Best Robot Vacuum Under $200

Robot vacuum cleaners have really grown in popularity over the last few years. 

Due to more and more people buying their own robot vacuums, a lot more time and research has gone into making these machines better than ever before.

Because of this, each new generation of robot vacuums are becoming more and more efficient and even cheaper to make – allowing slowly reducing their cost over the years. 

This means that robot vacuums are more affordable now than they were years ago and available to be purchased by more households than ever. 

The high price is one of the biggest reasons why most households prefer to avoid robot vacuum cleaners. Despite all their positives, most people just afford to spend so much money on one appliance.

But now, there are plenty of robot vacuums out there with lower price tags, some even lower than $200! 

So if you have been thinking about purchasing a budget robot vacuum cleaner but have been put off by their high price, now is the time to buy one!

Robot vacuums are often on sale so this means that sometimes, you are able to buy a high range robot vacuum for half its price!

However, if you don’t want to wait around for the right sale, then here are some of the best robot vacuum cleaners that cost as little as $200 from their original price.

All of the following robot vacuums are available on Amazon for under $200, so take a look at our favorites to see if the right robot vacuum is there for you! 


Eufy Robovac 11S Max


Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Eufy Robovac 11S Max

If you’re looking for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner that can clean your entire house, then Eufy RoboVac 11S is definitely worth checking out.

This model comes with a powerful suction motor with 2000Pa of maximum power, allowing it to lift dirt and dust from carpets with ease. It also uses BoostIQ technology to sense if it needs to more suction power for harder to clean floors like carpets and rugs. 

It also features a smart sensor system that will automatically detect when it needs to recharge itself and head back to its charging dock, giving it increased automation so you don’t have to interfere with the Eufy Robovac 11S very often. It cares for itself and does the job independently.

When you do need to take control, all you have to do is press a few buttons on the remote control. This means those with limited mobility can use the Eufy Robovac 11S with little problem.

With a battery life of around 100 minutes, you will be able to vacuum hard floors in no time at all. When it comes to carpet flooring, the battery life does deplete as it uses more power.

This is an understandable exchange but we do wish the battery life was improved so even when it is vacuuming carpets, the Eufy Robovac 11S still has plenty of power to continue cleaning for longer.


  • It’s BoostIQ allows it to detect if it needs to increase its suction power, allowing it to clean surfaces like carpets and rugs with ease. 
  • Includes a remote control for ease of use, especially for those with mobility issues. 
  • Affordable price for powerful 2000 Pa robotic vacuum cleaner. 


  • Battery life is very short when used on carpets, requiring constant recharge time that eats into how long it takes for this robot vacuum to clean a few rooms in one go. 


Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Lefant M210 is another great choice for anyone who wants a robot vacuum cleaner that will clean their whole home.

It has a strong suction power of 1800Pa which is enough to pick up dirt and dust from surfaces including carpets and between floorboards, making it ideal for cleaning these two main types of surfaces.

It also offers four cleaning modes including auto clean, spot clean (if there is a certain area you want cleaned, for example, pet hair where your dog has been sleeping) and edge clean to clean around the edges of the room. 

By downloading the Lefant App, you can control the robot vacuum from your phone. This is great for if you want to use your vacuum cleaner while you are not home. 

The Lefant M210 is also equipped with some great additional features, such as a HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of allergens and other particles from the air.

So, if you are worried about polluting the air in your home, the HEPA filter helps protects you from irritated sinuses.

It also has a no tangling suction design, which means long hairs or pet hairs won’t tangle up in the brushes and need to be pulled out by hand. So, if you do have some furry friends running around your home, is is a great robot vacuum to use to clean up after them.

The M210 also includes a smart sensor system that detects where it is located in the room and adjusts its cleaning pattern accordingly, meaning you won’t have to worry about it getting lost or falling over. 

It slim design also makes it great for fitting under furniture although we aren’t impressed with its aesthetic design.

Of course, looks aren’t everything when it comes to a robot cleaner but we prefer our robot cleaners to feature a more streamline and subtle design. The ridges and lines don’t impress us – but maybe they are more your style. 


  • Offers four different modes for cleaning allows you to tailor your vacuuming experience to your needs.
  • Also features some great additional bonuses such as a HEPA filter and tangle-free suction thank to its unique design. 
  • Ability to control your Lefant M210 with just your phone if you choose to download the app.


  • We find the design of this budget robotic vacuum cleaner to be pretty ugly and an eyesore when it’s doing its job around the house. 


Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that is affordable, easy to set up and simple to use, then the Ecovacs Deebot is a good option.

This robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a range of ways to control and use it. You can download the Ecovacs Smart App onto your smart device so you can use it at home or while you away with just a few taps on a screen.

Using the app, you can set up schedules and switch cleaning modes. This allows you to have more control over your robotic vacuum cleaner.

Plus you have the option to use the included remote control instead or voice commands as the Ecovacs Deebot 711 is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa. 

This makes this robotic vacuum ideal for those with mobility issues – particularly in their hands which makes using smaller items like phones and remote controls more difficult. 

There are also other very good features with the Ecovac Deebot 711 smart robot vacuum. It’s battery life varies between 110-130 minute which is an improvement compared to other robot vacuums, and it also offers multiple cleaning modes including spot mode, auto clean and max mode.

However, we found the suction in most of these modes to be lacking and had to run the Ecovac Deebot on max mode to get a satisfying enough clean on the carpet.

This can really drain the battery, so expect to see your Ecovac Deebot spending a lot of time in its charging dock if your home has a lot of rugs and carpets. While it can pick up debris like pet hair just fine, it doesn’t really give the deep clean we desire.


  • This smart vacuum is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a great choice for those with mobility issues to achieve more independence in their own home. 
  • A good battery life which outruns its competitors. 
  • Offers you the ability to set up cleaning schedules for more automation so you don’t have to concern yourself much about the state of your floors.


  • Suction power is lacking and we had to run it on max mode in order to get the level of clean we wanted. 


ILife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum

The ILIFE V3s Pro is one of the best robot vacuums available right now for such an affordable price. 

It is a pro at picking up debris like pet hair. Like with the Ecovacs Deebot, it also features tangle free technology to allow you to vacuum up long hairs and pet hairs without having to worry about it tangling up in the brushers.

It’s slim design also allows it to get underneath all kinds of furniture to those hard to reach places your pet may love to linger in.

The ILIFE V3s Pro is also great when it comes to automation. You can let it run around your room as it cleans the whole floor without having to worry about it getting suck in a corner or falling over a ledge.

The sensors are great for picking up a change in flooring (for example going form laminate to carpet) and for detecting obstacles in its cleaning path. 

Although there is no app control or voice command compatibility, this robot vacuum does come with a handy remote control and an auto-clean touch button.

You can still set up a cleaning schedule so this little robotic vacuum will start cleaning automatically without your interference.

You can make it use one of its three cleaning modes to clean your floors, but there is not enough suction power in this vacuum cleaner to give your carpets a really deep clean.

With only a maximum 1000Pa of suction, this is easily one of the weakest robotic vacuums on our list – but also one of the most affordable. 


  • Great automation thanks to the ability to set up cleaning schedules and it’s smart sensors. 
  • Tangle free technology makes it an ideal vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair and other kinds of debris.
  • Comes with a remote control for ease of use. 


  • Low suction power means that it is not ideal for deep cleans, especially on carpet flooring. 


Tikom G7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Tikom G7000 is a robust robot vacuum cleaner that features a lot of power – making it create for deep cleaning your floors.

It boasts a powerful motor that features 2700Pa of suction power, making it great for lifting dirt, pet hair, and dust from deep between carpet fibers and floorboards.

Despite all that power, it still is rather quiet so this robot vacuum won’t disturb you as it runs around and does it’s job.

It also features five impressive cleaning modes, meaning that it will adapt to the situation and floor it is cleaning for the best possible outcomes.

Plus, it’s great for automation and navigation. It uses gyroscope smart navigation to find its way around your home and avoid obstacles and hazards with ease.

It will also head back to its charging dock all by itself when it feels its battery run low.

Speaking of battery – this robot vacuum also features a great run time of 120 minutes!

The Tikom G7000 also includes a bonus feature of voice and app control. Connect this robot vacuum to Alexa or Google Assistant so you can use your voice to give the Tikom G7000 commands.

The only issue is that we found that it kept dropping signal and needing to reconnect to the internet – it could have been an issue with out Wi-Fi but all our other devices were fine. So, if it’s a voice or app controlled robot vacuum you are after, this is something to keep in mind with the Tikom G7000. 

But overall, this is probably our favorite robot vacuum cleaner – and all this can be yours for such an affordable price!


  • Amazing amount of suction power leaves you with amazingly clean floors. 
  • Smart sensors are able to navigate around your rooms with ease. 
  • Has a great runtime of 120 minutes, more than than enough time to clean your home. 


  • Connection to the internet and smart home devices is a little flakey.

Best Robot Vacuum Under $200 Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the perfect robot vacuum cleaner, it can be tricking knowing what is a really useful feature and what is just basic.

Every manufacture will want to try and sell you their own product so they will definitely try and make out every little detail of their robot vacuum is something special and amazing. 

Because let’s be honest – almost every robot vacuum come with charging dock. It’s not really a big feature anymore is it? 

So here is a handy buyers guide that will tell you exactly what you want to look out for in a good robot vacuum and what features may spell more trouble than they are helpful. 

Best Robot Vacuum Under $200

Cleaning Modes

The whole point of buying a cheap robot vacuum cleaner is so it can clean your floors. If a robot vacuum can’t effectively clean your floors, then it is useless. 

So, when looking for the right robot vacuum for you, you will want a vacuum cleaner that has a good amount of suction power.

Not only that, but a lot of robot vacuums now feature different cleaning modes to vary the amount of power it uses cleaning certain types of floors. This helps the robot save power for more uses.

A good vacuum cleaner should be able to clean both hardwood floors and carpet flooring – and use different cleaning modes to do both.

Cleaning a hardwood floor in the right mode uses less power, while cleaning carpets in a carpet mode will increase the suction to get more dirt and debris up from between the fibers of the carpet. 

Things like pet hairs are notorious for embedding themselves deep within carpet fires or between floorboards, making it difficult to clean them up, so a robotic vacuum cleaner with a good amount of suction power is a must.

Also, there should be other modes that allow you to choose between a full deep clean of a room or a quick tidy-up that is ideal for when guests are coming over.

This can help you keep on top of your cleaning with ease and help you see better results overall. 

Smart Technology

Smart technology as been on the rise for ages now with more and more appliances and devices switching to include smart features. Smart features make using these devices easy and more convenient – which also perfectly sums up robot vacuums.

So, you will also want a robotic vacuum cleaner that has smart features to help improve its use.

Some robot vacuums come with remote controls, some come with apps so you can control them from your phone wherever you are, or are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

This in particular can really help those with mobility issues, allowing them to have more control and independence in their own home. 

So, buying a robot vacuum that is Alexa compatible or has its own downloadable app can really make it more convenient. Decide which method of control you would probably use the most and see if your favorite robot vacuum has this feature. 

Battery Life

Vacuuming can take forever, but thankfully, robot vacuums can cut down that time by simply gliding under furniture that you would take ages trying to move. 

However, it is still a chore and the last thing you want is your robot vacuum cleaner dying after just half an hour of cleaning.

This can leave you with unfinished floors and robot vacuums can take forever to recharge. So, the longer the battery life, the better. 

Most robot vacuums have lithium ion batteries but at different capacities. This means some last longer on a single run than others so decide how often you will use robot vacuum cleaner – do you prefer a deep clean now and again, or regular vacuuming that doesn’t require a lot of power.

Also, those who prefer a deep clean or own a large home will probably need a longer lasting battery, while those who live in flats or smaller accommodation may be fine with a shorter battery life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Robot Vacuums Come With Any Accessories?

They do indeed! 

Even affordable robot vacuums often come with accessories that unlock different features or help make using the robot vacuum even easier.

For example, some come with remote controls so you can control the robot from the couch. You might even be able to find a robot vacuum cleaner that comes with additional brushes and filters for different modes of cleaning.

This can help give more efficient cleans on carpet flooring or help the robot clean corners easier. 

Are There Robot Wet Mopping Cleaners Too?

Yes, there are! You can also get vacuum-mop combination robot cleaners. They use a water-based cleaning solution stored in a water tank and often come with a built in filter system.

By using a microfiber pad, the same robot can mop and vacuum the same floor! 

So if you are very limited on time or struggle to clean your floors due to mobility issues, a robot can now vacuum and mop your floors, saving you time and effort. 

How Do Robot Vacuums Decide Where To Go? 

Robot vacuums can be programmed to clean certain rooms and floor plans using maps you can make and download onto your robot vacuum cleaner.

They can move in straight lines, move in a circle or a spiral pattern. Some robots can even detect when there’s something under the rug and turn off until it’s safe to go back over it.

This is all thanks to the built in sensors used by the robot so it can also avoid obstacles and move around the perimeter or a room. While the robot will know which room it is in thanks to the floor plans you inform it with, the robot also uses its sensors to avoid obstacles and find dirt.

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Robot vacuums are worth buying if you’re in a hurry for clean floors, aren’t physically capable of doing it yourself, or don’t enjoy cleaning.

This is because the robot vacuum cleaner basically vacuums the floor for you, doing underneath furniture where you can’t reach, while you can either kick back and relax or clean something else.

It makes keeping your home tidy way easier than normal as you can vacuum your floor from work thanks to cleaning routines and pre-set paths downloaded onto your robot vacuum. 

So if all this sounds good to you, then you should definitely think about investing in a robot vacuum cleaner.