Best Light Bulb Security Camera

In a world of forever-evolving technology, security cameras are still one of the most commonly sort after products when it comes to making home improvements. Most security cameras record footage/audio inside or outside a property before sending a notification to the owner’s phone.  

They are a great way to monitor your property, talk to whoever is at your door or preserve evidence in the unfortunate event somebody breaks in.

However, with security cameras being so popular thieves and those causing disturbances at your address know what to look for and how to get around it. The last thing you want is to feel unsafe in your own house. 

Luckily, there is a solution. New security cameras come in many shapes and sizes to easily conceal what they are. One of those is a light bulb security camera. A light bulb security camera is an amazing way to keep an eye on your property without anybody knowing about it. 

In this article, we will discuss 5 of the best light bulb security cameras on the market today. Going into detail about what makes them so good and what they can do for you.

Included in this article is also a useful buyers guide. The buyer’s guide gives you some key points to think about when looking to buy a light bulb security camera.

Without further ado let’s get stuck into the list!


Sengled Floodlight Camera




Qilmy Home Security Camera


Sengled Floodlight Camera

The Sengled floodlight light bulb security camera looks just like a typical outside light, but little would anybody know there is actually a full HD camera built-in to it. 

This light bulb camera is motion activated when anybody comes within 30 feet of the light. Once activated the camera films everything, sending a live notification to the owner’s phone via the app.

Thanks to the two-way audio this camera offers, the owner can identify who is at their house and hold a conversation with them. This is ideal for the time’s a parcel is delivered and you are not in.  

The Sengled camera records 24/7 at a 140° wide view angle, so if you check your phone and it’s not somebody you expect you have a good range of footage at your disposal to do whatever you have to next. 

Included with the lightbulb is a 360° adjustable rotating head & lamp. This allows you more freedom to point the camera towards where you feel necessary.

The camera is waterproof and durable so can be left outside and it has full-color night vision capabilities built-in.


  • High-quality camera – A full HD (1080p) camera records high-quality footage.
  • Two-way audio – This allows you to accept parcels or explain to guests where you are.
  • Motion censored light – The motion censored light might put intruders off. 
  • Motion censored notifications – Motion censored notifications give you the chance to see exactly what is going on at your property. 


  • Inside surveillance – This camera doesn’t record inside your property.
  • Subscription – To use the app, receive notifications, and store footage you do have to join a monthly plan.



If your looking to record the inside of your house then the BESDERSEC lightbulb camera is a fantastic option. With a 360° fish-eye camera lens, recording in 1080p you can record the whole room with just one bulb. You no longer need to worry about not being able to record those frustrating blind spots. 

With one single camera, you can film a room up to 400 square feet in size. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. The beauty of this product is that it doesn’t matter where in the room you put the camera.

Thanks to the panoramic 360° camera you can place the lightbulb in the middle of the room just like you would with most lights. 

Each lightbulb comes with its own unique hotspot making it super easy to connect to your mobile or tablet. Once connected to your device, notifications will start being sent to you. Alert notifications will be sent to your house when somebody who shouldn’t be there is in the property.  

With smart motion alarm, remote viewing, and clear night vision all included in the bulb you can rest safe assured that if anything happens inside your property, you’ll know about it.


  • Can be used inside and out – As long as the lightbulb is under a porch or other cover, the lightbulb camera can be used inside or out. 
  • Large area recorded – The camera can record up to 400 square feet, 24 hours a day, looking in any direction thanks to the 360° camera.
  • Free app – You don’t have to pay to view or store footage.
  • Alexa – The lightbulb camera can be connected to Alexa.


  • Not waterproof – This camera is not waterproof, so if you get it wet it will break.
  • No two-way audio – You can’t hold conversations with this camera like other models.


Qilmy Home Security Camera

The Qilmy lightbulb security camera is similar to the BESDERSEC camera in the respect that it also records inside the house. This security camera is a two in one security light with a camera and a floodlight both inside the bulb. 

Operating with a full (1080p) HD camera the Qilmy camera provides you with clear vision at any time. Motion detection will turn the floodlight on during the night giving warning of an intruder in the house. Any alarm notifications will be sent directly to the user’s phone via the app. 

Remote viewing and the micro SD slot make it easy to watch and store footage of a 360 panoramic view, allowing you to record everywhere that might be important. 

The only downside to this model of light bulb security camera is its ability to blend in. This lightbulb doesn’t totally look like a normal light bulb. The way the light bulb disperses light can give it away sometimes. 


  • 360 panoramic view – This camera can film every angle you need.
  • Night vision – The camera has night vision capabilities, recording clear footage in the middle of the night. 
  • Remote viewing – Watch what’s going on in your home remotely thanks to the free-to-use app.
  • Floodlight warning – The floodlight warning alert will give you the heads up if somebody is in your house. 


  • Doesn’t look like a normal light bulb – This light bulb doesn’t fit in as well as other bulbs. You can tell it isn’t a normal bulb. However, that doesn’t mean someone would think it’s a camera.    


VIBOOS Wifi Security Camera

The VIBOOS light bulb security camera is a fantastic option if you are looking for a camera that conceals itself well. Once installed this camera looks just like any other light bulb. In fact, installing the camera is as easy as installing any other bulb.

This home surveillance camera comes with night vision, motion detection, and alarm alerts. Filming in 1080p with a panoramic lens you can rest assured that you will see everything that goes on in your property. The camera isn’t waterproof but if placed undercover, it will work perfectly.

As well as filming the room, this light bulb camera gives users the opportunity to communicate with people in the room. You can talk to your elderly relative, use it as a baby monitor, or simply chat with your pets whilst you are out.

If placed outside you can explain to visitors why you are not in, and let delivery drivers know where to leave your parcels. 

This camera is an excellent option if you want a camera with lots of extra features. 


  • Features – There are so many features that come with this camera including two-way audio and alarm syncing.
  • Concealment – This camera blends in really well, looking like most light bulbs out there.
  • Panoramic lens – The camera records a 360° view and can be adjusted to look in a specific direction.


  • No 5G capabilities – This camera has been known to encounter issues when running off a 5G network.


Wyzlink Light Bulb Security Camera

The Wyzlink security camera doesn’t look like a light bulb, but what it lacks in that department is more than made up for in its performance.

All you have to do to set this camera up is connect it to your router. Once that is done you have a variety of features at your fingertips.

This camera has two-way audio, alarm notifications, motion sensor alarms when, and the ability to move the camera from your phone whenever you feel necessary. All of these features give you as a customer more reign over what your camera records and when. 

The app lets you select what you want notifications for, when the camera should record them and what areas of the room it should monitor. This camera can pick up any blindspot so you can find comfort in the fact no intruder will go unnoticed. 

Built-in to this light bulb camera is an intruder alarm, so if anybody does enter your house illegally they will be found out pretty quickly. This gives you time to either get out of the property or make a call to 911.


  • Filming quality – This camera films in 1080p which is full HD.
  • Built-in alarm – The built-in alarm will give intruders a nasty surprise.
  • Outside use – As long as the bulb is under a porch or in a light cover, it can be used outside or in.
  • Two-way audio – Talk to people at your property.
  • Pan tilt – You can rotate the camera through the app to see everything.


  • Appearance – The camera looks like a camera. It doesn’t conceal itself very well.

Best Light Bulb Security Cameras Buying Guide

Here are some important things to think about when looking for the perfect light bulb security camera.

Best Light Bulb Security Camera

Inside or Outside

Not all security cameras are waterproof, although most can be kept outside as long as they are undercover. As a result of this, you need to think about where you want to film on your property. 

If you are specifically looking to film outside your house then you will want to look for a light bulb camera that is waterproof. This will give you more reign over where the camera can be placed.

On the other hand, if you want to film inside the property you have a larger variety of cameras to choose from. You don’t need to worry about looking for waterproof features. 

Two-way Audio vs No Audio

Some models of light bulb cameras allow you to talk to people at your property. If this is something you are interested in then you have to look for a model that offers this as a feature.

Not all cameras do. Having audio on the camera gives you the chance to receive parcels remotely, keep people company and inform visitors where you are. 

With no audio features, the light bulb camera can’t do this. If you aren’t interested in this feature it is worth noting that the camera will probably cost less to buy. 

360 Panoramic View

Finding a camera with a panoramic view is so important. Having a panoramic view ensures your camera doesn’t miss a thing. You can view all blind spots and more often than not move the camera remotely. 

Cameras with 180° viewing can’t see the whole picture. This could result in the camera not seeing an intruder. This needs to be considered when buying your security camera. 

4g vs 5g

4g and 5g networks both offer quick and efficient connections, however, not all security cameras work on 5g networks. This will result in some issues if you are on a 5g network. When looking for the perfect light bulb camera take a look at this to ensure the camera meets your requirements.

If you are on a 5g network simply look in the camera’s specifications to be sure it works well on that network. You will find that most cameras do but it is better to be safe than sorry. 


It is best to find a security camera that is easily concealed. A bulb that isn’t concealed can be quickly spotted by an intruder. This intruder can then try their best to avoid detection.

Most cameras even if they don’t look like traditional bulbs will be fairly easy to conceal. Other light bulbs though look just like any other bulb.

The bulbs that look like a typical light bulb are super hard to spot so there is no way an intruder will take the time to try and find them. Think about what your needs are.

If your buying the bulb to use as a baby monitor or to check on your pets then it doesn’t matter if the bulb looks real or not. If you are looking to catch potential intruders though, you will need a bulb that is easy to conceal.

Best Light Bulb Security Cameras – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Night Vision Cameras Give Off Light?

Night vision cameras use infrared light to illuminate dark images. We cannot see this light. The light the night vision camera gives off is sometimes called True Day Night. This is because the camera delivers daytime colors during the day and night vision images at night. 

Some light bulb security cameras even offer color images at night like those you would see during the day. This does come with more expensive models though with most sticking with black and white footage. 

Do Light Bulb Cameras Work When The Light Is Off?

Any light bulb camera with night vision capabilities will work when the light is off. Light bulb security cameras automatically recognize that the room is dark, in turn changing to night vision mode. 

Almost all night vision cameras have night vision features, but it is always worth checking the specifications just to make sure. 

How Do Light Bulb Security Cameras Work?

Light bulb security cameras work just like any other hidden security camera. Cameras need to be plugged into a power source to work. In this case, a light bulb security camera is plugged into a standard light bulb plug socket. 

Once plugged in a security camera that offers smartphone features simply needs to be connected. Most security cameras including most light bulb cameras are connected via Bluetooth or your router. This is quick and easy to do. 

Can A Light Bulb Camera Work Without WiFi?

Yes, light bulb cameras do work without WiFi. Light bulb cameras can operate without Wifi if it is being used as a typical CCTV camera. Most bulb camera models come with an SD or USB slot.

In this slot, you can insert a memory card. From this, any footage filmed by the camera will be stored on the memory ​card ready for your viewing at a later date. 

It must be said though having a WiFi connection to your light bulb camera is much more efficient. All files are sent directly to your phone ready for viewing in an instant. On top of this, any added features such as two-way audio can only be used if the bulb is connected.

If it isn’t connected to an internet source you are wasting valuable features, that make your experience using the security camera so much better.