Best Vacuum For Cat Litter

So, you're looking for a new vacuum for your home. And since you have recently bought a cat, you also want your new piece of home hardware to take clean cat litter too.

Well, if this sounds like a problem you need a solution to, our guide is here to help you. Here is the best vacuum for cat litter that you can purchase right now!


Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Orange, 1831

Bissel's a pretty big name when it comes to the best vacuums on the market. As far as cleaning power goes, they're professional vacuum makers that know what they're doing.

And with the Bissell Cleanview model, you'll be able to take that superb cleaning power to your kitty litter box too!


  • Great Suction - The multi cyclonic cleaning system to boost suction that is built into this vacuum means that the powerful suction this produces is amazing, and can be maintained for ages. Perfect for grabbing every last piece of cat litter, as well as sucking up all that loose pet hair.
  • Astounding filtration system - Not only is this vacuum powerful, but this bagless vacuum model also has a stunning filtration system that means you can reduce allergies and household dust down to nothing. Great for those with a sensitive constitution
  • Easy to carry - Despite it being a full-size vacuum cleaner, this model is an incredibly lightweight vacuum, at only just over 15 pounds. Great if your cat litter has been thrown in and around its litter box, and you need to lift it in and out of it.
  • Multi-surface cleaning at the touch of a button - Whether it is hard floors or kitty litter on your carpet, this vacuum for cat litter can tackle them all!


  • The cord will get in the way - For many modern models of vacuum cleaner this size, you would expect to find a retractable cord to be built into this vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, the Cleanview model does not come with that as standard, meaning that the 25 feet of cord may be an issue tidying up.

Our Thoughts

The lack of a retractable cord can be a little frustrating at times, especially if you are vacuuming over your cord to try and clean up any loose, soiled litter.

However, in terms of everything else, from its powerful suction, to its being lightweight, this is a very well-put-together product. Any home would benefit from this vacuum, with or without a cat.


Armor All, AA255 , 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum , Orange

Looking for an easy-to-use vacuum for cat litter and any pet hair that's been triggering your allergies?

Then have no fear! The Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum is the perfect solution to all your pet and kitty litter needs, and plenty more besides it!


  • Powerful suction - The motor that you find within this vacuum not only makes for great suction, but the lack of mechanical or electrical components in the main nozzle means that there is little to no chance of damaging it either. No need to worry about that errant big piece of wet cat litter ruining anything, this tough little sucker is more than up to the task!
  • Well-designed nozzle heads - It pulls double duty as a great cleaner for carpets, and as an effective crevice tool for getting damp litter out of those hard-to-reach places. Plus, with the extra nozzle attachments, they also pull double duty as deluxe car nozzle cleaners! Plus, there's even a blower nozzle option too for this model!
  • Small, plus great dirt storage - Being smaller than other, larger household vacuums, you'll be surprised just how much dirt and cat litter you'll be able to store in here! With up to 2.5 gallons worth of space in its tank, this little vacuum for cat litter is more than up to any cleaning task you might set it.


  • Not really a household vacuum - This is ideally a vacuum used in more heavy-duty places, such as in a workshop or garage. Hard floors are where it shines best, rather than on soft or carpeted surfaces.

Our Thoughts

You should never overestimate how much good a light vacuum cleaner does for your back. The fact that this vacuum is only 7 pounds means that this is the perfect vacuum to use around the garage, especially if you have cat litter boxes in there.

And in terms of pure suction power, it's definitely nothing to sneeze at too!


Handheld Vacuum Cordless 13000pa, Car Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable, High Power Dual Motor Handheld Vacuum, 2 Power Levels(wet Dry, Metal Filter, Led Lights) Portable Mini Vacuum For Car, House&pet Hair

The vacuums for cat litter that we've looked at so far are all great vacuums, but they are all a little on the bigger side of things.

Sometimes, you want an everyday household cleaning vacuum that can fit in your hand, especially when trying to tackle cat litter that has found its way into those annoying crevices.

If that sounds like a problem you face when trying to clean out your kitty litter box, then you should consider taking a look at smaller vacuum models, such as the handheld Tidaivor Dual Motor vacuum model.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are a great tool to use for handling pet litter, and Tidaivor stands up there with the best.


  • Great suction power - For a vacuum as small as this, you'll be surprised at its strong suction power.
  • whether stuck in a carpet, or on your hardwood floors, this vacuum is great for applying that suction power to just a little part of 
  • Great for tough and awkward corners - The extra nozzle attachments make for great crevice tools, able to grab any kitty litter wherever you find it.


  • Relatively little storage space - If you're trying to clean out all the cat litter in a single-use, you may find yourself having to empty your handheld vacuum at least once, if not more. Still, that's to be expected with a compact handheld vacuum, and it's not like it's the most difficult cleaner to empty out.

Our Thoughts

If you are a cat owner in a smaller apartment, and you don't want to have to fork out for a larger cleaning tool for your cat litter that will take up valuable space in your home, this is a great vacuum for your needs.

Definitely, one of the best handheld vacuums for cat litter if space is at a premium.


Shark CH951 Cordless Handheld Vacuum UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus, with XL Dust Cup, in Black

Whilst we're on the subject of handheld vacuums that can tackle your cat litter problem, we should probably take a look at some other options for you.

Shark is another big name when it comes to the highly competitive market of vacuum cleaners, and their cordless handheld models are nothing to dismiss either.

Combining both compactibility with great suction power, the CH951 UltraCyclone model should undoubtedly be high on your vacuum wish list. Great features to have when it comes to cleaning cat litter.


  • Incredible suction power in your hand - With an optimized performance when it comes to sucking and sticking power, the cyclonic air-stream can suck up pretty much anything. Crumbs. Dust particles. Kitty litter box visits. Cat hair in the carpet. Even small wet messes can be tackled!
  • Big storage for a handheld vacuum - The extra-large dirt canister this vacuum comes with means that it is a step above many other handhelds. 
  • Long working life - Not only does the ultra-cyclonic cleaning system help keep this vacuum strong, but it also keeps the filtration system and motor system running better for longer too, keeping this cordless vacuum usable for even longer!


  • Long battery charge needed - This handheld vacuum needs to be charged from anywhere between 5 and 6 hours, which is longer than other cordless vacuums on this list. Still, the vacuum can be left on charge when it is not used, so that may not be much of an issue you find that you run into.

Our Thoughts

This is a great vacuum for cat litter if you don't plan on using this for big cleans. It's strong enough to pick up most debris you'll find in your home, and the dirt canister is easily detachable, making it super easy to empty out so you can get back to cleaning.


Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, High Efficiency Powerful Digital Motor LED Headlights, Convenient Stick and Handheld Vac, Essential, White

Looking for a cordless stick vacuum for cat litter boxes that combines mobility, high-power suction, and can tackle those tough nooks off-limits to other regular vacuums?

Eureka has you covered for just those needs, with Rapidclean Pro cordless model of the vacuum cleaner. When it comes to cleaning out your cat's litter box, you know this is a model that will do the job great!


  • Powerful vacuum for cat litter - With over 40 minutes of high-powered suction, and with no visible loss of power over that time, this is the perfect vacuum cleaner for those quick cleaning bursts that a small room or area might need.
  • Great reach and mobility - With the dirt canister attached to the top of the vacuum, and an adaptable vacuum head for awkward angles, the ergonomic design elements of this product allow for much more flexibility of movement than a regular vacuum cleaner would otherwise be capable of, able to reach under tables, chairs, and other furniture that might otherwise make.
  • Built to tackle multiple floors - Got hardwood floors that need that cat litter clearing off? This vacuum is perfect for those little jobs. Need something that can tackle soft flooring and carpets as well? This vacuum will capture pet hair just as easily on those softer surfaces as on the harder ones. Prepared for wood, fabric, and even stone. This vacuum tackles them all!


  • Shorter battery life than other cordless and corded vacuums - With only 40 minutes being the longest this product's battery lasts for before it requires charging, you might struggle to carry out that big deep clean that larger vacuums will be able to tackle.

Our Thoughts

The shorter battery life does make this generally more of a hassle to use for longer cleans, or for larger rooms. However, for cleaning up small things, or tending to a messy cat that has just finished with its litter box, this smaller vacuum is perfect for those little tasks around your home.

Plus, who knows? With the dirt cup being so easy to empty, maybe you will clean up those bigger messes in time!


Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless Multi Floor Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Swivel Steering, UD70355B, Red

Looking for a product that is perfect for vacuuming cat litter, with tons of power behind it, and the kind of steering that you'd find on smaller models?

Then this bagless vacuum from Dirt Devil is going to be something you'll want to take a second look at.


  • Excellent suction - the powerful motor Makes short work of any wet messes your cat's paws have been working on. This will stay powerful for a long time, especially with the rincable filter feature.
  • Excellent filter for odors and allergies - Speaking of filters, with a triple filtration system built into this model, including an odor trapping filter, there's no need to worry about bad smells or your allergies being attacked whilst you use this vacuum.
  • Great pet-friendly attachments - The turbo-claw vacuum head is perfect for removing pet hair from carpeted surfaces.
  • Great reach - as far as corded upright vacuums are concerned, Dirt devil has to be one of the best. With an extendable head that can give an extra little reach, and an excellent swivel-steer system that allows it to turn corners as few others can.


  • Corded limitations - The fact that this is an upright vacuum model that requires corded power does still limit it when it comes to the freedom of movement you get from other models, even with the extra 10 feet of reach that this model can provide.

Our Thoughts

Alongside the issues with it being a corded vacuum, the weight of this vacuum feels a little off almost, which might have an effect on how you steer if you aren't compensating enough for it.

Still, as far as upright vacuum models are concerned, if you want a strong vacuum for cat litter purposes, this is probably one of the best vacuums you can find for a corded model.


Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter, Large Dust Cup Capacity, LED Headlights, Upholstery Tool, Pet Power Brush & Crevice Tool, Perfect for Pets, Bordeaux

Looking for a powerful upright vacuum that can tackle any mess you through in its path? Do you want to pet hair, wet messes, cat litter, dirt, and everything else vanish in a powerful blast of suction?

Well, if power is the name of the game here, then Shark's NV752 is just the vacuum cleaner that you are looking for!


  • Amazing suction power - The powered lift-away technology separates dirt from pretty much anything it might be stuck in, whether that's hard floors, fitted or loose carpets. The strong suction on this vacuum will take care of all of them!
  • Plenty of attachments to get the job done - With a pet hair vacuum head and a nozzle that can get into 
  • Great dirt storage options - With over 0.85-quart capacity when it comes to holding dirt, this is probably one of the biggest bagless vacuums we have looked at so far!


  • Limited by its cord - Once again, because of how many vacuums on the market have taken the leap to cordless models, having a cord feels a little archaic, and has a habit of limiting your available movement, no matter how good your swivel and stick vacuum head design is.

A pricier model of vacuum - Compared to the other vacuums we have looked at so far, the Shark NV752 is generally one of the pricier models of upright vacuums you can find.

Still, with powerful suction options, a large dirt capacity, and multiple types of flooring, you do certainly get many features with this model.

Our Thoughts

If power is your main concern when it comes to vacuum cleaners when the times for you to handle cat litter, then this is certainly not a bad option, especially if you can afford it.

For those cat owners that want to be able to tackle all messes around their homes along with their pet's waste, this is definitely one to consider.


BLACK+DECKER Furbuster Handheld Vacuum for Pets, Cordless, AdvancedClean+, Gray (HHVK515JP07)

For another handheld vacuum entry for our guide that has plenty of power to keep up with the big guys, we take a look at the Fur Buster from Black + Decker's line of handheld vacuums!


  • Powerful suction the palm of your hand - The vacuum motor works overtime to help give you the power of the best vacuum cleaners in handheld form, especially with the power boost option.
  • Washable filter - These retrievable filters make it so much easier to keep them clean, and to keep your vacuum running that much longer.
  • Excellent head options - From the pet hair nozzle to a head for hard floors, to the crevice tool that can get into the tightest spots, the options that come with this vacuum are perfect for pretty much any cleaning job you might need it for.
  • Easy dispenser - With just a simple 1 touch solution, you're able to get rid of your gathered dirt with literally the press of a button!


  • Limited battery life - This vacuum only seems to work for a very short amount of time before it needs charging. The battery indicator light does help at least notify you when you are close to running out of power, but that might be a small consolation for someone who needs it for longer

Our Thoughts

Although the battery issues might present a problem for larger cleans, in the case of a light cleaning, this vacuum work very well.

Although I do have to wonder how that performance will hold up if it is used for larger jobs around the house.

Best Vacuum For Cat Litter Buying Guide

Upright vacuum vs handheld vacuum vs Stick vacuum

The main models of vacuums you can find right now are the larger upright vacuums, the thinner stick models, and the handheld vacuums. In many ways, they do share many features.

Almost all have attachments that can deal with pet hairs, that can tackle hard and carpeted floors alike, and can contain very powerful suctions features, even in the smallest models.

The upright vacuum tends to be able to have a larger carrying capacity and is built for larger cleaning jobs around the house. However, they tend to be the heaviest types of vacuums out there.

Not ideal if you are only trying to clean out a single cat litter box, but great if the cat litter has spread across a large space. They also tend to be corded vacuums although it isn't impossible to find a cordless upright model.

Handheld vacuums meanwhile are usually very light to carry, and can usually be done in one hand. However, this does limit their carrying capacity and is definitely not made for larger cleaning jobs.

They're quite suited for cleaning a single smaller space, however, if there is a clump of wet litter that has been left in your cat's litter box.

Meanwhile, stick vacuums tend to be a good balance of the two, with slightly larger carrying capacities than handheld vacuums, whilst not being too heavy for you like upright vacuums can be. This is a great tool to help clear your litter box out with.

Best vacuum for cat litter

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK To Vacuum Up Cat Litter?

On the whole, most experts in vacuum engineering say that it is safe to clear out your cat's litter box with vacuums.

However, you should try and avoid cleaning out massive amounts of cat litter, as soiled litter tends to create a horrible smell if too much is used to clear out your cat litter.

The fine clay cat litter particles can also cause issues with your vacuum motor over time if too much litter is being taken in by the vacuum.

Ideally, you should sweep or scoop out most of the litter box first, and then use your vacuum to clear out any remaining cat litter.


So, there you have it. The best vacuum for cat litter that you can buy right now!

We hope you've found this guide useful, and that your cat litter problems will be a thing of the past with your new vacuum!