Best Area Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Is your hardwood floor looking somewhat bare? Though hardwood can look really elegant and sophisticated on your floor, it can also look quite dull. You may find that the room is lacking in vibrancy and character.

If this is the case, you may want to consider investing in a high-quality area rug. What is an area rug?

These rigs will only cover a limited area of your floor, allowing you to show off the hardwood floors while also adding some extra color and personality to the room. These rugs come in a number of different styles. They can be put in a range of rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. 

To make your shopping experience much more seamless, we have identified 5 of the best rugs for your hardwood floor. From our experience, an area rug will enhance the aesthetics of any room considerably. 


CAMILSON Solana Modern Floral 2' x 7' Area Rugs Non-Skid (Non-Slip) Rubber Backing Gray - Brown Flowers Indoor Rug (2x7, Grey Brown)

Up first, this area rug is great for people who are looking for a floral design. It comes in a range of colors, meaning that you can choose whichever shade most appeals to you.

This modern rug will add a touch of elegance and character to your room, injecting it with life. However, they will only accentuate the beauty of the hardwood floor and will not eclipse it. Aside from that, it is also really functional. 


  • 6 color options - this rug will match most rooms. Offering incredible customization, there are 6 color choices to select from. You can either get black and gray, blue and gray, red and white, yellow and brown, gray and brown, or multicolor. Our personal favorite is the multicolor option since it is very eye-catching. 
  • Simple to clean - with this rug, you will not need to waste loads of time cleaning it. 
  • Anti-skid - if you live with animals or young children, you may be in constant fear that they will injure themselves. Luckily, this rug has a non-slip rubber backing that will give you an enhanced grip. Consequently, you will not need to stress about your kids or pets skidding on the hardwood floor. 
  • 100% polyester - this rug manages to be both soft and durable. As a result, it will be soft on your feet but will also be long-lasting. It is 0.3 inches thick. 


  • Not very thick - if you are looking for a thick rug, this one may not be the product for you. Compared to its competitors, it is not very thick. Therefore, it may not cushion your feet as well as a thicker rug. 


Keneipp Geometric TurquoiseBrown Area Rug

The next area rug on our list will be great for people who want blue accents in their dining room or living room. The turquoise and brown color scheme is really unique and aesthetically appealing.

If you put this area rug in a dining room with a hardwood floor, it will be the envy of all your friends and family. 


  • Variety of sizes - this rug can be bought in different sizes. As a result, it will fit into most rooms. As an area rug, it is not designed to cover the whole floor. Instead, it has been made to cover only part of your hardwood floor. 
  • Dirt-repellent - to save you from spending loads of your precious time cleaning, this area rug will repel dirt. To clean, simply spot wash with a damp cloth or water. 
  • Vibrant design - the design on this rug is sure to catch the attention of other people. It looks incredibly stylish and slick, instantly making your home look more modern and full of character. 
  • Can be used on underfloor heating - if you have underfloor heating, you can still use this product. It is suitable for use over this eating solution. 


  • Rough texture - some customers have complained that this area rug has quite a harsh texture. Though we did not experience this problem, it is nonetheless something to bear in mind. Ultimately, it may not be the best rug for people who are looking for a soft texture. 



Thirdly, if you desire a vintage aesthetic, this rug will be right up your alley. Another floral rug, this product stands out due to its old-fashioned look.

The design has been Persian-inspired, featuring flowers and elaborate patterns. The more muted color scheme will be suitable for people who want a more calming atmosphere in their home. In addition, it will not distract from your hardwood floor. 


  • Color options - if you like a few designs to choose from, this rug will be brilliant for you. You can choose between several colors, namely black, charcoal, gray, marine, orange, and white. Our favorite is marine, which elevates this vintage design. 
  • Made for formal and elegant settings - if you are in need of an area rug for your office or dining room, this one will work a treat. These rooms will immediately look more glamorous. 
  • 100% wool - made completely from wool, the PADMA rug is incredibly luxurious and soft to touch. 
  • Loop-hooked - the wool has been loop-hooked. Consequently, it will be more resilient than other rugs. 


  • Quite delicate - Rugs Direct does not recommend using a vacuum beater bar on this rug. This can make cleaning the rug more strenuous. 
  • Expensive - compared to many of its rivals, including the other products on this list, this rug is quite expensive. As a consequence, it will not be suitable for people who are shopping with a smaller budget. 


Outlavish Sheepskin Rug Genuine Fur Natural Silky Soft, Thick & Fluffy, Chosen Pelts, Runner for Bedroom & Living Area (2' x 6' White/Ivory)

Though hardwood floors are very luxurious and desirable, they can be quite cold in the winter months. To prevent this issue, you may want to invest in a warmer rug.

Sheepskin rugs are excellent at keeping your feet warm. If you are looking for a sheepskin rug, this one is advised for you. It has been made from wool that both looks and feels super soft. Though it is soft, it is also very rugged. 


  • Stylish appearance - this rug comes in 5 colors that all appear very fashionable. The colors are black, icy lagoon, ivory, grey, and light brown. 
  • Thick wool - if you are looking for added warmth, the 2-3 inches of wool on this rug will certainly provide it. This will be beloved by pets, who can curl up in this snug rug. 
  • Leather back - the back of the rug has been made from real leather. This leather is very flexible, allowing you to place the rug however you like. Moreover, it is non-slip, limiting the chance of slipping on your hardwood floor. 
  • Long-lasting - there are many benefits to using sheepskin, including fire resistance. Compared to faux fur, this rug will last for much longer and will not shed. 
  • Natural properties - there are no artificial chemicals present in this rug. Because of this, it is perfect for relaxing and meditating. 


  • Not suitable for vegans - if you are vegan, you may want to look elsewhere. As you will likely already know, sheepskin rugs will not be suitable for people who lead a vegan lifestyle. 
  • Strong odor - some customers have noted that this product features quite a potent smell. Though we did not experience it, you may also notice this problem. 


nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug, 8' x 10', Grey/Off-white

Finally, if you are in search of a bold pattern, look no further. These rugs will match most rooms thanks to their different colors. Moroccan-inspired, they will suit most styles.

Whether you are aiming for a vintage, modern, or bohemian aesthetic, this rug will match your decor. Apart from its visual appeal, this rug is very practical. 


  • 100% Polypropylene - this sturdy material is friendly for your kids and pets. This is why a synthetic material has been used to manufacture this rug. 
  • 0.37 inches in height - because of its low height, this rug can be placed in most locations. It will easily fit underneath doorways. This results in it being a versatile item. This fabric can also resist stains, making cleaning much more straightforward. 
  • Simple cleaning - ensure that you vacuum and spot treat this rug to keep it in pristine condition. 


  • Substantial creasing - some people have found that this product arrives with a lot of creases. Though this is not always the case, this may be a problem for some customers. 

Best Area Rugs For Hardwood Floors Buying Guide

After seeing the products that we have recommended, you will not have a better understanding of the area rugs available to you. This will put you in a much better position to find a rug for your hardwood floors. 

Unfortunately, it can actually be more difficult to find an area rug than it initially appears. This is because there are many different factors that you will need to take into account.

For instance, you will need to think about the aesthetics of the rug. These considerations can make your shopping experience considerably more complex. 

To help streamline your experience, we have listed some of the main factors and highlighted the areas you will need to consider. Please bear these in mind as you are shopping. 

Best Area Rugs For Hardwood Floors


When choosing an area rug, the design will be one of the most important considerations. You will need to think about whether the style of the rug will match the room in which it will be kept.

This will include the color of the rug (more on that below) and the design. For instance, you will need to contemplate whether you want a more modern or vintage aesthetic. 

You should also think about what patterns have been included in your rug. There are a number of different patterns available out there, including floral and geometric patterns. While some of these patterns may harmonize with a room, others will clash with it. 


As mentioned earlier, you will need to decide what color rug you want to purchase. As you can see from our list, area rugs are sold in an extensive range of colors.

In fact, many products are sold in a range of colors. As a result, it can be a little overwhelming to decide what color you want. 

One of the most important things to think about is the color scheme of the room in which you will put the area rug. Ideally, you will want a rug that complements the pre-existing color scheme.

Otherwise, the rug may look out of place. You should also consider if the color of the match will look good on the shade of the hardwood floor that you own. 


Though it may not seem like it, rugs can be quite a costly investment. The exact cost will differ depending on the size of the rug and the brand. Generally, you may have to spend at least $200 on a decently sized rug. However, for more substantial and luxurious rugs, you may even have to spend over $1,000! 

If you do not want to spend too much money on your rug, you should set aside a budget. Have in mind the amount that you are happy to spend. Do not go over this if you have a particularly tight budget. 


If there is a specific place that you want to place the rug, you should measure the area. This will prevent you from getting a rug that is too big or small for the space.

Luckily, a lot of rugs can be bought in different sizes. This will give you the power to find a rug that is the right size for your needs. You should bear in mind that larger rugs will be more costly than smaller ones since they require the use of more material. 

In terms of size, you should also think about the fact that area rugs only tend to cover part of the floor. When measuring the space, you should remember this. 


When selecting a rug, you should contemplate the location in which you want to place it. This will affect not only the style you get but also the color and size. You will need to think about not just the room in which you want the rug.

You should also plan the exact location within the room where you want to position it. 


Most people will want a rug that is comfortable to walk on. Otherwise, it may be quite painful for their feet.

If you want to ensure that your rug is comfortable, make sure that it has been constructed from a soft material. This may include wool. 


Relating to the texture of the rug, the material used will also impact how efficient your rug is. You should look for materials that are both comfortable and durable.

If weak materials have been used, your rug may become damaged quite quickly. As a consequence, you may need to spend time and money in replacing it. To avoid this, ensure that strong materials have been used on the construction of a rug.

Ease of cleaning

Rugs can be quite difficult to clean. They can trap dirt, especially if they are located near an entrance that is commonly used or a high traffic area.

To minimize the amount of time and hassle you will have to spend cleaning your area rug, it is recommended that you invest in one that is straightforward to clean. 

This information should be contained in a product’s description. It should say whether it needs to be cleaned by hand or can be placed in a washing machine. It is best to avoid any rugs that seem complicated to clean.

Added bonuses will include dirt-resistant and anti-stain technology since these features will simplify cleaning even further. 

Synthetic vs natural

Lastly, you will need to make a choice between getting a rug made from natural materials or a synthetic rug. Synthetic rugs tend to be more versatile in terms of what patterns they can feature.

They may also be easier to clean. Meanwhile, rugs made from natural materials are often more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the more commonly occurring questions. 

What is a rug pad?

If you are interested in protecting your hardwood floor, you may want to consider getting rug pads. A rug pad is used to defend both the rug and the floor. They will secure your area rug in place, ensuring that it remains attached to the hardwood floor. 

This also has the benefit of making you safer, since there will be less risk of you slipping on the rug. Another benefit of a rug pad is the fact that it can reduce sound. This is an example of an amazing rug pad. 

What kind of rug is safe for hardwood floors?

Most area rugs will be fine for use on hardwood flooring, though some will be more optimal than others. If you use rug pads, pretty much any rug can be used. A wool rug may be the best for hardwood.

Wool rugs are a popular choice because they are quite versatile. If you feel the cold, you may also want to invest in a rug that is quite thick and soft. 

Are rubber-backed rugs OK for hardwood floors?

There is some debate around whether rubber-backed rugs are okay for hardwood floors. Some argue that these products may cause the wood to be permanently stained or discolored.