How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car

It’s no secret that dogs need their walkies, which often means you need to take them in the car. While it’s fun to drive your dogs to the beach, park, or forest, there is one inevitability you’ll have to deal with – hair. 

Suddenly, your once clean car seats are now covered in a layer of dog hair, and it’s starting to get a bit too noticeable. Sitting on these hair-covered seats means that the hair is either going to transfer to your clothes, or the hair is going to eventually become a permanent part of the fabric. 

If you’re struggling to remove dog hair from your car, we’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about how to get dog hair out of car! 

Method 1: Vacuum Cleaner 

In the same way that you would use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair in your own home, the same applies to removing dog hair from your car seats! It’s a fast, easy, and effective way to keep your car clean and free from hair. 

We recommend investing in a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for pet hair, or an upright vacuum with a rotating brush at the bottom.

The rotating brush features bristles that move to grab hair with ease, allowing it to be sucked into the vacuum itself. You can connect the vacuum to an extension lead if your car is in the driveway. 

If your car is too far from a nearby socket, invest in a car vacuum cleaner! These typically come with a bristle hair nozzle that can help to gather the hair into a ball before removing it. Plus, you can use the vacuum to give your car a quick clean in the meantime!

Method 2: Duct Tape Or Lint Roller

This is one of the lesser known methods of removing pet hair from your car’s seats, but it’s a good one. Duct tape (or even packing tape) is great for grabbing those pesky hairs that you can’t seem to get rid of.

The way to use duct tape is to wrap it around your hand with the adhesive side on the outside. Then, press the adhesive side of the tape into the affected areas of the car, and the hairs should adhere to the tape with ease.

This is a good method for getting hair out of those hard-to-reach parts of your car, such as between the seats. Just make sure to have lots of tape at hand, because you will have to replace it once the adhesive side is covered in hair and fluff. 

Alternatively, you can use a lint roller to remove all the pet hair from your car.

Method 3: Rubber Gloves

Grab your marigolds, it’s time to get hands on. Using a pair of rubber gloves is an ideal way to gather dog hair in your car without having to deal with getting the hair tangled in your fingers. 

Simply wear some ordinary kitchen rubber gloves (preferably ones with textured fingers to provide some grip) and start to wipe the car seats using your hands.

Make sweeping motions, but stick to one direction at a time. The hair will start to gather into lines of hair, which can be removed by hand.  If the gloves aren’t working efficiently enough, you can dampen them slightly. This will help to clump the hair, making it easier to get rid of it! 

Method 4: Squeegee

This method is most suitable for cleaning your car when you’re away from home, because almost everyone has a squeegee available in their car. Picking up the in-laws and just noticed the state of your car seats? Use the squeegee and nobody will ever know your dogs were ever in the car. 

The squeegee method works similarly to the rubber glove method, wherein the dog hair is forced to form into clumps. Squeegees have a rubber blade that collects dust, debris, and hair from car seats and the floor of the car with ease, forming it into a clumpy pile to quickly throw away. 

Method 5: Balloons

You know when you rub a balloon on your head and it makes your hair stand up? Yeah, the same happens with pet hair. This is somewhat of an unconventional cleaning technique, but it works. It’s especially handy if you’ve got some leftover balloons hanging about after a party. 

Simply blow up a balloon and rub it against the hairy surface of your car. This should create static energy that, in theory, will pick up pet hair. Now, this isn’t a certified pet hair removal method, but it can work to get rid of large or long pieces of pet hair. 

How To Prevent Dog From Leaving Hair In Car

Prevention is key when trying to keep your car interior free from dog hair. While some dogs have hypoallergenic coats and won’t shed at all, others shed constantly. It’s a surprise that they’ve got a coat at all. 

Here are some tips on how to prevent your dog from leaving hair in your car!

  • Cover the seats with a blanket or pet cover. These are inexpensive and highly beneficial for maintaining the quality of your car seats. Not only does it protect your seats from dog hair, but it also prevents dirt, debris, and (cough) bodily fluids from staining your seats. 
  • Groom your dogs regularly! Like with humans, grooming removes loose pet hair before it has a chance to adhere to your car seats, carpet, couch, or bed. The best time to do this is to groom your dog just before you go in the car. 
  • Alternatively, train your dog to use a pet carrier or crate when traveling in the car. Not only are travel crates very safe for your dog, but they also keep any loose hair in a  concentrated area. Just make sure to train your dog to have a positive association with the crate, otherwise it might do more harm than good. 


So, there you have it! Turns out, there are several ways to easily remove dog hair from your car. It might be worth looking into some preventative measures to keep your car clean for the next time you travel with your dog.