Cali Bamboo Floor Review

When searching for the right flooring, you want to know that it will last. It can be a hard decision to make, especially with so many options on the market, and this can make the process draining. However, have you considered bamboo flooring?If this is something of curiosity, continue reading to find out our honest opinion on Cali Bamboo flooring. Who knows? This could be the answer you need.

Why Choose Bamboo?

When you think of flooring, bamboo is probably not the first thing to jump into your mind. We know bamboo as a type of grass, yet with flooring it behaves like it is your traditional wood.

You think of oak, vinyl flooring, laminate, but bamboo isn’t something spoke of commonly everyday. However, bamboo flooring is growing more popular by the minute and is great for someone who is looking for alternative and non-traditional options.If you are wanting to try something different and have a bamboo floor, it is important to know of the positives and negatives before going further.

You want to have your flooring installed knowing all about bamboo – the good and the bad. As well as this, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right person for the job. Could Cali be that choice?


Cali Bamboo

The Good

Putting The Environment First

By choosing bamboo flooring, you are joining Cali in saving thousands of trees. Bamboo is one of the greatest renewable resources and you are working on protecting the demolishing of trees by choosing this sustainable option of flooring.

As we know, bamboo is a type of grass, and once that bamboo is cut and used, we know that it is always growing. Deforestation, however, is a broad issue known worldwide, wood from trees being used for many things.

It is used for making furniture, musical instruments, and much more, but with every luxury we get, the more we are destroying habitats and the climate.

Deciding to use bamboo flooring will be putting the environment first, choosing a floor which will benefit everyone.


What is great about bamboo flooring is its finish. Not only do you have an option of finish with Cali, but it can be refinished in future years too. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about your flooring not looking perfect in years to come.

By having it refinished, you are guaranteed that fresh new look every time. Cali gives their customers the freedom to pick the finish they desire. Whether you’d prefer it smooth and clean or rugged and lived-in, the option is all yours.

As well as this, you also have the option to choose which color you’d like. Whether you want it brown, dark brown, black, gray, or perhaps a natural tan, the option is up to you.

Cali knows how to make your house feel like a home, responding to however you’d prefer your floors. With a great finish, you will be sure to feel more than satisfied with the results.

Easy To Maintain

Bamboo flooring is very easy to manage. All you need to do is sweep or vacuum it to get rid of dust and debris, and you only need to mop from time to time when it suits you.

Compared to the usual hardwood, bamboo flooring is made to be resistant to water damage (this is because of the vulnerability of bamboo and water) so you do not have to worry about any accidental spills destroying your newly installed floors so long as you are being responsible.

It is inevitable that over time your floors, however, will become damaged, but that is the beauty of the refinishing properties of bamboo. Simply call someone in and they will sand down your floors and reapply the sealing coating to make it just like new.


When it comes to planning out our home, we cannot forget cost. They say it is worth spending more to receive better quality, but with bamboo flooring there is no need to fear price.

You will find that bamboo flooring is typically very affordable, costing around $2-$8 per square foot. This is a great option a customer who is on a budget yet are wanting to transform their entire home.


Cali bamboo is durable, known to last a sufficient amount of time.

By going through a Fossilized manufacturing process, Cali guarantees that your bamboo flooring will last much longer than regular hardwood. This is ideal for people with big families or people with pets.

The Bad

Can Easily Scratch

Although bamboo does offer a great finish with great properties, it is prone to being easily scratched. There are many factors which can cause your bamboo floor to scratch – shoes, vacuum cleaners, dog paws. However, this shouldn’t be enough to put you off.

If you are worried about choosing Cali just know that they offer an amazing 50 year residential warranty which protects you in the future.

Knowing you have that warranty, you can be reassured that you have a lifetime of protection. If anything goes wrong, you have Cali by your side.

Changes In Humidity Prone To Causing Cracks

As well as scratches, cracks are an issue as well. If you live in a warmer climate and are having your bamboo flooring installed, you could be at risk of the floor planks swelling; this happens because of the moisture in the air.

This goes the same way for much lower climates, the bamboo cracking due to the temperature.

Before choosing bamboo flooring, it would be best to speak to a professional about what they recommend based on where you are living and the humidity.

Although Cali offers a 50 year warranty, you don’t want to be in a position where you are having to start again from square one because of ruined flooring.

Looking After Your Bamboo Flooring

We have discovered the many positives of bamboo flooring but have also discovered how looking after it can be a challenge.

It is prone to being scratched and the change in humidity can cause cracks, so it is important to know how to look after this flooring before you take that plunge and decide to choose bamboo.Below we will be listing some top tips, helping you learn how to maintain your bamboo floor and prepare you.

Start Removing Your Shoes

Not everyone removes their shoes as soon as they enter their house, especially if they have wooden flooring. But with something like bamboo flooring, it will be good to jump into that habit. The more heavy shoes stepping on this flooring, the weaker it becomes.

Get used to walking on your flooring with socks/bare footed to protect the quality of your floor. Furthermore, you can be reassured that you will feel comfortable walking on the floor bare footed due to the great quality of the bamboo.

Place Felt Pads Under Your Furniture

Another good tip is to start placing felt pads under your furniture (for example, under table legs).

By doing this, you are releasing pressure from the floor and are preventing possible scratching. It is also encouraged to be careful how you move your furniture on bamboo flooring (that means no more scraping your chair at the dinner table).

Avoid Using Steam Mops At All Costs

This point is very important as going against this rule can drastically ruin your flooring. Bamboo is made from grass, not wood, therefore is not waterproof.

Using a steam mop will therefore damage your bamboo flooring greatly. Because of this, it is also important to clean up spillages as soon as it happens. Do not wait for the liquid to sink into the bamboo and ruin.

Personal Experience

Upon using bamboo flooring, it has been a positive experience. It was not only positive for the condition of the flooring but positive because of the good we knew we were doing.

With bamboo flooring we are playing our part in protecting our trees all whilst being rewarded with great quality floors. Bamboo flooring is something that everyone should give a chance, and there is no better company to trust than Cali.

Final Thoughts

The flooring you decide to choose is completely up to you, however it is important to recognize what makes a product both good and bad.

It is safe to say that Cali is a trusted company who offers reasonable pricing and a brilliant 50 year warranty. As well as this, they are also sustainable, putting the environment first.

Cali Bamboo Reviews

Bamboo flooring is a great investment for anyone and is a great alternative choice to the generic hardwood.

But before choosing bamboo flooring, first consider these questions: Do you own any pets? Do you have a big family? Do you want flooring options? Do you want your flooring to last a lifetime?

These are only some of the many important questions to think about when considering using bamboo.Escape the norm and try having a flooring which is unique and will turn your house into a home.

Choose from Cali’s bamboo flooring options – distressed, hand scraped, smooth surface, water resistant – and be amazed by the results. You will be happy that you chose Cali flooring and once installed you will never look back.