What Color Hardwood Floor With Cherry Cabinets

Choosing A Hardwood Floor To Suit Cherry Cabinets

What Color Hardwood Floor With Cherry Cabinets

Cherry Cabinets

Cherry is a premium hardwood with light to darker tones of red. It has natural resistance to rot and decay, strength and durability. If solid cherry cabinets are too expensive, cabinets stained to look like cherry wood in the same palette are an alternative. Cherry cabinets have been around for a while and remain a popular choice. They have stood the test of time.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are long-lasting, durable and easy to clean. They can be sanded back and re-stained to update the color. Being made of hard wood, these floors are able to cope with the vicissitudes of busy lives.

You’ll want a hardwood floor with cherry cabinets that enhances the tones in the cabinets, whilst bringing its own beauty to the table. You may opt to get flooring and cherry cabinets in the same palette or you may prefer to go for contrasts.

Color Tones

Remember that cherry wood doesn’t stay the same color; it darkens to a rich wine color due to time and exposure to light, making dark cherry cabinets that have tones different to the tones when newly purchased. Choose the hardwood floor based not on the color of the cherry cabinets when newly installed, but rather on the color they will become in time.

Select a hardwood floor material that will highlight the reddish undertones of cherry cabinets, such as those having deep reddish brown hues. Avoid complex patterns or textures which distract from the fine wood grain of the darker cherry cabinets.


Review samples of hardwood floors, primarily with dark wood cabinets in mind, but also considering countertop color schemes, color of appliances, kitchen walls, window treatments, ceilings, available light and decor.

Sample color schemes. Only by testing and comparing color schemes can you get a good idea of what would work for you.

Decorating Style

Take your decorating style into account. Warm, light colored floors such as maple wood, oak, aspen, hickory or pecan are ideal for a casual look. If you want a more formal look, then darker woods such as Brazilian cherry wood or other exotics are preferable.

How do you like your decorating done? Consider using cherry wood for the baseboard trim to tie in with the hue of the cabinets. Consider whether you will be using the same hardwood throughout the home, or if the wood floors will join to carpet or tile.


Choose pre-finished, durable, stain-resistant, superior quality wood flooring materials that will stand up to moisture, spills and foot traffic. This is an investment, and flooring that will stand up to the test of time, as cherry cabinets have done, is worth researching into.

Get Inspiration

Go to decorator showrooms and room displays for ideas. Home decorating magazines can also give a wealth of ideas and tips, as can online shopping, to get the timeless elegance you seek.

Personal Style

Lifestyle, tastes, the kind of overall look that appeals to you should inform choices. You know what your daily life is like and whether personal comfort and convenience matters more than impact on others or vice versa. Be true to yourself. After all, a person’s home is their castle!

Type Of Hardwood

Type Of Hardwood

Natural hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, bamboo and cork flooring, made from the cork oak tree, are great options. Native hardwoods include oak, maple, walnut, cherry, birch and hickory. Exotic woods like acacia, tamarind, nutmeg (very similar to wood), mahogany and teak also work well with cherry wood.


You also have the option to choose a stain color that blends, contrasts or complements your cherry cabinets. There is a wide range of stains out there so do your research and find the one that appeals to you.

Cherry Wood Cabinets With Cherry Hardwood Floors

What Color Floor With Cherry Cabinets? – Home Decor Bliss

Cherry floors stained exactly the same color as your cherry cabinets make your entire kitchen cohesive, but it may be overwhelming. Choosing colors in the same palette can work better. Cherry cabinets with lighter cherry floors creates a flow in color, bringing uniformity and brightness. Darker brown floors overpower the cabinets and could make the room seem overbearing. Of course, personal taste and style is what matters. You know the look you are after and how you want your rooms to feel.

A stain in shades lighter, like light oak or maple stain, provides contrast to the cabinets and brings out the texture of the cherry’s wood grains in the floor.

Cherry Cabinets With White Hardwood Floors

White Wood Flooring

White is a neutral color, and white floors looks fresh, visually extend the room and make it look larger. White hardwood floors reflects light and this can really make a difference in smaller spaces.

You can create your own whitewashed wood white floors by staining untreated hardwood with a mixture of white paint and water. The whitewashed effect can be very charming. Have a look at some examples of it before deciding to do it yourself.

White woods of light color that work well with cherry wood include holly and hickory. Maple can be a good choice providing it is white maple without any hint of green. There is a clash between cherry and green; although if you like color clashes then the choice is yours.

Cherry Cabinets With Pale Colored Hardwood Floors

What Color Floor With Cherry Cabinets? – Homenish

Pale-colored floor colors, with wood floors having yellow or gold grains running through, complement the tones in light cherry without competing or clashing with them.

Beige is a natural color with warm, soft and subtle tones. The golden undertone of beige flooring can make the cherry kitchen cabinets feel more mellow. There are many variations of the color beige, from pale ivory tones to darker camel shades.

The lighter color of beige you opt for, the more intense the contrast will be with the cherry cabinets. Darker shades of beige will result in a lower contrast between the two colors and create a more harmonious atmosphere.

A quality-made bamboo floor in a light blonde stain works very well against cherry kitchen cabinets and provides textural contrast. A bamboo floor is also durable, holds up well to stains, spills and heavy household use while still looking good.

Cherry Cabinets With Brown Hardwood Floors

Brown Wood Flooring (Homenish)

Some cherry wood has quite a lot of light brown tones, so hardwood floors that are the same basic color can co-ordinate very well to create a soft effect. A light brown hardwood floor in the same color family would work best, unless you want the more powerful effect of dark brown hardwood. There is something very comforting and homely about wood surroundings.

Cherry Cabinets With Gray Hardwood Floors

Grey and other cool shades can work well. Grey undertones in wood flooring surfaces can be achieved by staining hardwood with gray stain. Grey flooring can be found in various shades of grey, but generally the overall look in the end is a weathered, natural look. Grey wood flooring balances out the warmth in cherry cabinets, while the visible wood grain means the flooring doesn’t feel cold and clinical.

Grey flooring colors with cool blue or green undertones levels out the richness in the cherry cabinets and can be very soothing.

Dark grey color floors ground the space in a larger room and detract from the cherry cabinets so, if you want to detract from your cherry cabinetry then this is the way to go.

Mid to light grey flooring would work better in a small kitchen to prevent it becoming too dark.

A warm shade of grey with orange or yellow undertones, or which appears to be crossed with beige, sometimes referred to as ‘greige’, can work well to create a warmer overall effect.

Grey toned wood flooring

Cherry Cabinets With Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark wood flooringCherry wood is a medium shade, so dark woods can contrast nicely. A hardwood that is several shades darker achieves a good contrast; ensure it has the same tones as cherry wood to prevent clashing.

Dark woods which work well with cherry cabinets include wenge, ebony, and blackwood. Dark woods with golden tones, rather than red tones, work better to avoid too much red. Avoid mahoganies because there is a lot of red in mahogany.

So, There We Have It …

Cherry cabinets and hardwood flooring go together like hand in glove. It is simply a matter of knowing what would suit your lifestyle and preferences in terms of atmosphere and color preferences, finding the right hardwood to fit the bill and checking that you like the effect by sampling and re Just choose the tones you want to bring out for the effect you favor!