Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair

Pet owners will know all about just how annoying it is to constantly be brushing their animal’s hair off all of their clothes and furniture, only for it to be covered again by the next day!

It’s a constant pain that could end up taking a ridiculous amount of time out of your day if you want to keep your home in a relatively clean state most of the time.

Thankfully, there are some brilliant solutions out there and companies are now producing vacuum cleaners that are designed especially for dealing with pet hair.

Shark is one such brand that has really risen to the forefront of this niche cleaning problem. They offer a wide range of vacuum cleaners that can deal with massive amounts of pet hair with no problems and leave you with a lovely clean home.

That is… until your pet runs all over it five minutes later!

In this guide, we’re taking a closer look at some of Shark’s top vacuums for cleaning up pet hair to save you hours of your life in cleaning time!


Shark HV322 Rocket Pet Plus


Shark NV752 TruePet


Shark NV356E S2


Shark HV322 Rocket Pet Plus

The clue really is in the name for this first vacuum that we’re looking at: it’s perfectly designed for pets!

The first thing you’ll notice is that this vacuum is designed as something known as a ‘stick’, meaning it doesn’t stand upright on its own as a conventional vacuum cleaner would.

Instead, you have a long, thin stick that runs from the handle at the top of the vacuum to the cleaning unit at the bottom.

The result of this unique design is a much lighter and more maneuverable vacuum cleaner which is so much easier to carry around your home without it feeling like a workout.

What makes this particular Shark vacuum even better suited for dealing with pet hair is the specialized tool attachments that are designed for capturing embedded pet hair from a variety of surfaces.

Aside from the pet-friendly features that this Shark vacuum cleaner offers, it’s a really good vacuum in general.

The cleaning unit at the bottom of the vacuum has powerful LED lights to make it even easier to see dirt under couches and in tighter, darker spaces in your home.

Not to mention, the whole device can even be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner for even greater maneuverability or for the smaller cleaning jobs on an isolated area of carpet or flooring.

While all of these features might make it seem like this is the best vacuum in the world, it does also have its drawbacks.

Primarily, some customer reviews have highlighted that the durability of the motor inside this machine is not as good as vacuums from some other brands.

This cleaner is designed to deal with great volumes of pet hair ur but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful with it.

Simply clearing out the dirt bin and making sure the motor isn’t getting tangled after every use is a good way to extend the lifespan of this Shark vacuum cleaner.


  • Stick design – Makes the whole cleaner very light and maneuverable
  • Pet hair tools – The specialized attachments are designed to capture pet hair from any surface
  • LED lights – These are great for seeing dirt more clearly under furniture
  • Hand-vac conversion – You can turn this device into an even smaller, handheld vacuum for smaller cleaning jobs


  • Motor durability – You will have to be careful with this cleaner’s motor and make sure it doesn’t get too overworked or it will eventually fail


Shark NV752 TruePet

Boasting another fairly unique design, the NV752 model from Shark represents a creative solution to many of the common problems that pet owners face.

When the whole device is intact, you can use it just like a conventional vacuum cleaner and push it along your floor to pick up any hair and debris.

However, the main pod in the machine can be detached, leaving you with a much lighter, much more maneuverable stick that offers the same suction power and allows you to get into the tighter spaces much more easily.

This Shark vacuum also comes with the same specialized pet hair attachment that we saw with the previous model. This tool is great for sucking up any pet hair that gets really deeply embedded in your furniture.

The NV752 also uses LED headlights to make your life even easier when cleaning under furniture. It has an advanced steering system to make it a pleasure to push around your home, allowing you to easily move through tight spaces.

In general, this is a fantastic device that does a great job of showing off Shark’s ingenuity when it comes to designing their vacuums.

However, the same issue persists of the motor not being powerful enough to deal with consistently collecting large volumes of pet hair without being checked regularly.

Plenty of customer reviews have noted that their device got clogged or tangled up and eventually stopped working beyond repair.

This isn’t necessarily something that will happen to every device but it’s certainly something you should be wary of.


  • Detachable pod – This makes the whole vacuum cleaner a very versatile, multi-functional tool
  • HEPA filter – Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner
  • LED lights – Cleaning under furniture is so much easier with these lights
  • Pet hair attachment tools – The nozzle attachments do a great job of picking up tough clumps of pet hair


  • Vacuum motor – Again, the motor on this vacuum could eventually stop working if you don’t check on it regularly


Shark NV356E S2

In general, this particular Shark vacuum cleaner can be seen as a very similar product to the previous one we’ve looked at: the NV752.

Indeed, this vacuum also features a detachable canister that means the device can be taken anywhere in the home with ease and allows you to get into the really tight spaces between furniture.

It also uses a HEPA filter to trap 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner itself and it even has the same pet-oriented nozzle head designs that are great for picking up embedded pet hair from all kinds of surfaces.

However, what sets this product apart from the last one is primarily the much larger dust cup capacity and the price.

In most places, you’ll find that this Shark vacuum cleaner is being sold for a lot less than the NV752, despite them having a very similar set of features.

In fact, this cleaner even has a 2.2-quart dust bin capacity, compared to the 0.88-quart capacity of the previous one.

This means you’ll end up spending less time going to and from the trash can to make space for more dust and dirt to be picked up.

However, what the NV356E S2 seriously lacks is really good suction on carpeted surfaces and upholstery.

Plenty of customer reviews highlighted how good the cleaner is on hard surfaces but that it struggles a lot more on carpets, rugs, and furniture.

Therefore, if you struggle a lot with copious amounts of pet hair on your carpet at home, you might be better off spending the extra money on a more powerful machine.


  • Lift-away canister – The detachable canister means you can pick the device up and take it to absolutely any part of your home with ease
  • HEPA filter – Very hygienic and traps 99.9% of dirt and allergens inside the machine
  • 2.2-quart dirt bin capacity – Much larger than most other Shark vacuum cleaners
  • Budget-friendly – This is one of the least expensive Shark vacuum cleaners on our list


  • Suction power on carpets – Despite being pretty good on hard floors, this vacuum won’t do as well as most others on carpets


Shark ZU62 Navigator

This Shark vacuum cleaner is designed to make the lives of pet owners much easier, thanks to its self-cleaning brush roll that makes it much less likely to get tangled up with pet hair and stop working.

The common problem we’ve found with vacuum cleaners from any brand is that they will eventually get too clogged up with pet hair and the motor will give out.

However, this self-cleaning brush roll should eliminate that issue and extend the lifespan of the machine dramatically.

It also features the same useful extended nozzle that can help you get into the harder-to-reach parts of your home and under furniture.

Even with the device fully intact, its lightweight design and great maneuverability make it super easy to carry around your home and navigate between obstacles.

It also has a very powerful suction that is fantastic for picking up pet hair from carpets, even if the hair is thoroughly embedded in your upholstery.

As well as the incredibly hygienic HEPA filter that we’ve already seen on other Shark vacuum cleaners, this machine boasts an impressive 2.8-quart capacity dirt bin which is great for particularly long cleaning sessions and saves you time running back and forth from the trash can.

The only real downside to this machine is the fact that the extended hose is supposedly not as long as Shark advertises. Despite the promise of a 12-foot long hose, one customer found that theirs was significantly shorter.

This can present some issues when you try to clean up a flight of stairs but otherwise, this is a fantastic vacuum for pet hair.


  • Self-cleaning brush roll – Avoids the common issue of pet hair clogging up the brush roll and overworking the motor
  • Extended nozzle – This feature is particularly useful for getting into the harder-to-reach parts of your home
  • Powerful suction – The main cleaning unit of this vacuum is great for dealing with pet hair on carpet, thanks to its powerful suction
  • 2.8-quart capacity dirt bin – This is the largest capacity we’ve seen on a Shark vacuum cleaner


  • Not a 12-foot nozzle – As some customers have pointed out, the extended nozzle is not actually 12 feet long


Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum

The last Shark vacuum cleaner we’re taking a look at is definitely one of the most interesting.

This is a small, robotic vacuum cleaner that can navigate around your home and save you all the work of cleaning the carpets yourself.

You may have heard of Roomba vacuum cleaners and other such products that use robot technology to take all the hassle out of cleaning and wondered if it actually works as well as advertised.

Well, in this case, you’ll find that the device really does work as well as it says!

It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa but also runs through its own app, meaning you can control the whole device with your smartphone.

You can set the vacuum up for a regular clean and, once it’s finished, it will return to its charging port to be ready for the next time you need it.

Aside from the novelty of a robotic device, this is also a pretty good vacuum cleaner on its own.

It has a multi-surface brush roll that can automatically adapt to different surfaces and has a surprisingly good level of suction for such a small device.

The AV911S even has a 30-day capacity attached to its charging port, meaning you won’t have to constantly empty out a dirt bin every time you use it.

This might be the most expensive Shark vacuum cleaner on our list but it’s certainly one of the best!


  • Robot vacuum cleaner – This device literally does all of the cleaning work for you!
  • Alexa/app control – You can set the device up with your smartphone or with any Amazon Alexa device
  • Self-charging – The vacuum will return to its one chagrin port automatically when it’s finished cleaning
  • 30-day capacity – Saves you plenty of time running back and forth between the trash can
  • Powerful suction – This device has a surprisingly good level of suction powerful for something so tiny


  • Price – This is one of the more expensive options when it comes to vacuum cleaners

Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair Buying Guide

Of course, Shark does have some other products in its range that might even suit your needs better than the ones we’ve looked at.If you want to go out and look for your own vacuum cleaner to deal with pet hair, here are some of the things you should look out for.

Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair

Suction Power

It’s difficult to accurately determine how much suction power a vacuum cleaner has without using it yourself so the perfect place to look is in the customer reviews.

Reading feedback from people who have actually used the product will give you a much clearer understanding of exactly how powerful the device is.


Attachments and other additional tools are what can make vacuum cleaners so much better for dealing with pet hair.

For example, Shark vacuum cleaners often come with their own specially-designed pet hair attachments to help remove animal fur that’s become embedded in carpets or furniture.

If you have any furry friends running around your home, these kinds of attachments will prove to be very useful.

Dirt Bin Capacity

The dirt bin is the part of a vacuum cleaner that holds all of the dust, hair, and debris that gets picked up from your floors. Every time the dirt bin fills up, you should empty it out into your trash can to avoid damaging the vacuum and keep it in good working condition.

Essentially, this means you should always be on the lookout for a larger dirt bin to save yourself time running to and from the trash can while you’re cleaning.

This might not be as much of a consideration if you have a smaller home and it does also mean the whole machine is likely to be a little heavier.

However, this is definitely something you should be thinking about when deciding which vacuum to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Shark Robot Vacuum Actually Work?

It’s understandable to be a little skeptical about whether robot vacuum cleaners actually work but in the case of the Shark product, it actually does! This machine is great for taking the hassle out of cleaning your home.

It has compatibility with Amazon Alexa devices, as well as its own smartphone app. Aside from all that, it’s also a pretty good vacuum cleaner by itself.

Which Shark Navigator Is Best For Pet Hair?

According to our research, we’ve found the ZU62 Navigator to be one of the best Shark vacuums for pet hair.

This is mainly due to the self-cleaning brush roll which drastically reduces the risk of pet hair tangling up the brush and causing the motor to overheat. However, it also has a very powerful suction that can deal with pet hair embedded into the carpet.


In general, you can’t really go wrong with any of Shark’s vacuum cleaners when it comes to cleaning up pet hair because many of them are designed specifically for this purpose.

Whichever Shark vacuum cleaner you decide to go for, we’re sure you won’t have to worry about brushing pet hair off every surface of your home ever again!