Vivint vs SimpliSafe

Finding the right home security system is about finding peace of mind. The right system can ensure the safety of the house, without ever feeling intrusive. With the home security market continuously growing, choosing the right system is becoming more complicated.

Home security isn’t as simple as buying a camera and an outdoor light. New systems use smart technology and innovative designs to ensure a higher degree of safety. Vivint and SimpliSafe are two relative newcomers, but they’re both making a name for themselves.

When it comes to the safety of your home, you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Both Vivint and SimpliSafe make big promises about the service they can provide. But do they really offer safety, or are they just fancy motion detectors? In this review, we compare all the features of Vivint and SimpliSafe, so you can make the right choice.

What is Vivint?

Vivint is the most popular home security system in America, currently installed in over a million homes. This is a personalized, professional package, which includes 24/7 monitoring by a team of trusted professionals.

A Vivint home security package covers the whole house. It’s a comprehensive system, designed to turn your property into a tightly monitored smart home. Vivint offers an all-inclusive safety, with a package that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

From flood sensors to thermostats, Vivint can offer protection from invasion and accidents. This complex safety comes at a premium cost, but the Vivint integrated system allows a level of control over home security which is almost unmatched.

What is SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe understood that while we all want home security, the modern lifestyle often doesn’t have space for an integrated system. Instead, they offer security for the renter, or the apartment building.

Their systems are small and compact, and installation and removal are easy. With short contracts and a reduced cost, SimpliSafe is security for short term stays.

SimpliSafe is new to the market, but the product range is constantly expanding. The base of their service is 24/7 monitoring, complemented with intelligent devices.

Vivint vs SimpliSafe

The Devices

The basic devices at the heart of both security systems are quite similar, with indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and 24/7 monitoring.

From there, both SimpliSafe and Vivint allow you to expand, choosing devices specifically to match the needs of your home. Both systems sell packages, but also allow you to choose on an à la carte basis.

Although the basic package is similar, Vivint has the edge in terms of quality. The touchscreen control center is incredibly sophisticated.

The security cameras use advanced face recognition and clever monitoring to ensure complete safety without needless disturbances. And the technology across the range is consistently impressive.

There are many devices available from Vivint, which offer your home protection against all sorts of issues. With Vivint, you can include a motion and flood sensor, a smoke detector, a CO detector, a video doorbell, and smart locks.

Essentially, if you’ve worried about it, Vivint has a device for it. They can also include more basic, smart home features, such as thermostats and lighting. With everything controlled via the app, the Vivint system can feel like much more than just home security. It really is a way to make your home as comfortable as possible.

Vivint’s devices also integrate better with other smart devices. With Vivint, your entire home feels connected, but it never becomes overly complicated.

SimpliSafe may be a slightly more basic system, but it still includes enough to be impressive. Like Vivint, SimpliSafe offers sensors detecting motion, entry, and glass breaking. CO detectors, temperature sensors, water sensors, and smoke detectors can be included as well. 

What SimpliSafe lacks is the smart home features. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many of the Vivint smart home features are about increasing home comfort, rather than a focus on security. As a basic security system, SimpliSafe has a high quality build, and consistently impressive technology.

Vivint and SimpliSafe both have an app that gives the user control over the system. Both apps are highly rated, and intuitive to use.

The Installation

For ease of installation, SimpliSafe is the clear winner. The system is designed as a do-it-yourself set up, which means even those with no experience in home security can get things going. It is possible to hire someone for installation, but this will come at a cost.

SimpliSafe is designed to be easy, so renters can have a system which won’t disturb the home. With basic DIY knowledge, it’s possible to install SimpliSafe throughout the house. 

With Vivint, installation is included in the initial cost - and professional installation is necessary. Having made a purchase, Vivint will organize for a professional to come to your house, and install the system. There are advantages to this.

During installation, it’s possible to ask questions, and get a clear understanding of what each device does. Customers agree that members of the Vivint team are friendly and helpful, and installation is often quick.

If you want a home security system that requires a minimal amount of set up, and that can be moved and adjusted as needed, then SimpliSafe is right for you. If you'd prefer something integrated into the house, or you hate the idea of DIY, then Vivint is the better solution.

The Monitoring

At the heart of both Vivint and SimpliSafe is the 24/7 monitoring. When an alarm is activated without monitoring, it can take too long for a reaction to happen. With 24/7 monitoring, all alarms are immediately seen to. This leads to a quicker response, priority dispatch, and recorded evidence. 

SimpliSafe has 6 monitoring centers, ensuring you complete coverage, all times of day. When an alarm is activated, they’re able to contact you, and any authorities, within seconds. 

Vivint offers a very similar package, and provides fast response times for all sorts of emergencies. They can even be contacted in case of a medical issue, giving you complete peace of mind.

Both companies offer a variety of plans, including the option to have no home monitoring. If you choose this system, you’ll be alerted when an alarm is tripped. Any further action, including contacting authorities, is your own responsibility.

There’s little to separate the monitoring systems. Vivint offers a slightly more comprehensive service for a higher price, while SimpliSafe is cheaper but less advanced. Either way, it’s a 24/7 alert that gives an impressive level of reassurance.

The Price

SimpliSafe is, undoubtedly, the cheaper option. Even a complex system is less expensive than the standard Vivint offerings. 

With SimpliSafe, there are two ways to choose your service. Either buy one of their pre-packaged deals, which are designed to provide security for different sizes of home. Or, put together a plan based specifically on your own needs. The pre-packaged deals give better value for money (particularly as they’re often discounted). 

SimpliSafe also offers an impressive 60-day trial period. Within that time, you can try out the security system, and understand if it works for you.

If it doesn’t meet expectations, the system can be returned free of charge. For those who are new to home security, this is a great way to find what works with your needs.

With Vivint, pricing is unique to each customer - which makes it difficult to get an idea of what you’re expected to spend.

Vivint requires potential customers to have a phone consultation, and then they provide a quote. However, expect to pay close to $600 for the average system. Prices include the cost of installation, which is a bonus. 

Vivint has a minimal trial period, lasting only 3-days - and there have been complaints from customers who’ve tried to cancel within that time.

Essentially, once the security system is in your home, it stays there. One plus is that repairs and adjustments are free for the first 120 days.

Access to 24/7 monitoring also comes at a cost. SimpliSafe again offers the cheaper service, but Vivint isn’t much more expensive. With both systems, you can expect to spend less than a dollar a day for monitoring.

Is Vivint or SimpliSafe the right home security system for you?

Both systems have some fantastic merits, and you can expect a safe home no matter which you choose.

With SimpliSafe, you have access to a cost-effective and flexible home security package. Easy installation and a small starter system makes SimpliSafe the perfect choice for anyone renting. It’s quick to set up, and the affordable equipment offers an impressive level of monitoring.

Vivint is more expensive, but it’s also more comprehensive. The longer installation process means the system is completely integrated into the house, giving you an opportunity to monitor from a distance. Not only can you purchase in-depth home security, but you can also transform your house into a smart home.

Choosing between Vivint and SimpliSafe is about choosing which system works better for your home. With either option, you can be assured of an increased level of protection for your home and loved ones.