Simplisafe Vs Nest

In recent years Simplisafe and Nest Secure were among the most popular home security systems in the USA. And this was largely because their devices could be accessed via voice commands, for example, through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant respectively.

However, after just 3 years in the business, Google announced the discontinuation of the Nest Secure System, so that’s now no longer a thing. 

However, Google Nest is still very much a thing. It’s a line of smart home products that includes the likes of security systems, including smart locks, smart doorbells, and smart cameras.

So, in this article we’re not going to be comparing Simplisafe and Nest as security systems, but we will be comparing Simplisafe security products and devices against their equivalent counterparts by Google Nest.

We’ll do this by taking a close look at the range of smart security products they have to offer, before zoning in on some specific products, namely their smart indoor cameras. We’ll then compare and contrast them, and at the end of the article, we’ll finish with a final verdict.

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And without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Simplisafe Vs Nest Range of Smart Security Products


Simplisafe smart security products are typically marketed and sold as entire security systems, and you have to get really digging through the search pages to find any sold individually.

However, it must be said that these are not always sold as expensive high-end systems featuring 12 individual pieces and costing hundreds of dollars. They also offer smaller sets of different sizes and costs, including one that’s just made up of 5 items and costs less than $200.

And we must say, their range of smart security products is quite extensive. Of course it includes the likes of smart outdoor cameras, and smart Nanny cams, but there are several other items they’ve produced that you may never even have thought existed (well, up until now!)

Here’s a quick list of some of the other smart security products Simplisafe has to offer (and we’re only including items that can be sold individually):

  • SimpliSafe Glassbreak Sensor 
  • SimpliSafe Panic Button
  • SimpliSafe KeyFob
  • SimpliSafe Smart Lock
  • SimpliSafe Motion Sensor
  • SimpliSafe Doorbell
  • SimpliSafe Entry Sensor
  • SimpliSafe Wireless 105Db Siren


Google Nest also offers a range of smart security products. In addition to smart outdoor cameras, and smart Nanny cams, they also offer the following:

  • Google Nest Hello Doorbell
  • Google Nest x Yale Lock

Summary and Verdict

So, it is clear here that Simplisafe has a greater range of smart security products than Google Nest does.

But, it’s certainly worth noting at this point that products from both brands tend to go down very well with those who buy them. They tend to not only get lots of sales in the first place, but they also attract great customer ratings and rave reviews on the websites of the leading online retailers.

We would argue that there’s no overall winner between the two when it comes to customer experience of the product, and that they are very well matched on that front.

Simplisafe Vs Nest Smart Cameras

In this section, we’re going to be comparing their indoor cameras only, because Simplisafe smart outdoor cameras are typically only sold as part of an entire security system and are not usually available individually.

SimpliSafe Camera (1080p) - Compatible with SimpliSafe Home Security System - Latest Gen

What first struck us about this smart camera is the relatively low initial cost for the camera itself. When this article was written, the camera cost under $100. Quite the bargain in our eyes.

But what’s really great about it is that in addition to providing you with livestream video of your home, there’s also two-way audio.

This means that not only are you able to keep tabs on exactly who your kids are bringing home when you're not there, but you’re also able to hear what they say to each other, and even tell them off if they are being naughty.

Or you can simply tell them that their food is in the fridge and that you will be home soon.

The camera has a High Definition resolution, coming in at 1080 pixels, so your surveillance footage is always crisp and clear.

And you can watch all of your livestream footage directly onto your smartphone, using the Simplisafe app which is available on both Apple and Android platforms. It also offers a wide field of view, coming in at 120 degrees.

And importantly, the device also works perfectly well at night too, thanks to the built-in night vision technology.

Another great feature is its motion detection. It sends a notification to your smartphone through the app whenever motion is detected.

But you don’t have to worry, this does not mean that you get alerted every time your cat walks past the sensor! The intelligent sensors can be calibrated to detect the unique heat signature of humans.

The surveillance footage can be run 24/7. But if there’s ever an occasion when you need your privacy, that’s not a problem. The camera also features a stainless steel privacy shutter.

Installing the device is a breeze. All you have to do is plug it in, download the app, and follow the instructions on the app.

Unfortunately, while the live streaming is available free of charge, if you want to keep any recordings for future reference, you will have to pay a subscription fee. However, you will not be tied down to a long contract.

There are two subscription plans available. The more affordable option includes unlimited video recording and full control of the app. The premium option costs more than twice as much, and also includes priority police dispatch.


  • Available at a bargain price point
  • Livestream video is available 24/7
  • High Definition camera resolution
  • Surveillance direct to your smartphone
  • There’s a 120 degree field of view
  • It also features great night vision
  • It also features two-way audio
  • Motion detection - for humans only
  • Has a shutter when you need privacy
  • Unlimited video recording available
  • It’s very easy to install and use
  • Priority police dispatch available


  • Requires WiFi to work
  • Only suitable for use indoors
  • Recording footage requires a subscription
  • Some customers have reported receiving a pre-owned version

Google Nest Cam Indoor - 1st Generation - Wired Indoor Camera - Control with Your Phone and Get Mobile Alerts - Surveillance Camera with 24/7 Live Video and Night Vision

The first thing we noticed about the Google Nest nanny cam, is that it’s noticeably more expensive than the Simplisafe one. But it’s not too expensive, and doesn’t cost much more. 

We also noticed that it has had a lot more sales than the Simplisafe one, and that it has better customer ratings with the leading online retailers.

It comes with a wall mount and has a magnet at the bottom and you can bend and twist the camera anyway you like. A breeze to install.

The camera resolution is better than that of Simplisafe, and comes in at 1920 x 1080 pixels, Full High Definition. And it’s field of view is better, coming in at 130 degrees compared to Simplisafe’s 120 degrees.

We also love how it works with Amazon Alexa, but Alexa devices are sold separately.

Other than that it’s features seem to mirror those of Simplisafe. There’s motion detection, for example, and two way audio. You can get live-stream footage directly on your smartphone and receive alerts when activity is detected.

As for video recordings, as with Simplisafe, this would require a subscription. Google Nest offers two subscription plans, both of which are cheaper than the Simplisafe ones, but this does not include priority police dispatch.

You’d think that the Google Nest app would only be available on Android devices, but we were pleased to learn that you can also download it to Apple devices as well.


  • Available at a good, reasonable price
  • Livestream video is available 24/7
  • Full high Definition camera resolution
  • Surveillance direct to your smartphone
  • It works great with Amazon Alexa
  • There’s a 130 degree field of view
  • It also features great night vision
  • It also features two-way audio
  • It also features motion detection
  • It’s very easy to install and use
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty


  • Requires WiFi to work
  • Only suitable for use indoors
  • Priority police dispatch not available
  • Can’t distinguish between human and pet heat signatures

Summary and Verdict

So, technically the Google Nest indoor camera is a better camera than the Simplisafe one, with a better resolution and field of view.

As to which has the best features they are pretty much on a par. Simplisafe with its intelligent motion detection, and Google Nest with its Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Google Nest has a more expensive initial cost, but it’s subscription plans for keeping recordings are noticeably cheaper.

In our view Google Nest wins in this category. 

Final Verdict

So, simplisafe certainly has a wider range of smart security products to offer compared with Google Nest. However, when you look into their indoor cameras at least, Google Nest has superior products. And this is reflected in both their sales and in their customer ratings and reviews.