Vitrazza Review

Over the last couple of years, a lot of people have needed to create or at least spruce up their home office area.

Whether due to being required to work at home, or just because increased time spent at home lets you focus in on what around your house needs a revamp, the home office has become a much more frequented room or space within the home. 

The things that people might have clocked to first could include a better laptop/desktop, a better, more ergonomic chair, or possibly the best possible desk for their space. Something that you may not have considered to be important at first but potentially wish you had is a desk chair mat.

Regardless of what kind of chair you find most comfortable for a long workday, you maybe have found that the frequent movement of an office chair is leaving a noticeable amount of damage on your carpet or hard wood floors.

Dents and scratches are the last thing you want to have to worry about, especially in rented accommodation. So what can you do about it? Well you can get a chair mat, for one thing. And not just any chair mat, a custom sized glass chair mat from Vitrazza.

Why Glass?

Now I get that I may have lost some of you there. The idea of sitting and rolling about on a sheet of glass doesn’t sound like the safest of all activities, but the Vitrazza Prima Collection is no IPhone screen.

These glass chair mats are made with a sturdy 1/4″ thick safety glass that is absolutely guaranteed to be able to hold whatever chair or occupant is going to use it. In fact, this glass is so strong that it basically leaves all the alternative plastic office chair mats in the dust. This tempered glass matt is able to withstand far more than a plastic mat, and look so much better whilst doing it. The glass chair mat is also much easier to clean and keep clean, as glass is a non-porous material compared to plastic mats, which means that there’s nowhere for daily dirt to get trapped in.


Vitrazza Glass Office Chair Mat Rectangle

Designed To Last

Your biggest worry when it comes to glass chair mats might be the chances of the mat becoming scratched or scuffed, but fear not! Vitrazza designs their glass mats with a scratch resistant surface, thanks to the Invisible Shield Pro15 non-tech coating.

This means you can let your four legged friends come spend time with you at your feet without the fear of dog or cat claws scratching up and clouding your beautiful new mat. Vitrazza also takes your floors into mind, and features durable bezels that act as a barrier between the mat and your hard wood floor. This space guarantees that you keep your floors just as pristine as ever; no more chair-made scuff marks. Vitrazza is so confident in their own products that they include a transferrable lifetime warranty with all of their products – confidence like that is difficult to ignore.

Offering A Wide Range Of Options

There are four different kinds of mat that Vitrazza offers, including rectangular, square, circular, and tabbed. This is an area that Vitrazza really sets itself above the rest of the competition, because of the wide variety of options that they offer.

I particularly like the tabbed shape, which means you can put the mat underneath the desk as well as taking up space around it as well.

I like being able to pull my desk chair super close to the desk as well as move around to grab things that might be a little further away, and messing around lifting the chair on and off the mat can be a pain. Each of the four shapes that they can make come in a large variety of sizing, making it super easy to find the glass chair mat to fit your space the best. And if you can’t find a size that suits you, you can even get a customizable size option. Obviously this option does cost a bit more money, and it does take longer to get shipped out, if you have a particularly large office area that you need protected, you Vitrazza are going to be your best shot at a simplified way to get what you need.


I could go on and on about how well the Vitrazza is built, but that doesn’t mean anything compared to how it performs its duty. And to that note I can say that the glass chair mat performance just as well as it’s built.

The rounded edges make moving on and off the chair mat super simple if you happen to move around a lot, like I do. You may even find, like I did, that it feels as though your office chair is brand new. You’ll feel how your chair rolls effortlessly where it used to get stuck on lumps or bits getting caught up in the carpet. Installation is as easy as anything since there’s nothing to assemble – just pop the stabil-a-dots on the corners of the glass mat then lay on the ground.

There should be several sizes of dots included with your product, the smaller ones are intended for a hardwood floor or tiles, whereas the larger sizer are meant for putting on carpet, and they can even be used on high-pile carpets without damaging the floor beneath.

Other Benefits

On top of the transferrable lifetime warranty, Vitrazza also offers a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy fully secure in the knowledge that if you end up not being happy with the purchase or you’re unsatisfied, that you can change your mind and return it within 30 days. Vitrzza also has the option to use Luminoso glass in their Primo collection, instead of standard glass. This low iron glass is a more transparent option so that you can still show off your flooring with less distortion.

The Luminoso glass also has brighter edges, which makes them easier to see and easier to separate the office chair space from the rest of the room.

Vitrazza Reviews

Things To Bear In Mind

I don’t really have enough to include a negative section in this review, as the issues you may have or things you need to bear in mind don’t really contribute to a negative score in my head, but I will include them just in case they’re factors for you. For one thing, these mats are heavy. Especially if you need a large mat, then you’re going to need two people around to carry the mat and get it settled in your office space.

If that’s not an option then you might need to hire someone to come and help you get it sorted, as there is nothing that the company can do about the fact that the product is so heavy. I don’t consider this a major downside as it’s the same heaviness that makes this mat super strong. Another potential issue is the very smoothness I was compliment previously. It’s worth keeping in mind that with increased mobility could take a little bit to get used to, and you’ll want to be careful whilst you adjust so to not have an accident. And the final thing that you’ll want to bare in mind is the fact that these mats are expensive. You can’t really expect to find a large plate of tempered glass that’s strong enough to hold a bulky chair and a whole person without getting scuffed up for a low price.

If you’re particularly conscious of your budget then you might need to find a plastic mat. However, if you can stretch to something more premium, you will absolutely get what you pay for.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to properly upgrade your office setup, then you need to get yourself a Vitrazza glass mat. It’s the best option for protecting both your floors and your chair from the damage of being at your desk most of the day. Vitrazza tops their quality design and product off with excellent customer service that promises to take care of any and all problems that might arise.

Whatever the size of your space, whether big or small, Vitrazza is going to have a mat that will fit your needs perfectly, and because of that, I don’t think you can do any better.