Best Bissell Vacuum

The company is best known for producing cleaning products for pet owners, with a great emphasis being placed on cleaning up pet hair with a lot of their products.

They even have the Bissell pet foundation set up, meaning that every time you purchase a Bissell product, some of that money goes to pet charities.

Bissell is also known for pushing the boundaries and making cleaning your home easier with every new product they release.

However, this does mean they have a very diverse and wide range of products available, making it almost impossible to work out which one is best for your home!

Thankfully, we’ve compiled this useful guide to some of Bissell’s best vacuum cleaners.

We’ll be going over all the unique properties and benefits of each product and help you decide which one fits your home best.


Bissell 2252 CleanView Upright Bagless


Bissell 2612A Aeroswift Compact


Bissell 2156A Zing


Bissell 2252 CleanView Upright Bagless

The first Bissell vacuum cleaner we’re looking at is one of their most popular on the whole internet!

There’s a very good reason for this high demand because the 2252 model ticks all the boxes when it comes to your home cleaning needs.

The first thing to notice is the triple brush roll that does most of the work. These brushes have been designed in the most efficient way possible to pick up all loose debris and hair from your carpet.

The brush roll even uses scatter-free technology to avoid the common mishap of vacuum cleaners spraying crumbs and dirt out further, rather than sucking them up.

In terms of maneuverability, this vacuum also ranks pretty highly. It uses swivel steering to make it super easy to navigate through tight spaces and around furniture.

Not to mention, the whole device comes with specialized, handheld tools that are great for getting hard-to-reach spaces where dirt could be hiding.

The bagless aspect of this vacuum also makes it rather appealing. Gone are the days of having to remove a flimsy bag from your vacuum cleaner and cautiously empty it into the trash.

Instead, the process is now as simple as removing the 1-liter capacity dirt bin and pouring that out into the trash.

In general, what you’ll get with this particular Bissell vacuum cleaner is a great all-rounder that will perform all the basic tasks needed to keep your home clean- especially if you have pets.

However, you should be careful if your home has a lot of pets or if they have particularly long hair. Some customers have complained that this vacuum actually started smoking because it couldn’t handle the larger volumes of pet hair!


  • Bagless – Takes all the hassle out of removing the dirt from your cleaner
  • Maneuverability – Swivel movement system makes this vacuum very easy to navigate your home with
  • Specialized attachments – The special hose attachments are great for reaching smaller spaces and removing pet hair
  • Triple action brush – Specially designed to remove dirt efficiently
  • Scatter free technology – Where some vacuum cleaners end up spreading dirt around your home, this one certainly doesn’t have the same issue


  • Weak motor – If you have a lot of long pet hair in your home, the motor of this vacuum may not be able to handle it

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Bissell 2612A Aeroswift Compact

As the name suggests, this Bissell vacuum is a little smaller and more compact than the average Bissell product but that doesn’t make it any less effective at cleaning carpets.

This smaller size also translates to a much lower weight. In fact, weighing only 10 pounds, this vacuum cleaner will be super easy to carry around your home without it feeling like a workout!

Bissell also demonstrates its technological advancements with this product, showcasing the internal cyclonic technology that keeps the filters inside the machine cleaner, thus extending the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Of course, as is pretty much standard these days, this cleaner is bagless, and removing the dirt is as simple as emptying the tank into the trash with the touch of a button.

However, one of the best properties of this cleaner is its versatility and variety of settings.

For example, it has 5 different height settings which can easily be switched between. This means you can clean on a variety of different surfaces with the same device.

Also, Bissell shows off some more of their scatter-free technology with this machine, keeping your home as clean as possible!

Overall, this is one of the cheaper, lighter, and smaller options from Bissell’s range.

Whilst this does make it easier to carry around, you may find that the suction power isn’t as strong as some more industrial cleaners from other brands.


  • Lightweight – This product has been designed specially to be as light and easy to carry as possible
  • Internal cyclonic technology – Keeps the internal filters cleaner, extending the lifespan of the machine
  • 5 height settings – This means you can easily go from cleaning one surface to another
  • Variety of extension tools – This device comes with plenty of hose attachments for a variety of situations


  • Suction power – Because of its low size and weight, you may find that this cleaner isn’t as powerful as some others

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Bissell 2156A Zing

With this particular vacuum cleaner, we’re looking at a very different product from the others we’ve looked at.

The whole device consists of a small canister, set on a couple of wheels, and a long hose attachment, rather than the traditional stand-up vacuum cleaner you’re used to.

The result of this is a vacuum cleaner that weighs less than 8 pounds and is just about as maneuverable as you could possibly want.

Of course, this is also a bagless cleaner, meaning you only need to detach the dirt cup and empty it into the trash at the press of a button.

It’s also worth mentioning that this dirt cup has a handle at its top meaning that, when it’s attached, you can pick up the entire device with one simple handle.

Despite its small size, this cleaner has a surprisingly large capacity, holding up to 2 liters in the dirt cup and meaning you won’t have to make a million trips to the trash can while cleaning your home!

The cleaner also comes with a variety of attachments that suit it well to a wide range of cleaning situations.

However, as you might expect, a vacuum cleaner of this size is a little less powerful than most of Bissell’s other products so you should bear this in mind if you know you’ll have some tough cleaning jobs on your hands.

Instead, this device is probably better suited for a regular, weekly cleaning job that won’t involve too much really tough dirt.


  • Small and lightweight – This is easily one of the most easily maneuverable cleaners on the market
  • Multiple tool attachments – Allows you to clean a variety of surfaces
  • Single switch setting changer – With the flick of a switch, you can go from cleaning your carpet to hardwood floors


  • Strength – With such a small size, you do sacrifice some of the sucking power with this device

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Bissell 2486 CleanView Bagless

You might notice that this vacuum cleaner is quite similar to the first one we looked at and, whilst they are both CleanView models, this one offers an interesting range of features that the previous one doesn’t.

For example, the OnePass technology that Bissell has developed for this cleaner means you should only have to run the vacuum cleaner over your carpet once to achieve brilliant results.

Also, this machine has a unique onboard storage system that holds all of the cleaner’s attachments, meaning you’ll never have to scramble around your home looking for a nozzle head, ever again!

This device also features a larger dirt tank which empties as simply as all the others on our list, making it very convenient for cleaning your whole house.

Of course, this cleaner also shows off Bissell’s fantastic scatter-free technology to stop debris from spraying across hardwood floors and it uses a very powerful motor with multi-cyclonic suction.

It’s even slightly cheaper than some of the other products on our list and, in general, we think it represents the best value for money of any Bissell vacuum cleaner!


  • Great value for money – At this price point, you won’t find many vacuum cleaners with as many great features as this
  • OnePass technology – Cleaning is made even quicker with this great technology
  • Onboard storage – The device even stores all of the attachments on board
  • Powerful suction – As well as all the other great features, this cleaner also has suction just as powerful as any other great cleaner


  • None – It really is that good!

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Bissell 3061 Featherweight Cordless Stick

The final Bissell vacuum on our list is certainly a unique kind of device when compared to the others we’ve looked at.

The first thing to note is the fact that it’s cordless, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting a long wire tangled up on your furniture while cleaning.

With a 10.8V rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you’ll only be able to get around 20 minutes of cleaning done on a single charge. A good idea is probably to leave the device charging whenever you’re not using it.

The added maneuverability doesn’t stop there, either. This vacuum has a two-way folding handle which gives it even greater flexibility and allows you to get under tables and couches even further without having to break your back.

Of course, this device also comes with plenty of additional tools and attachments which suit it well for a variety of cleaning jobs.

It also has a removable hand-vac which you can bust out for some of the very minor cleaning jobs in an isolated area.

This might not seem like a big deal but plenty of people have these two in their homes as separate devices so it’s super convenient to have them in one simple machine.

The obvious downsides to this cleaner are the fact that it only has a maximum of 20 minutes of battery life and that its suction power is not as strong as some of the other products we’ve looked at.

However, if you’re only after a vacuum cleaner for small, routine cleaning jobs, you won’t find anything more convenient than this.


  • Cordless – No more worrying about cables getting tangled as you move around your home
  • Two-way folding handle – Adds another level of maneuverability to this vacuum
  • Removable hand vac – A handy little device for smaller cleaning jobs
  • Lightweight – This vacuum has been designed to be light and easy to carry around


  • Battery life – The maximum lifespan on a full charge for this vacuum is only 20 minutes
  • Suction power – This cleaner has a little less suction power than a larger, corded vacuum

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Best Bissell Vacuum Buying Guide

Bissell has such a wide range of products available from online retailers or their own website that we didn’t have time to go over every single one.

That means there are still plenty of other options out there for you if you didn’t like the look of anything on our list.

In fact, there are also some great vacuum cleaners available online from other brands that might fit your needs even better.

If you do want to go out and look for your own vacuum, here are some of the things you should be looking out for:

Best Bissell Vacuum

Cords vs Cordless

You may have noticed that most of the vacuum cleaners on our list and on the market use a cord to supply the vacuum with power from an outlet.

However, there are also some available that are cordless and rely on a rechargeable battery for their power supply.

The obvious benefit of cordless vacuums is that they will be much easier and more convenient to move around your home. Whilst this is a great benefit for those of you with a lot of furniture in your homes that cords can get tangled on.

However, the downside to this feature is that the battery life of most cordless vacuums is fairly short. In fact, you’d be lucky to find one that has a maximum lifespan of more than 30 minutes.

This won’t be a problem if you only use your vacuum cleaner for small, routine cleaning jobs but it can be a pain if you need an hour or more to clean your whole home.

Pet-Oriented Design

All furry pet owners know just how annoying it can be to have a home covered in animal fur, so you’ll definitely want a vacuum cleaner that’s designed for that job.

In general, Bissell is one of the best brands out there for dealing with pet hair and has made considerable efforts to produce vacuum cleaners that can handle a lot of animal hair on carpets.

Not to mention, Bissell is also very closely connected with animal charities, meaning part of your purchase of their products goes to helping animals.

Size and Weight

As a standard thought process, it makes sense to look for vacuum cleaners that are as small and light as possible, right?

Well, while this does mean that the vacuum will be much easier to carry around your home and store, it also generally equates to less suction power and a smaller dirt bin capacity.

It’s impossible to say which of these aspects is more important because it ultimately depends on your own cleaning needs.

For example, if you care more about having a vacuum cleaner with great suction because you have some tougher cleaning jobs on your hands, a larger device is probably better for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bissell Vacuum Is Best?

In terms of its all-around capabilities and value for money, we think the best Bissell vacuum is the 2486 CleanView.

Despite being quite large and clunky, it has really good suction power and a whole host of other neat features that cover all the bases when it comes to cleaning.

Are Bissell Vacuums Good For Pet Hair?

Bissell is one of the best brands on the market for vacuum cleaners that can deal with pet hair.

In fact, many of their vacuum cleaner products are designed with pet hair in mind and will be able to handle a large volume of fur without getting jammed or overheating.


If you’re a pet owner and end up with animal fur all over your carpets and furniture, you probably go through the struggles every day of picking strands out of your food and wiping them off of your clothes.

Like we’ve already said Bissell is pretty much the best brand out there for dealing with these kinds of issues and removing pet hair from your home.

They have such a wide range of cleaners available online that there’s no way of saying which one is best for your particular home but if you go with anything on our list, we’re pretty sure you won’t be worrying about clumps of fur in your food any more!