Eufy Robovac 25c Reviews

Robot vacuums really are the future! Over the past couple of years, their sales have soared and every day, more and more homes are introducing their own robot floor vacuum cleaner. With so much praise and love going towards these handy little appliances, you are probably thinking of getting one for yourself.And why wouldn’t you? Floor robot vacuums are great for cleaning hard to reach areas and you can leave them to do all the work while you sit back and relax.The only issue is that the market is flooded with this kinds of appliances, so which one should you go for? Today we will be looking at the EUFY Robovac 25C to see if this little handy Wi Fi connected robot is the right one for you to bring into your home.

What Is The EUFY Robovac 25C?

The EUFY Robovac 25C is a small robot vacuum that sports a very slim design that allows it to slide neatly under low furniture to get to areas that normal vacuum cleaners cannot. This is also a battery operated robot vacuum that features a high quality lithium ion battery. Its battery life runs for nearly 2 hours. This is a good amount of time for your EUFY robot vacuum to clean your floors but might not long enough if you have a particularly big home. It’s job is obviously to vacuum your floors, both hard floors and soft carpets, and can fit underneath most furniture. It allows you to sit back while this little guy runs around your home, cleaning up messes so you don’t have to.

But this is the job of every other robot vacuum cleaner – so what does the EUFY Robovac 25C have that makes it a stand out choice against its competitors?

Cleaning Modes And Brush System

The EUFY Robovac 25C features four unique cleaning modes that makes it more efficient when cleaning up certain kinds of mess. There is a quick-clean mode that only takes about half an hour, and this is perfect for keeping on top of cleaning floors. If you have guests coming over, just quick on this mode and the EUFY Robovac will give your floor a once over so it is clean enough to show off.There is also an edge mode that will specifically clean the edges of a room, cleaning by the walls in hard to reach areas. There is a spot mode for carpet stains and areas that need more attention – so if you have dropped a huge box of cereal, this mode will clean it up in about 2 minutes. And finally there is the auto mode which allows your EUFY Robovac to just cover your whole house. These cleaning modes are supported by the EUFY Robovac 25C’s three brushes and three layer filtration system. The EUFY Robovac is equipped with one brush in the center, and two side brushes.

All three brushes work to getting dirt and debris from out of your carpets and between floorboards, making sure that you are left with a nice clean floor. The filter system is made up of three filters that traps both small and larger dirt and dust particles. This means that the EUFY Robovac 25C is sure to do a great job on cleaning your home.

Smart Features And Technology

Another one of the Robovac’s many great features is its smart features and technology. This robot vacuum comes with BoostIQ Technology which uses sensors to determine where it is in your home and also what kind of surface it is on.

The drop sensor will allow the Robovac to know if it is near an edge and command it to change direction to avoid heading into a no go zone. This fall prevention measurements means that you can leave your It also tells the Robovac when it needs to use more suction power for surfaces like carpets to provide a higher quality clean, and less suction power for hard floors so it does not waste energy overworking on easier to clean floors. Of course, a robot vacuum will obviously feature some Wi Fi related smart features. You can operate your Robovac from wherever you are thanks to its compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can download the EUFYhome smartphone app on your mobile phone and control your Wi Fi connected robot vacuum from any location. This also allows you to have full control over your Robovac using technology on your phone. If you don’t want to use your mobile phone, there are touch control buttons that are easy to use.

How To Use

When you first open your Robovac, you will need to charge up its battery before you can use it.

This robot vacuum comes with a domestic charger and plug adapter so charging up your Robovac is requires no fuss. You will also have to snap in the brushes provided in the pack yourself. When trying to connect Robovac to your internet, you may run into a little problem. The Robovac only runs on a 2.4 gigahertz band supported Wi Fi networks.

While a modern wireless router will most likely have a dual band (meaning it has both a 5 gigahertz band and a 2.4 gigahertz band) some homes many only have the 5 gigahertz band on their Wi Fi network. While your Robovac is charging, download the EUFYhome app and sign up with an account. Here you can access Robovac support and set up cleaning sessions. It is really user friendly, and makes it easy to set up your Robovac for some auto cleaning. To connect your Robovac to the Wi Fi, select your device on the EUFYhome app and enter your Wi Fi password. Then go to your Wi Fi network name on your phone’s settings and allow the Robovac to connect to your Wi Fi on your phone. It may take a while to connect, but it will eventually add your device. With your Robovac connected to the Wi Fi and it is fully charged, you can set it up to clean your floors. When the battery starts to run out, the EUFY Robovac 25C will return to its charging dock to recharge. This will take it around 5 hours for the battery to full charge. And that is how you set up your EUFY Robovac 25C! It is a fairly simple process that is clearly spelled out in the instruction manual.


Eufy Robovac 25c

What We Like

The Robovac has a very high suction power which makes it amazing for cleaning our floors. We were pleasantly surprised at how well a tiny robot vacuum can clean so much floor space!

When it comes to cleaning soft and hard floors, this little robot does an amazing job, all thanks to the innovative BoostIQ Technology and high performance filters. It’s wide array of smart features and apps are very easy to use as long as you have a good Wi Fi signal. It is very easy to set up your Robovac to its own cleaning cycle and connect Robovac to the Wi Fi.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, the three filters in the Robovac’s filter system are not washable to you will have to clean them yourself when it all the dirt and debris begins to build up – and sometimes, you may end up having to replace them. Also, the remote control only operates within about 10 feet from the Robovac itself so if you are having Wi Fi connection problems, then you will have to stay close to your Robovac while it does its job. But to be honest, we really are pulling at straws to try and find something we don’t like about this robot vacuum. The Robovac operates just fine and with very little issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use The EUFY Robovac 25C Without Wi-Fi Access?

Yes! The EUFY Robovac 25C will work even when your internet is down as long as you use the remote control. You can use the remote control to set up a schedule, stop and start your Robovac.

However, newer models are switching to the EUFYhome app and don’t provide a remote control so make sure that you have the app downloaded on one of your smart devices just in case you ever have internet connection problems.

How Can I Reset My Robovac’s Wi-Fi?

If you are having trouble with your Robovac, then you may need to reset its internet connection. Give the power button one long press for 10 seconds until you hear one beep. The Wi Fi status light will then slowly flash blue.

Eufy Robovac 25c Reviews

Our Verdict

Overall, we would give the EUFY Robovac 25C a big thumbs up. It accepts commands easily and is a hard little worker thanks to its amazing suction power and ground breaking technology that helps it give all kinds of surfaces a good clean. Setting it up to our Wi Fi network was also a breeze and we honestly had very little to no trouble with this wonderful robot vacuum. It does a good job and is easy to use, so there is nothing not to love about the EUFY Robovac. So if you are in need of more assistance around your house, pick yourself up a Robovac so you can say goodbye to cleaning floors for such an amazingly low price!