Tineco iFloor Reviews

Tineco is a company that specializes in wet dry vacuum cleaners, as well as smart vacuums and cordless vacuums. The iFloor vacuums are popular and intelligent choice for cleaning floors and carpets in your house.

The Tineco iFloor is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners that can suck and clean liquid as well as debris. The Tineco iFloor can suck up spilled cereal, dry messes, as well as general carpet dirt and dog hair.

The Tineco iFloor is highly rated, with a long battery life, the ability to remove tough stains, and even a self cleaning feature. The vacuum is a great choice for wet cleaning due to the integrated mop feature that uses fresh water to clean as well as vacuum.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Tineco iFloor and the Tineco iFloor 3, so you can make the best decision possible.

Now let's get into the good stuff.

The Tineco iFloor vacuum cleaner has a lot of features, and it is more than meets the eye. The vacuum cleaner has a built in water tank, floor cleaner, self propelled motor, an iLoop sensor, as well as good battery life.

We will be delving in to some of the best features of this vacuum, and what makes it a game changer.


Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Powerful One-Step Cleaning for Hard Floors, Great for Sticky Messes and Pet Hair

Tile Floors

The Tineco iFloor works best on flat tile floors, as well as hardwood floors. This is because mopping carpets is more difficult, especially with stains and liquids. On tile floors, we found that the Tineco iFloor was in its element.

It was able to vacuum dog hair, as well as liquid. It did a great job of cleaning tiles, with little to no residue afterwards.

We tested the Tineco iFloor and the Tineco iFloor 3, and we found their performances to be similar, but with slightly more power from the Tineco iFloor 3. The machine was able to clean bare floors, and really brighten up white kitchen tiles and the kitchen floor.

Hardwood Floors

On hardwood floors, we thought the Tineco iFloor was exceptional, as well as the Tineco iFloor 3. The wet dry vacuum cleaner cleaned hardwood oak flooring with ease. We tested in by putting some yogurt on wood flooring, to see how the Tineco iFloor cleaned.

With one swoop, the machine managed to pick up the yogurt seamlessly, as well as clean the entire first floor.

The water flow on the machine was also amazing, and we could see the way the brush roller effortlessly picked up the yogurt, as well as any stray pet hair and debris. 

Using the Tineco iFloor 3 was also exceptional, and we noticed it was really easy to maneuver around furniture and in tight spaces.

Other happy customers and reviewers have stated that the Tineco iFloor 3 was really great at picking up sticky residue and all the junk that can end up on your hard flooring.


The Tineco iFloor also works on carpets, something that may shock you. Reviewers such as Vacuum Wars did not test the unit on carpets, but we did. We found that the cleaning abilities were not as good as the unit was on bare floors, but it still worked pretty well.

Obviously, you can use the Tineco iFloor as a vacuum, and you do not have to use it as a wet dry vacuum cleaner. We found that using the Tineco iFloor on the carpet actually freshened up our carpets, and brightened them up.

With the cleaning solution provided, we loved that the carpet was odor free, but with a nice clean smell.

Using the Tineco iFloor with tap water and some cleaning solution did wonders for the carpet, but we would not recommend trying it out with big spills on the carpet. 

It is not stain remover, so if you spilled some red wine on your carpet, it is likely that this unit would not remove the stain. The tubes clean the carpet, but simply lift the liquid rather than remove stains.

We loved the suction power of the vacuum, and it is perfect for small spills and dirt. We actually tested it with coffee grounds, and the Tineco iFloor managed to lift the coffee grounds whilst cleaning the carpet instantaneously.

Cleaning Solution

The Tineco iFloor comes with some cleaning solution. We thought the cleaning solution was wonderful, and it made sure there were no greasy or slimy marks on the floor after we cleaned it.

The water flow on the Tineco iFloor was excellent, and the cleaning solution was able to mix thoroughly with the water, so it was extra bubbly and made our grimy floors clean.

The cleaning solution should be used lightly, because we noticed it was quite concentrated, but it did not have an overwhelming smell, which we liked.

For stubborn messes, we used around a cap full of the cleaning solution because you naturally need more when there is more mess to clean.

Lightweight Design

The Tineco iFloor has one of the most lightweight and tremendous designs. The Tineco iFloor is cordless, making it perfect for cleaning those difficult to reach areas and areas with little space.

Other brands are known not to have this feature, and this is something we found exceptionally helpful when using the Tineco cordless wet dry vacuum. Vacuuming was easy, and vacuuming up those difficult areas became super easy when using this machine.

Docking Station

The Tineco iFloor has an option to have a charging dock. The charging dock would be used after every use, so you no longer have to put the unit back on the floor or hide it in a cupboard.

Initially, the unit does not come with a charging dock, but we recommend buying this accessory for ease of use. 

The Tineco iFloor has a charging cable that you plug into your main electricity, but we thought that the docking station was a great touch.

The only thing we would say is that the docking station does not come with the Tineco floor cleaner, and we wished that it did!

Suction Power

The suction power on the Tineco iFloor was exceptional, and even more powerful with the Tineco iFloor 3. As we know, the unit uses tap water with a great water flow, and this helps lift any liquid or debris from floors.

The unit has a brush roller, and this spins at a super fast speed to ensure everything is cleaned off of the kitchen floor or dining room floors.

The suction power was even better on max mode, which makes sure the floors are being cleaned thoroughly with the vacuum and mop. The suction power was evident on bare floors, as well as deep set carpets.

Battery Life

When using the Tineco iFloor, we noticed the battery lasts around twenty minutes. This is great, as it is cordless. We used the unit for spills, dirt, and general cleaning, and it lasted really well and did not slow down, even on max mode.

We do think that the battery life is short if you are using the Tineco iFloor for a big deep clean, as you would have to do it in stages.

However, we also tested the Tineco iFloor 3, and the battery life was significantly longer. It lasted almost forty minutes, and we thought this was great.

Dirty Water Tank

The Tineco iFloor has a dual tank system, which means your dirty water and clean water are kept completely separate. The unit has dirty water tanks that holds all the water that goes through the filter whilst cleaning your floor.

The water flows through the tubes, and the tubes distribute fresh water directly to your floor. The water is then sucked back up into the machine, and the dirty water deposits into the dirty water tank.

One thing that we noticed is that if the water crosses the maximum line on the dirty water tank, we heard a noise and the water starts leaking from underneath.

We did not even overfill the tank, but we assume it is something to do with the soap making the water heavier as it mixes. 

We also found that the dirty water tank held a lot of debris and dirt when we used the unit for big, messy spills. This is natural, but if you are using it in the house for big spills, just know that you need to clean it pretty well.

Sticky Messes And Dirt - How Effective Is The Tineco iFloor?

Well, we thought that the Tineco iFloor was amazing at cleaning sticky residue and dirt. The unit is exceptional, with the ability to vacuum, mop, and save time. The battery lasts a good amount of time for cleaning up a rare occurance of a real mess.

We tested the Tineco iFloor as well as the Tineco iFloor 3 on hard flooring, carpets, and tiles.

The clean water than runs through the mop part ensured that the dirty water from the dirt and mess is sepeate, so we absolutely loved at how clean and mess free the whole process was. 

Cleaning up mud, pet hair, coffee, and even baked oats was so easy with the Tineco iFloor, and we loved how the floor looked afterwards.

The filter of the machine was never disgusting, but we do recommened that you clean the whole unit thoroughly for those stubborn messes. 

We thought that the Tineco iFloor had slightly more power, and it was able to thrive a bit more for longer in max mode. The floor cleaner that came with the unit was really great, and it had a nice natural feel to it too.

We loved that the Tineco iFloor 3 was self cleaning in the way that the dock and filter flushed itself out. Cleaning up a simple spillage has never been easier.

We do think that the unit was not the best for cleaning up big and dry messes such as whole chips, but no vacuum cleaner should be sucking up chunks of things. The battery lasted a good amount of time for a quick mess or two, but not for a deep clean.

We thought that the Tineco iFloor worked almost perfectly on hard floors and tiles, but it needed some extra work on carpets. For carpets, we would reccomend using it for a simple clean that you would use a carpet cleaner for.

Technicalities Of The Tineco iFloor

The Tineco iFloor wet dry vacuum cleaner is a sleek design, with a dual water tank (including a dirty water tank and clean water tank), a great battery, cleaning solution, a vacuum, and a mop.

The unit makes it exceptionally easy to clean small space areas, as well as main areas. We loved the simplicity of the Tineco iFloor, but we also loved the high-tech feeling of the Tineco iFloor 3.

The Tineco iFloor 3 has a led display. It also has the ability to be self cleaning, which we wish all vacuum cleaners did! The Tineco iFloor has some great features, but we didn't think it was that different to the Tineco iFloor.

We thought it was great that the Tineco iFloor 3 had a built-in air filter, and it was a lot easier to clean. Overall, we wouldn't say the two models are that different.

Final Thoughts

We absolutely loved reviewing and using the Tineco iFloor and the iFloor 3. In all honesty, we did not see a huge difference in the two machines, and we thought they were just as good as each other.

Tineco iFloor Reviews

If you want that extra bit of luxury, the iFloor 3 may be more suited to you, because it has more power, longer battery life, and a cool high-tech feel to it. 

We thought that the unit cleaned bare floors amazingly, and we loved the way you can vacuum and mop at the exact same time, in a matter of seconds! The dual water tank is really helpful, as well as the dirty water tank and how easy it is to clean.

We thought that there were some issues with the water leaking if you do not fill it high enough, and we did not love the extent of cleaning we had to carry out with a larger mess.

However, larger messes are rare, and this unit is perfect for those everyday spillages and messes. Vacuuming with the Tineco iFloor was fun and incredibly easy.