How To Clean Dyson v7

Having the right vacuum cleaner for your home is important, the Dyson v7 is a great option for vacuum cleaning your home, but what happens when you need to clean the thing that has done so much cleaning? Cleaning the Dyson v7 is easier than you may think. Here we have put together a guide on how to clean your Dyson v7.

how to clean dyson v7

Important Safety Warnings When Cleaning

Don’t use the dishwasher to wash dishes. Use the sink instead. Don’t put the filters in the dishwasher, washing machine, or tumble dryer. Be careful around sharp objects. Check for blockages before using the product. Wash your hands after touching the brush.

In this guide, we take users through how to clean the heads, filters, and bins of every model in the V-range of cordless vacuum cleaners – so you are perfectly informed!

Washing The Dyson V PreFilter

You should wash your filter before using it again. Remove the filter from the machine first, then hold it under cold running water. Squeeze and twist the filter with your hands to get rid of excess water.

Filters should be replaced after every use.

Cleaning The Clear Bin And Cyclone

Remove the clear bin carefully. Clean the clear bin using a damp cloth only. Don’t use detergents, polish, or air fresheners when cleaning the clear bin. Don’t put the clear bin in the dishwasher.

Clean the cyclone shroud with a brush on the combination tool. Do not immerse the whole cyclone unit into water or pour water into cyclones. Refit the clear bin.

Make sure the clear bin is completely dried before replacing. To replace the clear bin, push the bin up and into the main body of the machine, it will click into place.

Cyclones are used to transport materials around the factory. They are usually made out of metal or plastic. There are two types of cyclones: open-top and closed-top.

Open-top cyclones are more common than closed-top ones because they allow air to flow freely inside the cyclone. Closed-top cyclones are less common because they require more maintenance.

Wash The Postfilter

Wash the inside of the filter several times, then gently tap the filter against the sink several times. This should be done 4-5 times before the filter is clean.

Drying filters should be left to dry for 24 hours before replacing them. Don’t wash your filters in the dishwasher, washing machine, or tumble dryer. Don’t use an oven, microwave, or near any heat source. When you replace your filters, make sure to turn the dial counter-clockwise.

Washing The Dyson V7 Soft Roller And Brush Bar

Disconnect the motorized floor tool from the wand first. Then turn the end cap upside down. Use a coin to unlock the fastener. This is marked with a padlock symbol.

The big brush bar should be removed first, then the small brush bar.

After washing the brush bar, you should rinse it under cold running water. Then let it stand for at least 24 hours before drying.

Replace the small brush bar first. Then attach the end cap.

This is a great tool! I love this tool because it makes my job easier. I’m glad you made this tool because it saves me time. I really appreciate your work. Thanks for making this tool.

Dyson V7 Soft Roller Removal

Remove the soft roller floor tool by pressing the release button, then turn the soft roller floor tool upside down so the underside of the soft roller floor tool is facing you, then use a coin to unlock a fastener, which is labeled with a padlock.

After removing the end cap, you should wash the brush bar. Then, you can rotate the end cap back into place.

This is a very simple project. You need to attach an end cap to a brush bar. There are two ways you can do this – either by screwing or gluing. I chose to glue my end caps onto the brush bars because it was easier than screwing them together.

Step 7: Refitting the brush bar now, slide the brush bar into the floor tool and round the motor with the endcap in the open position. Then, rotate the end cap back into the closed position. After that, make sure the base plate and brush bar are secured.

Get Dyson V7 Absolute If

Hard flooring requires a hard floor attachment while soft flooring needs a soft floor attachment. A hybrid vacuum can be used for both hard and soft floors. Stand-up vacuums are great for hard floors but not as effective on soft ones. Handheld vacuums are better suited for hard floors but not ideal for soft ones.

The vacuum cleaner is versatile because it can clean many areas in one room. It saves time by making vacuuming easier.

Skip Dyson V7 Absolute If

A vacuum cleaner with long battery life is needed. The Dyson V7 is the perfect choice because it only lasts about 30 minutes on strong mode. For a whole-house clean, go for the Dyson Cycler which offers a full 60 minutes of cleaning power on a charge.

A small vacuum cleaner can be very useful when you’re trying to clean up a messy room. You’ll never have to empty out the bin again because your vacuum cleaner is small enough to fit into tight places.

Reasons To Buy Dyson V7 Absolute

The Dyson V7 has a docking station that can hang up on the wall. It saves tons of space and doubles as the vacuum’s charge. It has multiple unique spaces to clean, including the docking station.

The V7 Absolute has many attachments for different situations. The mini motorhead attachment tackles tough dirt in hard-to-reach places. The crevice tool lets you get deep into crevasses. The mini soft duster is great for gentle cleanings such as desks and counters.

Reasons To Avoid Dyson V7 Absolute

You prefer a traditional corded vacuum. Dyson has plenty of corded vacuums to choose from. A particularly well-regarded corded vacuum model is the Dyson Ball Multifloor 2.

You need a big bin – Like most bag-less vacuums, the Dyson V7 is too small to hold a lot of dirt. If you have large areas to clean, it can be annoying to stop every few minutes to empty your bin. Try out some of the other bagged vacuums, if you want a bigger bin.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped teach you how to clean your Dymo cordless vacuum cleaner, so that it lasts longer. Keeping the parts clean is important, as well as making sure there’s enough suction power.