Bobsweep Reviews

Robotic vacuums seem to be the latest must-have cleaning product. But with so many out there, how can you find the best one for you?

When buying these products, there are several things you need to think about, including whether you have pets, how messy your home gets, and how often you need to clean, among other things.

Bobsweep Reviews

Perhaps you've heard of and are wondering about the Bobsweep robotic vacuum cleaners while shopping around for robotic vacuums.

This article will walk you through the bObsweep vacuum process and answer any questions you may have. Continue reading to see why this robotic vacuum is the best choice for you.

Bobsweep Vacuum Overview

The Bobsweep is an affordable robotic vacuum cleaner designed to make housecleaning a breeze.

With its somewhat bigger design compared to other similar products, and LED display, this vacuum cleaner takes a different approach than the rest of its competitors.

A Bobsweep vacuum is a wonderful option for anybody looking for a robot vacuum that can take up pet hair. On the downside, the battery drains quickly while used, demanding a more frequent recharge.


The Bobsweep vacuum cleaner offers an eye-catching design with a 35-inch LED screen on the vacuum face.

The Bobsweep comes in two unique colorways. One is a vibrant red with a black front bumper, while the other is a gentler champagne hue with a black front bumper as well.

Numerous data such as battery life, program settings, and cleaning modes are displayed on the LED display.

On this display, you can also set the various modes, such as auto and UV, set it to clean just the edges of the room, put it on auto mode, or make it go dock itself to recharge. 

While the Bobsweep PetHair lacks Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity, it does come equipped with a remote control, so you don’t have to bend down to the floor to mess with any settings. 

You may use the remote to start a cleaning cycle, adjust the speed of the cleaning, charge the cleaner, activate UV mode, do spot cleaning, and tell it to focus on just the corners of your home. 

Additionally, you may utilize the navigation arrows to 'drive' the Bobsweep vacuum to certain cleaning zones or to end a cycle entirely.

As a general guide, the Bobsweep remote control is functional up to around 10 feet away from the vacuum, provided that no obstructions block the signal.


The Filters

A HEPA-certified filter is included with this vacuum cleaner. This means that particles as fine as three microns will be caught by the filter and will not be returned to the air or the floor.

This is fantastic news for those who suffer from allergies as no dust, pet hair, or anything else that you are allergic to you will be able to escape. 

Even the smallest allergen particles can cause eye, throat, and sinus irritation. HEPA filters are capable of removing up to 99 percent of allergens.

You may not realize just how many toxins, dust, mites, and pet hair can get trapped in your carpets.

These particles are captured and trapped by the filters, so you should hopefully stop sneezing after using this vacuum. 

Remote Controlled

The Bobsweep vacuum has a remote control that you can use to configure various settings or even operate the robot to drive it to a certain spot.

You may select one of three power modes with the remote. Additionally, the vacuum may be programmed to work on a schedule.

The remote has arrow buttons, which let you direct the robot to specific areas that demand extra care.

This is beneficial for quick spill cleanups or if the robot's inconsistent cleaning pattern causes it to miss a few areas.

Except for robot guidance, all remote control functions are accessible via the vacuum's controls and a large 5-inch LCD screen. 

Three Cleaning Modes

Three separate cleaning modes are included with the Bobsweep vacuum cleaner.

  • Spiral cleaning – The spiral cleaning mode (also known as Spiral Track) is beneficial for cleaning difficult-to-reach places or the central part of a large room.

  • Straight cleaning – If you appreciate the appearance of vacuum lines, this mode (also known as Waffle Track) is a cleaning method in which the vacuum makes clean straight lines until it reaches an edge, at which point it turns and makes another pass beside the last one until the entire room has been cleaned.

  • Edge cleaning – alternatively referred to as Wall Track, this enables the robot vacuum to clean only the perimeter of an area, ignoring the center entirely.

Three Cleaning Speeds

  • Autopilot/Robot – This mode enables the Bobsweep vacuum cleaner to completely clean an area. When the battery is down to less than 15%, the Bobsweep returns to the base for recharging.

  • Quick Clean – In this mode, the Bobsweep robot will clean an area independently for 30 minutes, regardless of whether fresh debris has gathered.

  • Touch-Up – The Bobsweep can be used directly on a problem region. For 15 minutes, the vacuum cleaner will clean that area before returning to the dock to charge.

UV Sterilization And Mopping

The Bobsweep vacuum includes a UV cleaning mode that uses ultraviolet light to help prevent bacteria from spreading throughout your home.

It will quickly drain the battery and slow down the cleaning procedure though, which is annoying.

On the other hand, when conducted properly, UV sterilization may effectively eliminate up to 90% of household germs on floors.

Along with several cleaning options, this Bobsweep model has a mopping attachment.

Mopping mode utilizes a damp cloth attached to the roller brush. When attached, the Bobsweep simultaneously performs the roles of a sweeper, vacuum cleaner, and mop.

bObsweep Standard Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Champagne

The Bobsweep vacuum cleaner has a diameter of 13.8 inches and a height of 3.9 inches.

This is somewhat higher than many of the other robot vacuums that are on sale, but it's still low enough to fit under most furniture obstacles in your home.

This robotic vacuum cleaner weighs 7.7 pounds, so it is very easy to pick it up and move it to other places in your home. 

Expanded size results in an increased dust bin. The dust receptacle of the Bobsweep robot vacuum holds up to 1 liter of dirt, dust, and other trash.

This is one of the largest dust canisters on any robot vacuum and means that it can clean for longer without having to empty this bin often. 

How Does It Work?

The Bobsweep vacuum navigates your home by bumping and continuing, altering its course as necessary.

The front bumper of the vacuum cleaner protects the vacuum cleaner, the walls, and the furniture as it maneuvers through the room.

To clean, the Bobsweep vacuum utilizes a central rotating brush positioned on the underbelly of the vacuum to assist in sweeping up dirt and debris and sucking it into the dust bin.

While the robot vacuums, the robot's edges, and corners are cleaned using a spinning side brush.

No Containment Zone

The Bobsweep gadget lacks one feature – area confinement.

The majority of robotic cleaners on the market use some form of enclosure to keep the devices restricted inside a certain area or away from others people or rooms in your home.

While Bobsweep does provide an infrared confinement device known as the Bobiblock, it is incompatible with some Bobsweep products, so check this before you buy the vacuum if this is a deal-breaker for you. 

To stop the vacuum from going where it shouldn't, you will have to close doors in your home to prevent the unit from reaching them.

You can also make it drive in the other direction with the remote if it gets too close to an area you want to avoid. 

Pros And Cons


  • Good battery life – when fully charged the battery will last 3 hours 
  • HEPA filters – no dust, dirt, or anything that could cause you allergies will be able to escape these filters, as they can pick up and trap the tiniest particles 
  • Remote control – this is very useful for several reasons. From the remote, you can drive the vacuum to specific areas. You can also use it to change various settings of the vacuum without having to bend down and use the LCD screen on the vacuum itself
  • UV sterilization – gives your floor a very good clean and kills almost all bacteria


  • No containment – you cannot block off areas like you usually can with robot vacuums. Instead, you have to close doors or steer the vacuum away if it goes somewhere it shouldn't
  • The mopping feature isn’t great – this feature doesn't work as well as other features on this vacuum. You may need it to make a few passes before the area is cleaned properly

Summary – Should You Buy The Bobsweep Vacuum?

The bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner is a well-designed device that is capable of cleaning a wide variety of dirt or areas in your home.

Despite its much bigger size, this vacuum cleaner operates brilliantly in even the most difficult-to-reach regions.

Additionally, an LED display on the top of the robot vacuum let users see which cleaning mode they are using, whether via the remote or directly on the Bobsweep’s interface.

If you're looking for a more economical robot vacuum cleaner that yet provides a lot, the Bobsweep might be a good option.