Quantum X Vacuum Review

The Quantum X Upright Water Filtration Vacuum is quite unlike traditional vacuum cleaners in that it’s designed to clean both dry and wet messes, and it’s bagless and eliminates odors.But if you’re in the market for a brand new vacuum cleaner, it pays to read articles like this one that will provide a thorough review of the vacuum cleaner before you part with your hard earned cashIn this article, we’re going to be exploring the performance on the Quantum X vacuum on both dry and wet messes on both hardwood flooring and carpet, and just how much dirt it actually picks up.

We’ll discuss all the accessories and what they’re for, and we’ll discuss Quantum X Vacuum reviews from across the net. We will also summarize the vacuum cleaner’s pros and cons before discussing the Quantum X’s value for money. We’ll then wrap up with a brief conclusion, at which point you’ll be able to decide whether this efficient bagless household vacuum is right for you.Let’s get straight to it.

About The Quantum X Vacuum Bagless Household Vac Cleaner

The Quantum X takes vacuum cleaning to the next level with its exceptional suction power. But it has more to offer than just that.

It features micro silver technology to eliminate odors, water filtration, and even an air purification system. This filtration system traps not only dirt and debris but also germs and bacteria. Moreover, this water filtration means that you never have to worry about clogged filters that can interfere with the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.It works a little differently to a regular vacuum cleaner. You have to remove the water filter basin and put water in it before use, and it is effectively this water that cleans whatever the Quantum X picks up.

And this is what makes it possible for the Quantum X to handle both dry and wet messes.

Accompanying Attachments

It comes with 3 accessories, namely a crevice tool for those awkward nooks and crannies, an upholstery brush for cleaning your furniture and a dusting brush to boot.It also comes with a HEPA filter, should you need it.


The Quantum X vacuum is fairly easy to maneuver. It boasts a somewhat unique telescoping body that helps you to get the vacuum cleaner under the furniture for a more thorough clean. And it can swivel a full 180 degrees to boot.Unfortunately however, it’s not as lightweight as we would like, which makes it more difficult to maneuver.

Performance On Dry Messes On Hardwood

So, we tested out the Quantum X for ourselves, and we were very pleased with how well it performed cleaning up coffee granules from a hardwood floor. Not a single granule was left, and there was no stain left on the wood.

Performance On Dry Messes On Carpet

Let’s be honest. Carpet is a lot harder to clean than hardwood, and we did wonder how well the suction would work on our deep carpet fibers. Our carpet tends to attract a lot of pet hair and this is what wanted to try the Quantum X vacuum on, since it’s such a common problem.And we were very pleased with the result. The Quantum X managed to suck every last hair with no problems at all.

Performance On Wet Messes On Hardwood

Now we really put the vacuum cleaner to the test this time! We decided to make some oatmeal and spill it onto the floor.

Not only does this test whether the Quantum X really can handle wet spills but it also tests whether it has the suction power for such a heavy spill, and one with different textures. (We were trying to emulate vomit.)Now, to pick up wet messes you need to remove the power head and use the hose. And we have good news on this front, it managed to pick up the oatmeal no problem at all.

Performance On Wet Messes On Carpet

Since our dog wasn’t accustomed to it’s new environment it left a wet mess on our carpet, and we saw this as an excellent opportunity to try out the Quantum X.And again it’s good news. Not only did the Quantum X leave the carpet dry to the touch, but it prevented any stain from appearing on the carpet and it eliminated the odor too – result!

After-Sales Service

The Quantum X comes backed by a 30-day guarantee. So if you do decide to buy it and you’re not happy with it for any reason, so long as you’re in that 30-day time period you can return it and have you’re money back. So you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Other Quantum X Vacuum Reviews

Our review would not be complete without a quick round up of other Quantum X Reviews we found elsewhere on the net.

Quantum X Vacuum Reviews On Amazon

The customer ratings and reviews tend to be quite positive on the whole. On Amazon for example it has earned an average rating of 4 stars out 5 when this article was written, when there were just over 500 individual ratings.Overall, most users seem to be happy with how easy it is to assemble and use, and are also pleased with its suction power and value for money. But there’s also a significant number of Quantum X vacuum reviews that are quite negative.Where customers do seem to grumble, is when it comes down to cleaning out the Quantum X. Moreover, many customers also tend to find it quite heavy to maneuver.

Quantum X Vacuum Reviews On The Quantum X Website

The Quantum X website features over 1000 customer ratings and reviews. Their average customer rating comes out as a full 5 stars out of 5.But you’ve got to ask whether the manufacturer is deliberately only posting positive reviews, because there does not appear to be any easy way for customers to leave reviews on their site.

Quantum X Vacuum Reviews On Facebook

There have been well over 100 customer reviews for the Quantum X on Facebook, where the reviews have been more mixed. The average customer rating there comes out at 3.7 stars out of 5 when this article was written.So it’s fair to say that the Quantum X vacuum cleaner is generally one that customers either love or love to hate.It’s a shame that it wasn’t more lightweight to maneuver around because I’m sure this would have led to far more happy customers.

Value For Money

As with most other vacuum cleaners, the Quantum X costs several hundred dollars.

But if you can’t afford the full cost upfront, you have the option for paying in installments upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa (for more info on this, just click “Check price” to be taken to the product page). We would argue that it’s great value for money, because we tested it out ourselves, and it passed every test we set it with flying colors. And, as we mentioned earlier, other Quantum X vacuum reviews are largely positive overall, even if there are some minor complaints.Of course it will prove to be better value to some families over others. For pet lovers, this vacuum cleaner is a dream, able to handle pet hair and messes with ease. And for families with toddlers you can guarantee there will be lost of wet spills that the Quantum X can easily clean up for you.


Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum


  • Excellent performance on both hardwood and carpets for both dry and wet spills
  • The filtration system traps not only dirt and debris but also germs and bacteria
  • It comes with three handy attachments, a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, and a dust brush
  • It has a telescopic body to reach under furniture
  • The power head can rotate 180 degrees
  • Eliminates nasty odors and purifies the air
  • It’s had largely positive reviews across the net
  • It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It’s excellent value for money


  • The water filter basin requires a lot of cleaning
  • There has been quite a lot of negative customer reviews
  • It’s not as lightweight as we would like, which makes it more difficult to maneuver

Wrap Up

Quantum X Vacuum Reviews

So, on weighing up the various pros and cons, we have to concede that the Quantum X bagless household vac cleaner is really something.

Sure, it could be easier to maneuver around, but if you have pets or toddlers running around the Quantum X could prove a god send, since it can clean up all sorts of dry and wet messes on both hardwood and carpet.We really put it to the test and it tacked everything we threw at it, and went beyond our expectations. It can suck up thick, wet and soggy porridge and it can eliminate some pretty awful odors.It definitely gets a thumbs up from us!