Riccar Vacuum Reviews

Riccar Vacuum Reviews

Riccar are well-known for their high-quality vacuum cleaners. They are also known for offering some of the best accessories for vacuuming. These include attachments, brushes, crevice cleaners, and more.  Not only that, but most of their vacuums offer HEPA filtration and Tandem air technology, enabling you to get rid of any embedded dirt in your … Read more

Roomba E6 Review

Roomba E6 Review

Roombas have revolutionized the world of vacuum cleaners, and are responsible for a great deal of modern innovation and automating cleaning processes around the home. They are robot vacuum cleaners that can navigate through rooms in your home and suck up dust, crumbs, and general dirt.  Knowing that you do not have to vacuum the … Read more

How To Clean A Roomba

How to Clean A Roomba

Roomba’s are a nifty little robot vacuum that can help to significantly cut down on the time that you spend vacuuming your home! But how do you go about cleaning your Roomba robot? We are going to be taking a look at the different ways that you can clean your Roomba, as well as a … Read more

How To Clean Shark Vacuum Filter

How To Clean Shark Vacuum Filter

Shark vacuums are great tools for cleaning carpets and floors. They also come with filters that trap dirt and debris from the air before they enter the unit. These filters are usually disposable, but some models include reusable ones. You can purchase these units at most home improvement stores or online. The filters are typically … Read more

Quantum Vacuum Reviews

Quantum Vacuum Reviews

Quantum, though a popular brand of vacuum cleaners, only had one product in its lineup for a very long time. That all changed with the debut of the company’s only upright vacuum, the Quantum X. Quantum vacuums are made using water as the filtering system. If you have ever used a Quantum gadget, you are … Read more

How To Get Ash Out Of A Carpet

How To Get Ash Out Of A Carpet?

Ash is one of the most frustrating substances to get out of a carpet due to its high resistance and its ability to cling to carpet fibers. Not only that, but ash has a very distinctive and strong smell that can be very difficult to remove from your home. If you don’t rid your carpet … Read more

How Much Does A Roomba Cost?

How Much Does a Roomba Cost

A robot vacuum cleaner has become a household staple over the last decade. They clean our floors, saving us from manually having to do the hoovering. But they don’t always come cheap. How much does a robot vacuum cleaner cost? Are they worth buying? Find out below.  What Are Roombas? Robot vacuums are becoming increasingly … Read more

How To Reset Shark Ion Robot

how to reset shark ion robot

Cleaning homes is a hard job. A robot vacuum cleaner could help you out. It requires little human intervention, and it does a great job. The Shark Ion Robot uses mobile apps to help you clean your house. You can use it to clean up your floor, walls, or furniture. This robot also has a … Read more

How To Clean Shop Vac Filter

how to clean shop vac filter

Regularly cleaning the shop vac filter is important because it helps the machine work more efficiently. When you use your shop vac to clean up a surface or room, the filter absorbs dirt, dust, and particles. This causes the machine to become less efficient. Cleaning the filter regularly prevents this problem. The Needed Materials And … Read more