Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Cordless vacuums have experienced a boom in popularity recently, as they are seen as much more convenient than their often bulkier and heavier cord vacuum counterparts. 

Cordless stick vacuums have a few advantages over their bigger counterparts, including the fact that they are typically more flexible.

Due to its battery-powered nature, they let you move freely from room to room without the hassle of a cord. 

Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Cordless vacuums are also often more powerful than cord vacuums, making them better to use if you want to do a deep clean or a quick spruce up of your living room. 

The Cordless Vacuum from Moosoo is one of the lightest models available. In this review, we will be looking at all of the features of this vacuum, including covering its durability, bin capacity, and suction power. 

Here is everything you need to know about the Moosoo vacuum. 

Moosoo Vacuum Overview

The Moosoo vacuum is a cordless “stick vacuum” type cleaner. It is particularly well suited for cleaning every area of your home including the floors, furniture, and stairs.

It can reach deep into small corners and hard-to-reach places in the room, ensuring that your home gets a deep clean. 

The Moosoo can also be used outside the home thanks to its battery operation, so you can use it to clean the interior of your car as well. 

Some of the features of this vacuum include two powerful suction settings, four-stage filtration, and a brush head that has LED lights so you can see better, and is completely motorized to give you the best clean.

No dust will be able to escape getting sucked up into this vacuum. 

Bin Capacity

The Moosoo cleaner includes a 13.5 oz clear plastic bagless container that allows you to view the contents and empty them as required.

Keeping the dirt bin empty is crucial for optimizing the vacuum’s performance, all the more so given the cordless’s relatively small bin size. 

Many cordless vacuums have a much larger bin of 20oz or over, so if you have a very large home to clean you may find that the moosoo vacuum’s bin is too small for you. 

The bin is easy to empty from the bottom, with a simple clip keeping it in place and releasing it.

Thoroughly cleaning the upper section of the dirt bin canister may require detaching the filter assembly, which is a slight nuisance, especially because reassembling it is somewhat tough.

However, the whole bin can be taken off to give it a good wash.  

Together with the folding stick, the Moosoo comes with a wall mount that simplifies storage, and the wall mount features an integrated charger.

To use this, you have to make sure that there is an AC power outlet nearby, which will impact where you can put this vacuum. 


The Moosoo uses a big 2200mAh (22 volts) lithium battery as its power source.

This kind of battery gives the vacuum very strong suction which lasts for around half an hour, though this depends on what speed setting you are using the vacuum on. 

The battery on the Moosoo has LED lights to indicate how much charge this battery has. The battery is also detachable.

Unfortunately, the MOOSOO battery is not designed to be charged while detached, so you will probably need two batteries and have to keep swapping them over. 


The suction on the Moosoo is nothing fancy and is similar to most other cordless vacuums of a similar price range.

To measure its suction power, Moosoo uses the kiloPascal (kPa) scale, a common way that other vacuum brands measure their suction as well.

The Moosoo has a suction rating of 23kpa, which is pretty standard across the industry. 

The motor on this vacuum is 200 Watts, which will last far longer than the other much-used option, a DC motor.

The motor also generates 50,000 RPMs which improves airflow and the suction of the vacuum.


An attractive feature of the Moosoo is the motorized brush, which uses LED lighting so you have better visibility when cleaning dark corners.

It makes any dirt, dust, or pet hair super visible against any type of flooring from carpets to hardwood. 

According to the manufacturer, Moosoo’s four-stage filtration technology eliminates 99.99% of dust particles thanks to the HEPA filter.

Unfortunately, this filter is not machine washable, so you will have to replace it often. You can’t replace it with any filter though, you have to use ones made by Moosoo. 

These seem to cost slightly more than budget ones you can from online retailers such as Amazon. So it can be an annoying expense that you should factor in when deciding if you can afford this vacuum or not.  

While the Moosoo airflow design is sealed to meet HEPA filtering standards, numerous customers reported that the space between the trash bin and the airflow funnel is tiny.

This resulted in decreased suction when the airflow funnel clogs.

Moosoo Vacuum