Best Corded Stick Vacuum

Traditional vacuum cleaners can be cumbersome and heavy, making hard work of what should be a regular cleaning chore. Their design can make certain places in your living space seem unreachable.

Dirt and debris can gather underneath the couch or a table while the upholstery and crevices still need attention too.Whenever you have guests over, you need your home to look good and smell clean. A traditional vacuum cleaner may be able to get rid of most of the pet hair and dirt yet fail to do a thorough job. This may mean that microscopic particles remain deep in your carpet.

The first time you notice is when a guest starts sneezing or itching which is one bad impression no amount of cleaning can dispel. Not with your current vacuum cleaner.Having a corded stick vacuum that can be convenient, functional as well as lightweight should make easy work of the task.

The best corded stick vacuums can take care of several surfaces including hard floors and low pile carpets. They should also be easy to empty and simple to maneuver around any home, including yours.


TOPPIN Bendable Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Shark Rocket Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum


TOPPIN Bendable Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best For Furniture

Many contemporary flats and living spaces are designed with hard floors in mind. From marble tiles to wood, the TOPPIN Bendable Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner is well suited for them.

An innovative folding stem makes for simple and effective maneuvering to reach underneath objects without you needing to move them. Ideal for those with well-furnished flats or those who suffer from joint pain.

The design means a better reach than most corded stick vacuums and an advanced 600W motor equates to 17kpa which is powerful suction too. Weighing only three pounds means you can easily carry this for those occasions when you want to vacuum everywhere which we liked in our testing.

Even when you want to reach the ceiling as this can be transformed into a handheld vacuum for those truly difficult places. 


  • Folding Stem – Easy maneuvering to dip under beds, tables, and chairs
  • Powerful Suction – A 600W motor delivering 17 kpa is ideal for bare surfaces
  • Lightweight – At only three pounds, this is one of the lightest corded stick vacuums out there


  • Heats Up – There are some reports that the corded stick vacuum heats up after extensive use
  • Not Suitable For Carpet – The corded stick vacuum can pick up cat hair but is not suitable for carpeted floors

Also available directly from TOPPIN


Shark Rocket Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best For Pet Hair

When your pet is malting you may be tempted to reach for the vacuum as soon as you see a stray hair. Some vacuum cleaners are inadequate for pet hair as they become tangled in the rotors.

Not The Shark Rocket Stick Vacuum Cleaner which is specially designed for picking up pet hair with several attachments such as the pet multi-tool. Whether on hard floors or carpets, you can quickly switch mode and the powerful suction will remain.

Wherever your pets may go, your corded stick vacuum cleaner can follow. That includes underneath furniture thanks to a low-profile design, or on the furniture itself as a handheld vacuum that can clean upholstery.

Once all that pet hair has been captured, a dust cup that is bottom-emptying is ideal disposal which we enjoyed in our experience of this product. 


  • Pet Hair Pickup – A multi-tool and powerful pickup is ideal for getting rid of pet hair
  • Swivel Steering – Control the vacuum’s movements easily with swivel steering  
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning – Switch from hard floor to carpet mode with a handy control at your fingertips


  • Large Price Tag – Pets can be costly and so can this vacuum cleaner to take care of their hair

Also available directly from Shark Rocket


Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

Best For Versatility

The Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum prides itself on its versatility. Essentially, this is three cleaners in one which is great news for your home.

Easy conversion means that soon after finishing on the hard floors and rugs you can tackle the stairs with a floor nozzle on the handheld vacuum. A crevice tool also makes light work of cleaning those overhead places.

Featherweight in name, and at only three pounds the claim is wholly justified. Though the cord may not be as long as other corded stick vacuums, the versatility and low-profile head make up for it.

This is a vacuum you can use in tight spaces for a thorough cleaning which we liked in our testing.


  • Lightweight – At only three pounds, this is truly a featherweight
  • Straightforward Maintenance – The Easy Empty Dirt Tank makes for simple dirt disposal and the cord can be 
  • 3 In 1 Versatility – A handheld vacuum, stair vacuum, and stick vacuum all in one clever design


  • Short Cord – At only fifteen feet long, you may need to switch power outlets regularly

Also available directly from Bissell


VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best For Energy Efficiency

For homes with a combination of hard floors and carpets, you need a corded stick vacuum that has added functionality. One that’s A+ for energy efficiency is an added bonus too.

The VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner has a range of attachments that can be used throughout the home. An extendable handle for a larger reach, a shoulder strap for portability, and a crevice tool for those difficult places when you can use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

Energy-efficient for the environment and energy-efficient for you with a 1.3L dust cup that can be easily emptied. Keeping your house clean also means taking care of microscopic particles and allergens that can be trapped with HEPA filtration systems.

The one used here is hygienically advanced for enhanced cleaning which we liked in our testing.


  • Energy Efficiency – The corded stick vacuum is rated A+ and features less than 78dB noise levels
  • Several Attachments – An extendable handle, mini brush, shoulder strap, and crevice tool makes this ideal for most floor types 
  • HEPA Filtration – Traps and collects microscopic particles including potentially harmful allergens
  • Large Dust Cup – A capacity of 1.3L is ideal for large homes and is easily emptied


  • Short HEPA Filtration Lifespan – These should ideally be replaced every 60 days
  • Loose Handle – There are some reports that the handle can become loose

Also available directly from VonHaus


Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best For Spills

This may be one of the least expensive corded stick vacuums yet the Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner performs great on floors. 

Hard floors or low pile carpet, it does not matter as the capture nozzle easily captures large particles which is a welcome relief after a spillage.

You can also be confident that your hard floors will be unharmed as there is no brush roller to scratch them which we liked in our testing. 

Even at that low price, you can vacuum crevices and convert to a handheld vacuum cleaner for furniture and countertops.

Other corded stick vacuum cleaners can come with a variety of attachments yet you may not need all of them. Whether it is cereal or soil, the Eureka Blaze can remove that spillage in no time. 


  • Capture Nozzle – Expect large particles to be no problem
  • No Brush Roller – No worrying about your hard floor being scratched
  • Affordable – This can work wonders on hard floors and no carpet so the price tag may be surprising


  • Only One Attachment – The corded stick vacuum comes with a crevice tool yet that is ideal for between couch cushions

Also available from eBay

Best Corded Stick Vacuum Buying Guide

Every household should have a vacuum cleaner and a corded stick vacuum is ideal for the modern home. Technology has significantly moved on from those heavy, cumbersome designs which had to be hauled out of a closet.

You can now get a lightweight model that may surprise you with its functionality and capacity. These slim yet powerful appliances can pick up pet hair and include HEPA filters to rid your carpets of pathogens.They should also be versatile enough to maneuver around your living space, be used on upholstery, and up then down the stairs.

Even though you are still dealing with a cord, the portability of these models means that you can easily use them for ceilings or across upholstery as a handheld vacuum.

Corded Stick Vacuum

Powerful Suction

With a corded stick vacuum, you should be able to rely on a more powerful suction capability than cordless vacuums. Being plugged into a mains outlet should mean not having to worry about a depleted battery.

Losing some of that vital suction power can become irksome when you have nearly covered all the areas you wanted to. That suction power should mean the ability to capture pet hair as well as crumbs, debris, and dirt with a large enough capture nozzle. 

If you were looking for figures then a 500W to 600W motor should be able to provide exceptional suction power. You may also see the kPa figure which is a unit to measure pressure and the higher, the better.

Around 17 to 20 kPa should be more than enough to pick up large particles which is ideal for spills of all kinds.

Floor Type

Consider your living space when you decide on what corded stick vacuum to get. For hard floors or bare floors, you should get a corded stick vacuum that does not include a brush roller or at the very least a soft one.

Those rotating brushes can end up scratching your floors so find a corded stick with a power brush roller that you can occasionally use when you need to. 

Having the option of a brush roller is ideal for a low pile carpet to rough it up and loosen any debris. You could rely on powerful suction yet some debris and dirt can simply cling to the fibers.

There are several corded stick vacuums that are versatile enough to handle a range of floor types with attachments or different modes you can switch between. That may prove invaluable when you have hardwood floors combined with low pile carpets or rugs. 

Wall Mount

There may be a specific place in your home where you like to store your vacuum. With a large traditional vacuum cleaner that could be in a closet meaning you have to haul it out.

Corded stick vacuums tend to be slimmer and more flexible which means less storage space is required.

Some designs only weigh three pounds which means you could use a wall mount which can help save even more space and keep your accessories in the same place.

HEPA Filter

Simply having a carpet can cause trouble for your allergies and those of your guests as dust mites can linger causing cough and sneezing, even itchiness.

A vacuum with a HEPA filter can remove allergens and pathogens to keep your home smelling great.  

These high-efficiency particulate air filters should mean a clean carpet as those contaminants will be trapped and removed. You may not be able to see the pathogens but 99.9% of them can be removed including pollen and mold.

Ideally, you should be vacuuming regularly though this may mean having to replace the HEPA filter sooner rather than later. If a HEPA filter is one feature you want then try to find a corded stick vacuum with one that lasts. 

Cord Length

The longer the cord length, the easier it is to reach more places. There is an ideal length and that may depend on the size of your living space.

The length can range from 12 to 30 feet so consider whether you need a long one if you do not need to use the vacuum on stairs.

Then again, a short length can mean the cord may get caught on obstacles and having to change power outlets. 


Having a range of attachments can give you the versatility you require when using a corded stick vacuum. They can even make the difference between most stick vacuums to provide the tools for a complete job.

That might be being able to use a removable handheld vacuum, a crevice tool such as a crevice nozzle, or an upholstery tool.  

Swivel Ability

Mobility is great to have in a corded stick vacuum, especially on a low pile carpet or any surface that can create any resistance. Ideally, you do not want to put a huge effort into vacuuming and that swivel head can help you avoid obstacles and get into tight corners. 

Dust Cup Capacity

Being able to vacuum for longer can make the chore seem so much easier. With a large dust canister, you will not have to stop and empty your vacuum that often.

Though corded stick vacuums tend to hold less than their traditional predecessors, you should still find a suitably large enough capacity. 

Around a full liter should mean you do not have to empty the dust cup after every use which is great for convenience. Modern designs also mean you should no longer have to deal with a bag.

Remember that a larger capacity will mean that the corded stick vacuum will become heavier after extended use.

If you do have to empty the dust canister then you should consider an easy release button. You should not have to touch any dust and one click should be all you need.

Adjustable Settings

Many manufacturers have figured out that adjustable settings can make a difference for a variety of homes.

For instance, a brush roll can disrupt debris so cleaning a carpet becomes easier than simply relying on the suction power. Being able to use the brush roll and then turn it off for hardwood floors is ideal.

There are also corded stick vacuums with adjustable heights. Not just for carpet pile heights but a folded stem could mean a greater reach underneath couches.

There is usually a need for a handheld vacuum cleaner so having the functionality in one design is excellent versatility. Those crevices need to be vacuumed too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Corded Stick Vacuums More Powerful than Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

While you may have to deal with a lengthy cord, being plugged into the mains power typically means that the best corded stick vacuums are more powerful than a cordless vacuum cleaner.

That increased power can best be seen on carpets as the suction power can pick up pet hair and most visible dirt. 

In a cordless vacuum cleaner, the battery provides the suction power which can result in low suction as the battery becomes depleted over use.

Though lithium batteries can last a surprisingly long amount of time, you would be better off with a high voltage battery in a cordless vacuum. Innovative technology has seen advances in motors yet mains power usually reigns supreme. 

How Is A Stick Vacuum Cleaner Different From An Upright Stick Vacuum?

Upright vacuum cleaners have been around since 1922 and technology has significantly advanced since then.

Homes have a variety of surfaces and a stick vacuum cleaner can be powerful enough to compare with an upright vacuum cleaner over hardwood floors and carpets. The main differences can be seen in their versatility.

The best corded stick vacuums can transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner easily for cleaning upholstery and in crevices.

They can also be flexible enough to dip under couches and chairs so typically hard-to-reach places can be vacuumed too.