Best Hardwood Floor Polish

Hardwood floors are a classy feature to have in your home. A luxury that you will want to maintain to the fullest.

If you are wondering why you should bother polishing your hardwood floors then consider what it goes through.

The natural beauty of a hardwood floor takes a daily beating and it needs protecting. Not just cleaned, treated, or even waxed but polished. 

That timeless, gorgeous appearance can be lost over time. All those scratches from furniture being dragged across it, daily wear and tear, or your pets scratching their nails into it.

A hardwood floor could add value to your home, but not if it is scratched. That glossy shine to impress your guests is in danger if you do not polish it. Scratches and other damage marks are no match for the best hardwood floor polish.   

Using a hardwood floor polish makes those marks disappear then provides ongoing protection.

Finding the right one to keep your hardwood floor in pristine condition is crucial to keeping its value, and its gleam. To ensure your hardwood retains its timeless look, ensure you treat it with the best hardwood floor polish. 



Having guests over and really want them to admire your hardwood floors? Try Method Wood Polish for a great polish and an almond smell that really does make a cozy impression which we found in our testing.

Aside from a lot of hardwood floor polishes, you can spray away knowing that it will not result in giving off an unpleasant odor. The rich smell of almonds really works to signal a hardwood floor that has been treated well.

There is also an ethical basis behind that smell and that polish that comes from plant-based oils which do an honorable job. 

While you admire a streak-free shine and that rewarding scent, also remember that this hardwood floor polish is also cruelty-free. That’s right.

No animal testing and no phthalates are used in the product’s development. Good to know once you have sprayed and shined that hardwood floor.

Then take a look at the spray bottle. Aside from the nozzle, you can recycle that too. 


  • Almond Scent - Once you have polished your hardwood floor, enjoy that lovely almond scent
  • Spray Bottle - Handy application that you can just spray then wipe
  • Biodegradable - The polish smells great and produces a plant-based shine
  • Cruelty-Free - The formula is free of phthalates and is not tested on animals
  • Versatile - You can also use this hardwood polish on cabinets and furniture too


  • Leaky Bottle - Some reports that the bottles can leak


Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Easy Mop On Application High Gloss Finish 32oz

If you have engineered hardwood and want to bring back that high gloss shine there is an application for you.

Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish only takes an hour to polish your hardwood floor and return a glossy shine. If you are worried about how long it will last, this polish will be protected so it is durable too.

This is the ideal product if you have numerous scratches that are deep in the hardwood floor surface that you want to get rid of. It should also make light work of scuff marks and then bond to the current finish on your hardwood floor too.

No waxy build-up nor stains and the bottle should cover 525 square feet which we liked in our testing of this product. The formula is agreeably non-toxic so no need to worry about your pets or the kids. Just make sure they do not get scratching your lovingly restored hardwood floor again


  • Scratch Filling - If you have pets who like to get their nails out, this is a great hardwood floor restorer to help fill in those scratches and remove scuff marks too
  • Bonding - The restorer actively bonds to any existing finish, reducing stains and a waxy build-up
  • Large Application - With one bottle you can cover up to 525 square feet
  • Non-Toxic Formula - Ideal for polyurethane finished wood floors
  • Quick Drying - The hardwood floor should be dry completely within an hour


  • Slippery - Though the polish dries within an hour, the floor can still remain slippery


HOWARD RF6016 RF3016 Restor-A-Finish, 16 oz, Dark Walnut

Knowing how busy your house is, you will want a hardwood floor polish that can withstand heavy foot traffic. A darker hardwood floor can really show up those scratches so find a polish to break through.

HOWARD Restor-A-Finish is a more heavy-duty hardwood floor polish and one that really did well in our testing. If you were thinking about stripping your hardwood, try this first before even considering that.

After applying, your hardwood floor should have its antique look back and without the damage marks. Aren’t you glad you simply got the best hardwood floor polish instead?

Those watermarks and white heat rings may look daunting yet watch them be quickly removed. As for sun fade and smoke damage? Gone.

It all seems far too easy with a wipe-on, wipe-off process that you can apply with a microfiber cloth. That is largely down to a unique finish penetrating formula.

Yes, that may sound threatening yet it will not remove the existing finish and it should blend out those abrasions, blemishes, and scratches. 


  • Unique Penetrating Formula - Restores the hardwood finish and blends out scratches, abrasions, and blemishes
  • Nine Colors - Match the polish to your hardwood and choose from Ebony Brown, Dark Oak, Dark Walnut, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Golden Oak, Maple-Pine or plain old Neutral
  • Easy Application - Wipe-on, then wipe-off for a complete refinishing job
  • Comprehensive Finish - Should remove watermarks, white heat rings, oxidation, sun fade, and smoke damage


  • Strong Smell - You will likely want to leave the room for a while until the polish completely dries


Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, High Gloss, 32 Fl Oz

A few basic steps can turn your lackluster hardwood floor into something that truly gleams.

With Bona Hardwood Floor Polish you can revitalize your floor and give it a new high gloss finish which we liked from our testing. This was a finish that really gleamed and produces a truly impressive shine.

A protective layer also keeps it looking good with micro scratches being a thing of the past. An antimicrobial additive is included which will protect the hardwood floor from mold and mildew growth, even bacteria. 

This is a great hardwood floor polish for aging boards that require a new lease of life. Before you give up on your antique hardwood floors, use this to restore their appearance.

The versatility of the polish means that it is safe to use on unoiled and unwaxed floors, even those hardwood floors that are polyurethane finished. 


  • High Gloss Finish - Once applied, your hardwood floor will get the durable shine it deserves
  • Safe To Use - Whether your hardwood floor is unoiled, unwaxed, or polyurethane finished, this floor polish is completely safe
  • Antimicrobial Additive - Designed and included to mitigate bacteria, as well as mold and mildew growth
  • Protective Layer - For a long-lasting shine and one where micro scratches are removed


  • Removal - Instructions suggest that the floor polish should be removed every four to six months to avoid a residue


Orange Glo Hardwood Floor 4-in-1

Most floor polishes simply polish and that is it. Should your hardwood floor really need some work then use a multipurpose product.

The Orange Glo Hardwood Floor 4-in-1 will polish as well as clean, revitalize, and protect. Now that is multipurpose.

During our testing of this product, we were pleased with how durable it was and it should prove long-lasting, even in a room with high foot traffic. 

With so many other products that claim to polish your hardwood floor, this one proved great for a budget. If you clean your floor once a month, then make sure you can fill in any scratches and provide protection from water damage.

With this multipurpose floor polish, you can also leave a durable shine while also cleaning and revitalizing the hardwood floor. 


  • Four Uses - Not only will this polish your hardwood floors but clean, protect, and revitalize
  • Durable - Surprisingly long-lasting and an impressive performance amidst heavy foot traffic
  • Budget-Friendly - For a hardwood floor polish, the pricetag shows real value for money
  • Orange Scent - Rewardingly refreshing after application


  • Ingredient List - There are some concerns that the label is not wholly clear on what goes into the product

Best Hardwood Floor Polish Buying Guide

Hardwood floors should be treated with the utmost care. After all, they look glorious and could add value to your home.

Treat them well and look after them like you would a precious antique. That means regular cleaning, the odd wax, and definitely polishing for a beautiful shine. You should also take care of scratches and blemishes whenever you start to notice them.

Applying a hardwood floor polish should not be a one-off event either. Sure, a lot of hardwood floor polishes will offer protection against damage and even against pets.

However, re-applying your hardwood floor polish means continuing to protect it and maintaining the shine. Finding the best hardwood floor polish goes a long way to ensuring it continues to impress and is protected against damage marks and scratches.

Best Hardwood Floor Polish


An ideal hardwood floor polish likely has more than one purpose. You could find one that is multipurpose to the extent that it polishes and also cleans, revitalizes, and protects.

A lot of hardwood floor polishes also work to fill in scratches too which is good to know if you have pets or need to move out a piece of furniture. 


Finding an easy to apply hardwood floor polish could make the whole job easier to manage. Especially if you do not want to leave any marks or residue on your valuable floor.

Some hardwood floor polishes can be sprayed on then wiped while others can be poured then mopped. You may also want to have a buffer at hand in case you want to disperse some polish and avoid a buildup. 


Several hardwood floor polishes include instructions for how long they should last and when is an ideal time to re-polish. If your hardwood floor sees a lot of foot traffic then you may prefer to re-apply the polish every two to three months.

Perhaps a monthly treatment is in order if you have a particularly busy household. For hardwood floors that do not see as much action, you may simply want to check up on it every so often. Some hardwood floors may only require a re-polish every six months if that.  

Drying Time

The length of time it takes for the polish to dry on your hardwood floor should be mentioned on the container. However, these drying times are usually defined by test conditions that may differ from your home.

For instance, like mopping a floor, in the heat of summer, the drying of a hardwood floor polish would be quicker than in colder conditions.

You should always ensure that you give your hardwood floor as much time as possible to dry. Hardwood floors that have not thoroughly dried can soon look patchy when stepped on. 

Alternatively, you may want to apply several layers of polish, in which case be patient and wait for the first layer to completely dry. Ensure that the room is well ventilated if you want to quicken up the drying time.

Remember that a rushed job could give the hardwood floor an undesirable milky look.

Some hardwood floor polishes claim to only need half an hour of drying time yet it is always wise to err on the side of caution and give it as much time as you can.


If there is one precaution to take with hardwood floor polish it is to check before you apply. Maybe find a corner underneath a rug or curtain to perform a patch test to see how well the polish looks.

Leave it for a while simply to see if the polish still looks good and has not created any damage or undesirable marks to the hardwood floor. You can also check the label for any specific directions or to learn whether the polish is suitable for your hardwood floors.

It should go without saying that if you are unsure of how safe the hardwood floor polish is then wear gloves. A general precaution and one to make the polishing easier is to remove any obstacles, pets, or people from the room.

You may need some assistance rolling up any carpets or shifting large pieces of furniture. 

Type of Finish

As there are different types of hardwood floor polish, there are also different types of finishes that they provide. You could want a natural finish to show off the classic look of the hardwood itself.

A high gloss finish may be preferable simply for that Wow factor that comes from a shiny hardwood floor. Depending on the room you may not want to opt for a finish that will leave a slippery floor.

Again, a patch test is a good way of finding out before applying the polish. 

Possible Buildup/Residue 

Be wary that a lot of hardwood floor polishes are based on wax formulas. If so, they tend to leave a layer on top of the hardwood floor. Try to find out if the hardwood floor polish involves any wax first before applying.

As a general rule, you should always clear your hardwood floor before applying a polish so none of that dirt gets mixed in. With a thoroughly clean floor, you can avoid a residue or buildup and have a shiny, smooth hardwood floor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ideal way to look after hardwood floors?

There are various ways of ensuring that your hardwood floor remains in excellent antique condition. You could sweep it every day to remove excess dirt and animal hair.

Removing spills promptly will also help ensure that they do not become stains. On a weekly basis, you should hoover your hardwood floors for regular upkeep as you would most rooms. 

In general, hardwood floors struggle to handle vast amounts of water so keep mopping to a monthly schedule and only mop lightly.

A polish or deep clean using water and vinegar can be performed when you believe your hardwood floor requires it which may only be when it looks dull. If it becomes dirty over time, even after all the other cleaning, then maybe polish every couple of months or so. 

Why is it important to polish a hardwood floor?

If your hardwood floor looks dull then you will want to restore that shine. A gloss-finish hardwood floor can be really impressive for guests and will make the hardwood floor last longer.

Polishing your hardwood floor regularly should also remove scratches and damage marks. Not only will you restore the shine on the surface but you will be adding a protective layer and maintaining the hardwood.