How To Hide A Security Camera Outside

Security cameras are an amazing invention and a great security precaution to incorporate into your home. Leaving them clearly visible can act as a great deterrent to some intruders, as it shows their appearance will be recorded, making it more likely for them to be caught and charged. 

How To Hide A Security Camera Outside

However, a visible security camera can also leave you open to further vandalism. Some people are scared that intruders will steal or damage visible security cameras, rendering them totally ineffective. 

This article will take you through a number of different ways to hide and conceal your external security cameras. This will allow them to work and record any illicit activities inconspicuously. 

Is Hiding Your Security Camera Necessary?

As we have mentioned, not all homeowners will feel the need to conceal their security camera.

If you are aiming to prevent thefts or break-ins, you might decide that on balance, a visible security camera is a better choice. This will ensure the criminals can see they are being recorded, which often acts as a sufficiently strong deterrent for criminality. 

You may wish to install a fake or decoy security camera in a clearly visible location, and conceal a second, properly functioning security camera in a more concealed area. This will work as both a deterrent and as an actual camera.

They are unlikely to suspect anything, meaning that once they have stolen or damaged the decoy they feel confident that they are not being observed, playing right into your hands. Fake security cameras often cost less than $30 and are very easy to install. 

Inside A Birdhouse

Birdhouses are typically made of solid, opaque materials such as wood. They will have a small circular opening in the front to allow birds to travel in and out. These are typically the perfect size to fit the lens of a security camera through. 

Place your security camera inside the birdhouse and point the camera through the opening. Point the front of the birdhouse at strategic locations around your home, where crimes may potentially occur. These could be windows, the roof, or one of your house’s doors. 

Criminals are unlikely to spend the time checking out your garden decorations, meaning that this is a hugely inconspicuous location to store a security camera. 

In A Tree Or Bush

Another good place to hide a security camera is in the branches and leaves of garden foliage. Thick leaves can do wonders to camouflage almost anything on a tree, hence why they make such great habitats for a variety of wildlife. 

The same principle applies to security cameras. Place them deep enough within the plant and they will be invisible unless you are specifically on the hunt for it.

There are a couple of issues with this method though. There is a chance that the camera could be knocked out, damaged, or obscured by wildlife moving about the foliage.

Similarly, the leaves of the shrubbery could obstruct the lens of the camera, meaning it is not an effective security measure any more.  

In A Fake Rock 

Other garden decorations can be used to conceal a security camera. This could be in the form of fake rocks or garden gnomes that have been hollowed out in the center. Grab a large drill bit and make a hole in one side that is the same diameter as the lens of your camera. 

Once this hole has been made, slot your camera inside and align the hole with the lens. We recommend using a few strips of electrical tape to secure the camera in place and prevent it from slipping.

Place the rock or gnome in an appropriate location where it has a clear view of your home. A clay pot or an old watering can would work in a similar way. 

Concealed Design 

There are a number of home security cameras designed to be inconspicuous and to look like other things. An example of this is a security camera designed to look like a doorbell or an external light.

These come at a variety of price points and levels of effectiveness. We advise shopping around until you find one that is perfect to suit your needs.

In Your Mailbox

A mailbox is another handy hiding spot for a security camera. As with the fake rock method, you will need to use a drill bit to create a hole in the mailbox for the camera lens to poke out of. 

This is a good idea, although one of the least convenient of our suggestions. The mailman is likely to knock the camera out of position when putting your mail in the box, which could reduce the effectiveness of the security measure.

As well as this, the hole in the mailbox is likely to be very noticeable, meaning that the camera can be found and stolen or broken very easily. 

In A PVC Pipe

This is not so much a technique for hiding your security camera, as it is for hiding the camera wires. Thread them through a length of thin PVC piping cut to an appropriate length.

This is much more inconspicuous than leaving a bunch of exposed wires on the side of your home. Criminals may notice the wires and follow them to your hidden camera, making hiding it virtually pointless. 

Securing a length of PVC pipe to the side of your home makes it look like nothing more than water pipes. If your camera is mounted close to the floor, you may wish to dig a shallow trench in which to bury the piping to hide it even further. 

If this seems like too much hassle, there are a number of wireless security cameras available for purchase. These are typically a little more expensive to buy, but often are a lot easier to hide and install.

We recommend looking for a security camera that automatically uploads your video stream to a cloud storage system. This means that even if your camera is damaged, stolen, or destroyed, you will retain the incriminating footage.