Eufy vs Arlo

Creating a safe home is easier than ever nowadays. While once we had to rely on simple burglar alarms and slow response times, modern security systems use smart technology to create systems that are both hands-on and low-effort.

This growing market has seen several brands try to make a mark, and Eufy and Arlo are two of the biggest names out there. Both known for using high-tech solutions to ensure the safety of your home, it can be difficult to choose which is right for you.

With home security, it makes sense to pick a brand and stick with them. That way, all the systems are integrated and control is simplified.

But with both Arlo and Eufy offering a diverse range of products, with a similar streamlined design and ethos, making a choice becomes complicated. In this guide, we’ve considered all the features of both brands, to try and find which home security system you can feel safe with.

What You Need To Know About Eufy?

Eufy isn’t a brand focused exclusively on home security, but it’s a big part of what they do. This innovative company creates smart products for use in the home, designed to make the everyday easier.

Their home security range has become popular thanks to the ease of use, and their subscription free services.

What You Need To Know About Arlo?

Arlo is an American company, and their security cameras have garnered plenty of discussion. Sleek and rechargeable, they have quickly become a popular choice for those who want a simplified system. As the company has expanded, the range has grown, and Arlo offers a look at an exciting future for home security.

Eufy vs Arlo


Eufy and Arlo are both brands who are using smart technology to upgrade home security. Their ranges, however, differ significantly. While Arlo focuses exclusively on home security, Eufy also produces smart products for home maintenance. 

Arlo has an extensive range of wireless cameras, from the Essentials option to the advanced Ultra cameras. Their midrange is the Arlo Pro, which is a step-up from the Essential. The Ultra really feels like a different league to the rest of the range.

It’s 4K video quality and wide lens offers a noticeably superior performance. Arlo also has a range of floodlight cameras, which combine their Pro camera with ultra-bright LED lights.

Arlo aren’t just about the cameras. They also sell video doorbells, which are able to record any unexpected visitors to the property. These can be purchased as a bundle with the cameras, for a more advanced home security system.

Eufy’s camera range can be broken down into two offerings: the wired cam, and the battery cam. The battery camera is known as the EufyCam, while the wired version is the Solo Cam.

The battery operated cameras are the premium range, and they are of an impressive quality. The selection isn’t extensive, with only minor differences separating the budget option from the premium version. EufyCam comes with a base, which is able to store video and audio directly to the device.

Eufy’s wired range is at the cheaper end of the scale, and there’s an obvious sacrifice in quality. However, they’re a fantastic option for anyone interested in home security, without a large budget.

Eufy sells products for creating an entire smart home, and their cameras can be bought with doorbells, locks, alarms, and baby monitors. Eufy also sells a growing range of electricals, so if you’re looking to buy a floodlight but are also contemplating a smart scale, they’re your best choice.

In terms of sheer range, Eufy is the obvious winner. However, Arlo has perhaps the better camera range. Their helpful Essentials, Pro, and Ultra system makes it easy to determine the differences and make the correct choice. Eufy, on the other hand, has a less clear system, and less distinctive differences.

For this review, we’ll focus primarily on the cameras. Cameras are the base for any modern home security system, and both brands are driven by their cameras.


Up front, neither brand is particularly cheap. Compared to other home security cameras, they’re both on the slightly higher end of the scale. Neither Arlo nor Eufy are really a budget option – at least, not if you want quality.

The advantage of both brands is that they do offer cheaper cameras, with less impressive features. From Eufy, this is the wired, Solo Outdoor Cam. This budget option records in 1080p resolution, and includes night vision and a spotlight.

The cheapest offering from Arlo is the Essentials camera. This includes 1080p resolution, color night vision, and an integrated spotlight. At the budget end, the camera from Eufy slightly edges on quality and cost.

For a single camera of comparable quality, the prices between Arlo and Eufy are quite similar. No options are cheap, but they’re mostly in line with the market.

Eufy doesn’t offer a subscription service, because everything is recorded straight to the camera. This can be backed up to the cloud, so you can store and monitor videos as you choose. 

There is a free plan available from Arlo, but it’s fairly basic. With a free plan, the camera detects and records motion, which is then saved for a week. In that time, you can transfer the data to your computer, to keep it permanently. 

Arlo’s free plan might not offer much, but it is better than some other brands, which offer no free plan at all. With Arlo, you do have the option of simply buying the device. 

Arlo’s subscription service is relatively inexpensive, and gives you access to some advanced features. The best thing is the enhanced motion detector, which can differentiate between animals, people, and packages. It also gives you better storage options. However, this is a pretty simple subscription plan.

Software, Integration, and Apps

Poor software can completely ruin even the best cameras, which is why it’s important to consider the integration and apps for both brands. After all, there’s no use recording in 2K if you can never access the footage.

Eufy and Arlo are both connected to apps, which allow you to monitor your cameras. These apps are fairly simple, and intuitive to navigate. 

In terms of apps, there’s very little to differentiate the two. Both apps offer simple alerts when the motion sensor is activated, with a well-designed interface that supports easy navigation.

Both apps are well rated, and users find them quick to load. Eufy’s basic app offers more options to record and schedule, but the Arlo app isn’t far behind.

For integration, Arlo is the clear winner. Most of their products can be used with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. Eufy is also supported by Alexa and Google Assistant, but few of the devices can work with Homekit. Those that do offer a poor quality video feed.

Installation and Hardware

Battery powered cameras from Eufy and Arlo are both easy to install, even for those with no DIY experience. Magnetic mounts and screw on brackets provide a choice for installation, but both options are quick and fuss free.

If you choose the wired option from Eufy, installation is slightly more complicated. 

The build quality from both brands is excellent. The waterproofing is great, and the cameras are sure to last through even adverse weather conditions. Long-lasting batteries mean that once the camera is in place, there’s very little for you to think about. The app allows you to monitor the battery level.

In terms of design, there’s really nothing to separate the two. Both Eufy and Arlo have adopted the classic “smart device” look, with a streamlined outer casing and minimal decoration. The security cameras look like typical security cameras, with both brands offering a design that’s unobtrusive without being completely hidden.

If we’re being really shallow, Arlo perhaps has a slight edge in terms of design. Particularly the Floodlight camera, which integrates bright lights in an innovative manner. But for the most part, outer differences between the brands are negligible.

Audio and Video

Arlo has a major video advantage over Eufy currently, as they offer a range of cameras that record in 4K HD. This provides a crisp and clear image, even at night or in low lights. The 4K camera is Arlo’s most expensive offering.

The audio quality for both brands is impressive, and uses noise reduction technology for a better sound.

Eufy vs Arlo: Which is better for you?

Whether you choose Eufy or Arlo, you’ll be getting a home security camera with a good build and a quality record. 

What gives Eufy that slight edge is the subscription free service. Few security cameras record footage directly to the camera, giving you access whenever you want. This feature is fantastic, as it really gives the user control over the device.

By offering the 4K service, Arlo has shown that they can keep on improving their technology. Some small features, such as lights and design, are perhaps slightly better as well.