Shark Rocket Reviews

Between a cordless vacuum and a corded vacuum lies the Shark Rocket HV302.

You could even call this a corded handheld vacuum cleaner such as its versatility across the home and its impressive reach.

Lightweight to hold while able to deal with a bare floor, hard floor, carpet, and various surface types.

With so many accessories, a power cord with a reach that means you should not be changing power outlets, and a slim design for easy storage, this Shark Rocket is well worth considering.

Those hard-to-reach places should be a thing of the past as swivel steering and changeable modes on bare floors and carpets offer great functionality.

In this guide, we will look at why you should consider getting this Shark Rocket into your home and beyond.

Corded Vacuum

While a lot of households are now used to cleaning their home and basing the time they can complete the task on the available battery life, the Shark Rocket HV302 is a corded vacuum cleaner that offers all the performance of a cordless model.

Without worrying about the battery life, several accessories should suit your home and you should not worry about losing suction power.

Occasionally, the motor can overheat which results in the vacuum cleaner simply stopping running.

If this does occur, then give this corded stick vacuum around thirty minutes to cool down then you can restart it.

Should the suction power drop or change at all then check for a blockage between the wand and the dusting brush.

There may even be some larger debris caught in a filter. As the vacuum cleaner proves so lightweight it should not be hard to give it a quick inspection.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302


The Shark Rocket HV302 comes with a range of accessories that can be used across the home and even in your car for those hard-to-reach places.

These include an upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. There is also a dust-away attachment kit, but this is sold separately.

All of these, and other attachments, can be stored in a handy bag.

Power Cord

With a 30 feet long power cord and a total reach of 37 feet, this cordless vacuum has a better performance over tight spaces and across a large room.

With swivel steering, you should be able to maneuver the Shark Rocket around the home effortlessly and even in a car making it a versatile purchase.

You can also expect the Shark Rocket to deal with larger debris as well as fine particles with all-around good suction provided by constant power.

Pet Hair

With a 500W motor, you should be confident that this Shark Rocket can handle pet hair.

With so much suction in a small vacuum with an upright design, you can use it for a long time without worrying about losing power.

The vacuum head is also useful, not only for pet hair but for any loose carpet fibers too.

The only drawback may be the dirt cup which only holds around 0.42 dry quarts so, with a lot of pet hair, you may have to empty it quite often which can become a bit inconvenient.

Bare Floors

With the included cleaning heads and floor nozzle, this is one of the most ideal Shark vacuums for using on many a bare floor.

This should include hard floors, engineered wood, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tiles, as well as low pile carpet, and area rugs.

When you do use this lightweight vacuum cleaner on a bare floor, the brush head may continue to spin though at a slower speed.

You can use the dust-away hard floor as one of the attachments which are available separately.


During various performance tests it can be noted that, though this Shark Rocket can be considered a lightweight vacuum cleaner, it can struggle on medium to high pile carpets.

If you already have a vacuum cleaner then you may want to use it exclusively on the carpets and leave this corded stick vacuum to deal with other areas.

Ideally, use this Shark Rocket on a hard floor, on an area rug, under furniture, and on a low pile carpet.

If you have pets, you should find that on a low pile carpet, the pet hair can prove no match for the suction.

You can also switch between hard floors and low pile carpet with a simple touch of your finger by switching between Mode I and Mode II.

As the lightweight vacuum cleaner proves so easy to handle, it can be used to clean various spots using the upholstery tool or crevice tool, it can even clean curtains when converted into a handheld cleaner.

Slim Design

As well as being a Shark Rocket ultra light vacuum cleaner at just 3.1 pounds, the slim design is well worth taking note of.

With an extension wand, you can get to some touch spots which you should expect from a handheld vacuum.

Even though this is a corded stick vacuum cleaner, you can still expect the slim design to give you the feel of a cordless vacuum.

This Shark Rocket proves easy to hold above your head so you can use it for cleaning the ceiling.

This handheld vacuum can be considered a multitasker due to how versatile it proves across the household.

Whether you want to use it as a handheld vacuum where you can expect a better performance or as a corded stick vacuum cleaner to use for easy cleaning across the whole home.


To make the most out of this Shark Rocket, ideally, you need to wash the dust filters, including the pre-motor and felt filters, at least quarterly.

Each filter should be replaced annually. If you do start to notice issues with the suction then it is probably a wise idea to give the filters a clean.

The Pros Of The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302

Storage is really easy due to how little weight the vacuum cleaner has at just 3.1 pounds, you can simply hang it by the hook at the extension wand on a wall or in a cupboard.

An excellent reach should mean that you do not have to turn it off to decide on another power outlet so this does feel like a cordless vacuum cleaner.

The versatility of this vacuum cleaner means it can handle finer particles as well as pet hair on a low pile carpet.

Though the dirt cup may be small, it can be easily operated once you learn how to do it properly without any debris being left.

For such a handy vacuum cleaner, this is a decidedly low price for the power and excellent performance.

With so many accessories and a slim design, you can use it to clean all over the house.

You can also get used to the two power modes which are marked Mode I for bare floors and area rugs, and Mode II for high-pile carpets.

Be aware that this does not change the motor power but how quickly the floor brush moves to shift more difficult debris.

The Cons Of The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302

While this Shark Rocket is not a cordless vacuum cleaner, it still offers similar versatility.

There are limited drawbacks but this includes the cord which is not retractable. Also, you may be able to change the speed of the dusting brush but you cannot turn it off.

While a storage bag is provided for the accessories, the vacuum cleaner could do with some onboard storage.

The dirt cup is comparably small which may be an issue if you have several pets, especially compared with a Dyson, it cannot be removed from the vacuum cleaner which can get awkward.

A flap at the bottom also has a protruding piece of plastic that can pull dirt and hair along with it when opened so you can spray dust around.

The filters also demand regular cleaning to keep the vacuum cleaner running efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Once you get past the cord hanging from the back of this Shark Rocket, you can easily mistake it purely for a corded stick vacuum.

However, to do so would be looking past how well it works when compared to a range of cordless vacuum cleaners.

You may be able to find a smaller or lighter cordless vacuum cleaner yet the prospect of losing power is not one you want to contemplate.

Especially when this vacuum cleaner proves so easy to store upright.

From the detachable wand to the floor nozzle, this Shark Rocket is designed to mimic a cordless vacuum making it an excellent purchase.

With the wand, you can revel in how lightweight it is by cleaning the ceiling and getting up close to a bare floor by using the provided accessories.

The accessories open up various possibilities and they include a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and nozzle head.

For a lightweight vacuum cleaner that you should use in the car with a wand for those hard-to-reach places, few match the performance and versatility of this Shark Rocket.