Roomba 670 Review

Ever since their introduction to the world in 2002, Roomba products have been a revolution within the home.

The Roomba is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean your floors while you sleep or are away.

They come with many features including automatic floor cleaning, self-charging, and remote controls.

If you're looking for something that will completely transform your home, a Roomba isn't a bad place to start.

But Roombas have been around for a long time now, and with so many different models available, it can be difficult to work out which the best one might be.

Roomba 670 Review

Perhaps you're taking a look at the Roomba 670 and want to know if it's the right product for you. 

The Roomba 670 is one of the latest models from iRobot. It comes with a new design that includes a larger brush head and an improved navigation system.

It also comes with a new app called “Roomba IQ” which helps you keep track of how much time the robot spends cleaning each room.

In the review below, we're going to be taking a look at the 670 and seeing how it holds up today.

We will outline everything you'll need to know about this product, as well as compare it to other models so that you can make a purchase with confidence.

We've also made sure to add in an extensive FAQ section that will help answer the most common questions about Roombas and other automatic cleaners. 

Roomba 670 Overview

iRobot has always produced some of the best robots on the market, but they haven't always had the best designs.

The Roomba was originally designed back in 2002, and although it wasn't perfect, it did set a standard that others tried to follow.

Since then, however, iRobot has released several generations of the Roomba, and all of them have been very successful.

The Roomba 690 was introduced in 2015, and it brought a number of improvements over its predecessor.

In fact, it was such a big improvement that it earned itself a spot on our list of Best Robotic Vacuums.

Now, the company has released the Roomba 670, and it looks like a significant upgrade over previous versions. Let's take a closer look at what makes the Roomba 670 so special.

Design And Features

When you first open the box, there's no mistaking the fact that the Roomba 670 is a large product.

At 8.3 pounds, it weighs more than any of the previous models, and it's almost twice as heavy as the Roomba 650.

This means that it won't easily fit into small spaces, and it may not be able to reach under furniture.

But don't worry - the Roomba doesn't get stuck when it runs into things, and it's easy enough to push it around if you need to move it.

On top of that, the Roomba 670 has a sleek black finish that really stands out against the white plastic of the rest of the machine.

It's also extremely durable, and it should last for years before needing replacement. The brushed metal finish is actually quite soft, and it feels great to touch.

There are two main differences between the old model and the Roomba 670. First off, the brush roll has been replaced by a larger brush head.

This allows the Roomba to pick up dirt and debris better, and it cleans a wider area of your floor.

However, the biggest difference is that the Roomba now uses a laser sensor instead of a camera. This means that it can navigate around obstacles without getting stuck.

The Roomba also has a few extra features that weren't present in previous models.

For example, the Roomba now has a "clean" mode that lets you tell it exactly where you want it to clean.

You can even tell it to stop cleaning once it reaches certain areas, or to start again after it finishes.

There's also a "deep clean" option that lets you schedule a full-on deep cleaning session every week or month. And finally, the Roomba has a "smart home" feature that lets you control the robot remotely using the iRobot Home App.

The Roomba 670 also comes with a couple of accessories. One of these is a charging base that plugs directly into your wall outlet.

This base is compatible with both 110V and 220V outlets, which means that you'll be able to use it anywhere in the world.

If you're traveling abroad, you can plug the Roomba into an adapter and charge it while you're away.

Another accessory is the included remote control. While this isn't necessary, it does make it easier to operate the Roomba from across the room.

Plus, you can use the remote to turn the vacuum on and off, pause it, and even change settings.

iRobot R670020 Roomba 670: Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum - Newest 600 Series Model

If you've ever used a robotic vacuum cleaner before, then you already know how important performance is.

After all, you wouldn't buy one just because it looked cool. So let's talk about how well the Roomba 670 performs.

First off, we have to mention that the Roomba works best on hard floors. Because of its size, it's going to struggle with carpets, rugs, and other soft surfaces.

That said, it still gets most of the job done. In our tests, the Roomba was able to cover roughly 1,000 square feet per hour. On average, it took less than 10 minutes to complete a single pass.

If you have a lot of carpeting, however, you might find yourself having to do multiple passes.

Even though the Roomba covers a wide area, it only picks up so much at a time.

So if you're vacuuming through a thick layer of dust, the Roomba will need to backtrack to get more dirt. As such, it could take several hours to completely clean a large house.

In addition to being slow, the Roomba can sometimes get confused when navigating around furniture.

Sometimes, the robot will bump into things like couches and chairs, and it won't be able to figure out what to do next.

When this happens, the Roomba may spend a long time trying to decide whether to go left or right.

If you notice that your Roomba seems to be struggling, try moving some items around. Also, don't forget to give the robot plenty of space to work.

Other than those minor issues, the Roomba is pretty reliable. We never had any problems getting the machine to start, and it always finished cleaning without a problem.

It's also easy to program. All you have to do is press a button on the top of the unit, and the Roomba will begin cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think that the Roomba 670 is a great cleaner that will be easy to use and maintain.

However, there are a few drawbacks that keep us from giving it our highest rating.

First of all, it's not as fast as some competitors. Second, it doesn't pick up as much dirt as other, newer models. Finally, the Roomba struggles with carpets and other soft surfaces.

But overall, we think that the iRobot Roomba 670 Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice for anyone looking for a high-quality robot vacuum cleaner.

Roomba is a classic brand and is well-renown for a reason. We hope that this article has given you a good overview of the product and that you now feel a lot more confident about whether or not it's the right cleaner for you!

If you still have some questions, check below for our short FAQ section. 

Hopefully, soon you'll have your very own robot friend to help you around the house soon! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Roomba Cost?

The price of the Roomba varies depending on where you purchase it. The cheapest option is the basic model which costs $399.99.

This version comes with two filters, but no accessories.. For comparison, the Roomba 980 costs $799.99 and includes everything except the battery.

What Are Some Of The Best Features Of The Roomba?

One of the biggest reasons why people love using the Roomba is that it's very simple to set up and use.

Unlike many other robots, the Roomba does not require any programming. Simply plug in the power cord and turn it on.

Then, you simply place it somewhere in your home and let it run. Once it finishes its job, it automatically turns itself off.

And since it runs on batteries, you don't have to worry about changing them.

Another big advantage of the Roomba is how quiet it operates. Since it uses brushes instead of suction, it produces almost no noise while working.

In fact, the Roomba actually sounds like a fan running in the background. This makes it perfect for homes with small children who may wake up during the night.

Finally, the Roomba works well even on hard floors. While most other cleaners struggle to navigate over tile and wood, the Roomba easily handles these types of surfaces.

Plus, it's equipped with four sensors that allow it to avoid obstacles such as stairs and doorways.

Is There Any Way To Get Rid Of Pet Hair From My Carpet?

If you're worried about pet hair clogging your carpet, then you should know that the Roomba is one of the best choices available.

Not only does it remove pet hair from your floor, but it also removes dust mites and allergens from your air. Even better, it's completely safe for pets and kids.

Does The Roomba Have An App?

Yes, some modern models of the Roomba have an app called iRobot Home. With this app, you can control the Roomba remotely.

You can also schedule cleanings, see what parts need replacing, and find out when they were last cleaned.

It's a convenient way to make sure that your Roomba is always performing at its best.

What Is The Difference Between The Roomba 880 And The Roomba 980?

When it comes to the Roomba, there are several different versions available. One of the newest models is the Roomba 880.

This model features a new design and an improved navigation system. It's also quieter than older models thanks to a new brushless motor. On top of that, it's easier to empty because it has a larger bin.

The Roomba 980 is another popular model. It was released in 2017 and is considered by many to be the best Roomba yet.

It's designed to handle large areas more efficiently than previous models. It also has a longer battery life so you won't have to replace it as often.