Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner Reviews

If you have pets, you should be looking at a cleaner machine that can do a wonderful job cleaning any of the mess they can leave.

That should mean a carpet shampooer that doubles up as a carpet cleaner machine to provide an extremely professional job in your own home.

For tackling wet patches before they become stains and removing pet hair, consider the Bissell Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner.

In this review, we will look at how it performs on carpets, bare floors, and stairs.

Carpet Cleaning

The design looks modern and sleek but you will be further impressed by how well it performs a formidable job on carpets.

This should make removing dirt and pet messes without costing too much money and involving a deep, almost professional process in a service that you can do yourself.

A dog can get into all sorts of mischief and having various attachments to deal with carpets is ideal.

The Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner can remove embedded dirt with a DeepReach PowerBrush Roll in a formidable cleaning machine.

Bare Floors

In your home, you can soon note the hair on all the tile surfaces and it can be a pain to vacuum then mop it clean.

All that grime is intended to be removed with the Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner with a Four-Row DeepReach PowerBrush Roll to lift away stains in an efficient way to remove that dirt that is a different vacuum can leave.

The EdgeSweep Bristles also perform a cleaning job on the baseboards in your home and around furniture.

Pet Hair

The Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner does a fantastic job with hair, namely on furniture.

The removable nozzle can clean the foot of the machine for simple maintenance. It also does an effortless and accurate job all over the house to rave reviews. 

For those hard-to-reach areas behind a door or in a small room that your pet likes to visit, simply push the Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner along the floor to let it efficiently do its cleaning job.

Deep Cleaning

If you typically have a difficult time removing all the dirt and dust then try the Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner to perform an affordable job in a machine of your own.

This is largely from Two-Tank Technology which keeps dirty water in a separate tank away from the floor to prevent cross-contamination.

This is ideal for getting certain parts of your home clean and you could keep it in the garage for easy access to the rugs in your car where pets can leave a mess.

The DirtLifter PowerBrush has four rows that rotate to create a powerful suction that scrubs away stains and then lifts away deep-down dirt.

Keep the cleaner machine in a handy location so you can quickly get it out to deliver deep cleaning and deal with pet mess.



As well as being lightweight, the Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner includes a retractable handle making it easy to store.

As the handle collapses it reduces its vertical footprint making it ideal for a small home, apartment, or condominium.

Whether you only have a small space in a cupboard, this vacuum can be easily stored away.


A removable nozzle can come in handy for maintenance though you should consider a portable cleaner for upholstery and other hard-to-reach places in your house.

Pets may go pretty much anywhere and bring their dirt into the home so having a vacuum that can effectively search out the dirt is well worth considering.

The pricing is well matched for a small home that has several carpets that require regular cleaning.

The Cord/Power

At 3.4amps for a corded cleaner machine, you may be able to find one with significantly more power yet there may be a compromise for how easily you can move it.

The 20-foot power cord should help you complete a fantastic job in each room as you gradually make your way around the house.

For an affordable cleaner machine that can measure up for the performance, this is still well worth considering for purchase.


Certainly, the four-row rotating DirtLifter PowerBrush is adept at providing suitable agitation with stiff bristles for an extremely professional cleaning job across carpets.

The dual tank system is also excellent for keeping dirty water away from your floor and an essential feature to have to deal with pet mess.

This may be a lightweight carpet cleaner machine yet the water tank still has decent size at a capacity of half a gallon so you can make sure your carpet enjoys a turbo clean.

That all this technology can be packed into a carpet cleaner machine that only weighs 12 pounds is somewhat remarkable.

If you can carry a dumbbell then you can move this machine around the house easily and still perform an extremely professional-looking job.

For an even better cleaning job, you can look to purchase the Bissell DeepClean Oxy formula.

It has been made to match the performance of the Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner and make you forget a difficult time you may have had to try to get rid of pet stains.

Tips For How To Use The Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner

There are certain ways you can use the Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner around the house, especially to deal with pet mess.

If you do notice some fresh pet urine then it would be best practice to use the suction first and then apply a cleaning solution.

Try to use slow and steady passes which allow the bristles to work their way into your carpet. Too fast and you may leave some of the cleaning solutions behind.

The Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner fails to have a water heater so you may want to use hot tap water.

This is largely due to the amount of plastic in the vacuum so avoid using tap water that exceeds 120°F which means no boiling water which may damage the water tank and void your warranty.

A general rule is to vacuum before you use a carpet cleaner machine, simply to get rid of the dirt first so your Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner can deal with the pet stains.

Final Thoughts

For a carpet cleaner machine that doubles up like a carpet shampooer, few can do such a fantastic job while being so lightweight.

The technology is key with four-row rotating DirtLifter PowerBrush and a dual water tank to prevent cross-contamination.

You may want to watch one of Bissell’s videos to get a better idea of how well this carpet cleaner machine can work yet for such pricing, this is money well spent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Well Does The Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner Work On An Extremely Soiled Carpet?

There is a certain method you can use to take care of a pet mess, such as that from a large dog.

Start by pre-soaking your carpet in a hot water and fabric softener solution using a garden sprayer then leave it for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Use the Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner and go over it twice with hot clean water.

This should do an adequate job yet to prove what a fantastic job it can do, wait a day then attempt to clean the carpet as you normally would get into the mess.

If you notice that your carpets could do with a regular clean then try this method every couple of months.

How Heavy Should I Expect A Full-Sized Carpet Cleaner To Be?

At just 12 pounds, the Turbo Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner is one of the lightest models around and should prove easy to maneuver.

In some cases, you may expect the carpet cleaner to weigh as much as 50 pounds which can prove to be a really difficult time to move upstairs.

You may get a larger capacity to carry more dirty water yet half a gallon should suffice as long as the pets do not create too much mess.