’ll need to think about buying one that comes with multiple attachments. These accessories allow you to clean different parts of your home quickly and efficiently. 

For example, thin nozzles are invaluable for sucking dirt out of corners and crevices which larger heads can’t reach.

Some units also come with attachments for removing pet hair from furniture and carpeted floors. This is an awesome feature to have if you have a furry friend to clean up after. 

You also need to think about cleaning more than just your floor. Dust can settle practically anywhere, and sometimes there will be vents or fans that will need vacuuming to prevent them pouring dust clouds all over your freshly cleaned room. 

For reaching high up spots, it is very useful to have a telescopic wand for your vacuum cleaner. This allows you to extend your chosen attachment to easily reach every nook and cranny of your home. 

Ease Of Use 

Ideally, you want your vacuum to be easy to use and operate. This can come down to the available controls for changing the suction power, as well as other convenient features. 

The Miele Complete C3 has large buttons that you can operate with your foot, to save you from constantly bending down to change the settings. 

Long power cords are also essential, as they allow you to access all the different rooms of your house without having to swap between plug sockets as you do. 

Some products like the NaceCare HVR 200 have retractable cords that can be wound up inside the machine for convenient storage. 

On that note as well as your vacuum being easy to use, you will also want to buy one that is easy to store. If your current model lives in a cupboard under the stairs, then you will want its replacement to be just as compact. 

Canister VS Upright Vacuums

While we’re discussing how easy a vacuum is to use, we should also look at two of the main types you will encounter. 

Canister vacuums are compact, smaller units that are easy to carry in one hand while you clean. This makes them great for reaching high-up spots on shelves or inside vents. 

They are also much easier to store away when not in use. However, the biggest advantage of canister vacuums is that they generally come with longer hoses which are great for cleaning underneath pieces of furniture. 

Upright vacuums can only be used for this purpose if they have an extra hose that can be used instead of the main hood. 

The benefit of these models is that they can clean your home much faster thanks to their larger hoods. They also tend to have bigger motors for sucking up more debris at a much faster rate. 


One disadvantage of bagged vacuums is that you need to regularly change out the bag filters in them. As such, it helps to buy a model that has a large capacity, to reduce the number of new bags you need to buy. 

Of course, those that live in smaller homes can get away with smaller vacuums. However, if you have a large house, then you will certainly want a large vacuum to avoid daily bag replacements. 

While they are more expensive, it is best to buy high quality filter bags if you want to remove as much dust as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of A Bagged Vacuum?  

Bagged vacuums are generally considered superior to bagless models. They offer better suction power, meaning they are typically better at picking up dirt and debris. 

The filter bags they use are also much better at catching very small particles. This makes them a much better choice for allergy sufferers, who don’t want to create large dust clouds while they clean. 

Yes you need to replace the bag on a regular basis, but this is a small concession to make for cleaner air, and a cleaner home. 

What Do I Do If My Vacuum Isn’t Sucking Up Dirt Properly? 

A lack of suction can be caused by many things, and often the first thing you should check is whether the filter bag is full and needs emptying or replacing. 

If this isn’t the case, then you should check the main hood. Pet hair can easily get wrapped around the brushes in your hood, which will block the main opening, lowering your available suction power. 

If this has happened, then you may need to pull the hair off the brush and dispose of it in your bin.