Shark Vac Mop Reviews

When it comes to finding a good mop or vacuum, you have probably already been recommended to try out Shark.Shark is a company that manufactures a range of cleaning products like vacuums, steam mops, and even air purifiers to help make cleaning your home a breeze. They have enjoyed decades of success in the US, and one of their latest products is the Shark VacMop. The Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless is a wonderful combination of both a mop and a vacuum. It has all the features you need like disposable mopping pads, jet sprays, and powerful suction in one machine to clean your home quickly and efficiently – but is it a success?Today we are going to review the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless hard floor vacuum mop to see if this new creation from Shark is the next must-have appliance in every home in the States.

What Is The VacMop

The Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless hard floor vacuum mop is one of Shark’s latest cleaning products.

It is designed to be a combination of a steam mop and a cordless hard floor vacuum cleaner – capable of doing both jobs with just one appliance. This can save you the hassle of fussing and switching between two different appliances, plus it saves you on storage space too. With the touch of a button, you can switch between a spray mop and a hard floor vacuum cleaner which helps you clean hardwood floors of all kinds of messes. This means that you can mop and vacuum your hard surface floors at the same time!The Shark VM252 VacMop Pro model comes in a cool and sophisticated charcoal gray design that makes this look like a very impressive and professional appliance.

It is very lightweight which makes it easy to carry and move around the house with, so if you have to take it upstairs – you won’t be struggling to haul it up a flight of stairs. It is also built with LED headlights that help you find hidden debris in darker areas that are trickier to access – such as underneath your sofa or behind furniture.

How To Use The VacMop

The Shark VacMop Pro comes with two pain functions – its vacuum function and its mop function. Both are a great way to clean your floors of dirt and debris, achieve shiny clean floors and just make your life easier.To activate the vacuum function, you will need to hold down the vacuum button that is located under the handle of the VacMop. This will give you enough suction power to clean up dirt dry debris like dog hair and hidden debris like dust bunnies.

The dry debris is them stored in a chamber that prevents it from falling out as you continue.To activate the spray mop function, all you have to do is press the spray button on the top of the handle. This allows unique formula cleaning solution to soak into the disposable pad on the bottom of the Shark VacMop.

Then you can use this soaked disposable pad to mop your hard floors clean. When you are done, just lift the end of the VacMop over a dust bin, flick a switch and the dirty mop pad is gone forever.That’s right – the Shark VacMop uses disposable pads to mop hard surface floors. This means that you can clean up wet messes and not have to come into contact with whatever you just cleaned.

Although this means that the replacement pads will become an ongoing cost, they are really easy to buy in large packs and as you only use one disposable pad at a time, it will take you a long time before you go through a whole pack of disposable pads. The cleaning solution also comes in two different formulas: one for multi-surfaced floors, and another for hardwood floors. This means that you are sure to have dry floors very quickly after using the cleaning liquid and leave behind no streaks. This Shark vacuum and mop combination runs on a lithium ion battery that can be recharged for reuse. It comes with a magnetic charger so all you have to do is plug it and leave it to charge for about three hours for the battery to receive a full charge.


Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless

What We Like About The VacMop

We found that the VacMop has a great suction power and it does a good job of sucking up large debris and small debris alike. It works great on hard surface floors without scratching the floorboards even while vacuuming.

The LED headlights is also a great feature that really helped us find more debris while vacuuming and it allowed us get a complete clean of our floors.

After cleaning, we had a debris free floor that we were very happy with so this vacuum really does have a powerful suction that gets all the dirt and debris that is hiding in between your floorboards and carpet. As for spray mopping, we are really impressed with the Shark VacMop’s cleaning solution. We found that it was great for getting rid of stuck on grime on our floors.

It cleans up wet messes with ease thanks to the absorbable mopping pad and we don’t even need to touch the dirty pad after we are done! Bonus! Plus, it mops hard surface floors really well. Truly – it does the job and our floors dried really quickly afterwards. After cleaning, we were left with a dirt free floor that we were really happy and impressed with. We also like its concept and design – it is great that Shark is experimenting with new ways to combine appliances to save us storage and cost.

This hard floor vacuum mop combination is a genius idea that we are confident will catch on. In a couple of years, we don’t be surprised if more and more homes have this kind of appliance in their home. However, the Shark VacMop Pro is not perfect – like with everything, it has a few faults.

What We Don’t Like About The VacMop

When it comes to disadvantages, the Shark VacMop has one glaring problem: it’s battery life. Thanks to its cordless design, the VacMop runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery but its battery like runs out after about 13 minutes. That is barely any time at all. We know that powerful technology like this vacuum-mop combination is meant to half the time it takes to clean our floors, but 13 minutes is not always enough time to clean every floor in our house. While the VacMop is great for cleaning up small messes, it’s not ideal to use to clean all your floors at once.

If try to clean your kitchen, bathrooms, and all the hard surface floors in your home in one go – you will constantly be taking breaks to recharge your VacMop with the magnetic charger. It is a shame because are other vacuums out there with longer battery life so the technology is definitely there for Shark to incorporate with the VacMop. Unfortunately, the VacMop remains only good for quick cleanups which limits its use.Another thing we should point out is that you do have running costs with the cleaning solution and the disposable mop pads.

Although this is kind of expect and a lot of buyers are already prepared to put up with this, some people may find it annoying and look towards a more affordable way to mop their floors.

Our Verdict

When it comes to cleaning floors, we are always one of the first to recommend Shark’s products but with the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro, we have found our selves hesitating just a little bit.It’s the battery life, guys. Really – 13 minutes?

Shark Vac Mop Reviews

While the Shark VacMop Pro works great as a hard floor vacuum mop combination, we really would like something that gave us a little more time to clean before dying. So far, we can only recommend you use the Shark VacMop Pro to clean the odd small mess, which is a shame because it is designed to do so much more. There is a lot we like about the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro cordless hard floor vacuum mop. It has a cool charcoal gray design, it is has disposable pads that you can get rid of without touching, and it is more than capable of cleaning hard surfaces. It is a solid 4/5 in our books, we just wish that battery life was longer so we could use the VacMop in larger spaces. But – do we recommend it to you to buy?After much deliberation, we think – yes! The Shark VacMop is great for spray mopping and has strong vacuum suction for it to be classed as a good vacuum cleaner. With so many benefits and advantages to this handy appliance, we are willing to overlook the short battery life – but it is something that Shark should look at improving in their future models. Then, they will have created the perfect mop and vacuum combined appliance!