How To Empty Dyson Vacuum

Dyson is one of the most innovative and trusted brands in vacuum cleaner technology and has been ever since they began production in 1991.

Photo from Dyson

They’ve been well known to produce the creative Dyson ball vacuum cleaner which was much easier to maneuver than the traditional wheeled upright vacuums which had previously dominated the market.

Yes, Dyson has always led the way and set the industry standard for powerful long-lasting, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaners, but with such awesome vacuuming power so widely available this means that those vacuums are collecting more dust, dirt, and grit than ever before.

Thankfully, most modern Dyson models have dispensed with the inconvenient bag storage system and now they tend to have storage compartments that collect the dirt instead.

One thing we’ve noticed from our experience is that those storage compartments fill up pretty darn quick. We put this down to the power of the Dyson vacuum which finds and gathers more dust that the eye doesn’t even notice until it’s all swirling around in the vacuum chamber.

Just in case you’re wondering how to empty Dyson vacuum cleaners, we thought it might help to run through how to empty some of the popular models of Dyson vacuums.

When To Empty A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Dysons with clear vacuum chambers have a max or fill line marked on the outside. Once the chamber becomes full enough that the contents reach this line, it’s time to empty it.

This is because modern Dyson vacuums rely on cyclone technology to produce the powerful suck Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for. If there is too much dirt and not enough air circulating, then it will decrease the power of the vacuum.

On a Dyson ball vacuum cleaner, there is also a maximum line on the clear bin part of the vacuum cleaner so you can know when it’s time to empty them. Dyson takes the guessing out of trying to figure out when to empty your vacuum cleaner.

Emptying A Dyson Ball Vacuum

  1. Before you try to empty the dust cup of your Dyson ball vacuum cleaner you’ll need to make sure it is switched off and preferably unplugged from the power source.
  2. Locate the catch on the top of the carry handle. When you press this catch, the dust will be immediately released so make sure you are holding it directly over the trash can before you touch the catch.
  3. As you empty the clear dust bin, give it a gentle shake and finally tap the dust cup against the edge of your trash receptacle to encourage any dust remnants out and into the trash can.
  4. Gently replace the clear dust canister and ensure it is fully closed so it is ready for the next use.

Emptying A Cordless Dyson V Range Vacuum Cleaner

Photo from Dyson

The Dyson V range is arguably what they are best known for producing now. The V series is lightweight enough to hold with one hand so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to be hauling a heavy vacuum around.

They are also cordless so they don’t have to be connected to a power source to work. Instead, they work using a battery that is attached to the vacuum cleaner and can be charged from a wall-mounted docking station which does need to be plugged into a power socket.

The V range of Dyson vacuums is especially great at dealing with fine dust and pet hair. They’re also really versatile as they come with a range of attachments for upholstery cleaning and crevice attachments for getting in the tiniest of spaces.

They are known for being the most flexible and multi-use vacuums on the market, but the cost of that is that the small dust bin sure does fill up super quick.

It is worth mentioning that the Dyson vacuum V series have altered their dust storage system from the older models so, from the V10 onwards, the method of emptying the clear bin is slightly different.

Emptying The Dyson Vacuum V Series (V6-V8)

These Dyson vacuums feature an L-shaped dust cup, unlike the in-line clear bin designs of the later models.

  1. Before you empty the vacuum, make sure it is unplugged from the power port and switched off.
  2. Find the red button near the handle of the vacuum.
  3. While holding the vacuum over your trash can, press the red button. This will release the bottom of the dust cup, and the contents will fall out of the clear bin.
  4. Visually check that no pet hair or debris is caught in the chamber (if there is, then remove it with your fingers) and then close the door to the dust cup. Press the door shut firmly until you hear the click which tells you it is securely closed.

How To Empty The Dyson Vacuum V10-V15

  1. When the vacuum is switched off and disconnected to any power source, remove any attachments such as the suction wand or crevice tool. You should now be able to see the red lever or latch device.
  2. Make sure the door of the dust cup is over the trash can, then push the latch so the door to the dust cup will open. This will release the contents within.
  3. Reassemble the door to the dust cup making sure it is securely shut.

Pull The Trigger/ Push The Button

Some Dyson vacuum models have buttons that release the dust cup door, but others have triggers or levers that you pull away from the machine. You should be able to tell easily if you have a trigger or a button by the shape of it.

And the fact that you will be able to fit your fingertips underneath a pull-operated device whereas you won’t be able to grip a button mechanism. In all modern Dyson models, the mechanism for emptying it is colored a bright unmistakable red color.

Vacuums that are geared towards effectively eliminating pet hair often have triggers that you pull to release the dust cup. This is so the vacuum can pull apart a little way and give the user a better chance to get any clumps of animal hair out of the various parts of the machine.

To reassemble these types of Dysons just push the dust cup back into the machine as far as it will go and then securely shut the door.

Final Thoughts And Top Tips

We have always found the British Dyson company to be a reputable and innovative brand of home appliances and their vacuums have only gotten better as time has gone on.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are now lighter, more convenient, easier to use, and empty than ever before. The only downside to eliminating the pesky dust bag inside the vacuum cleaners is that emptying chamber vacuums can be a little messy.

One top tip for emptying Dyson dust bins is to put the dust cup door as far into the trash can as you can get it. This tip is easier for the V series as they are smaller and easier to lift.

The closer to the bottom of the trash you can get the dust cup before you release the contents the better. This way it is less likely that the imminent dust and dirt cloud will fly up and reach your poor nose.