Best Solar Powered Security Camera

Solar energy has become increasingly popular in recent years. What are the benefits? The primary benefit of using solar power is the effect on the environment.

Solar power uses energy from the sun eliminating the need to draw energy off the grid, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment.

You will also be happy in the knowledge that you are doing a small part in protecting the environment for future generations.

The solar power cameras work with an inverter that changes the direct current from the sun to alternating current or AC. No wires or cables are required, making them a super convenient option. 

The use of natural energy also means that solar power is more affordable.

Security cameras are operating 24/7 meaning that electricity costs can be high. Solar panel security cameras also reduce the labor cost involved in installation.

In addition, statistics show that the increase in people using solar power has meant that prices have come down and are more competitive than ever, it’s thought to have decreased by a whopping 70%, so now is the time to buy.

So, let's look at some of the best security cameras on the market at the moment. 


Outdoor Solar Security Camera 1080P Waterproof Dome Camera WiFi PTZ Pan/Title Night Vision PIR Motion Detection Two-Way Audio Cloud/SD Card Storage 18000mAh Battery Powered

This 1080p dome camera is super easy to install and works by connecting to Wi-Fi on a downloadable app on your smart device.

You don’t need to charge it, and it can be controlled remotely when away from the home. It is waterproof meaning you can keep it running come rain or shine. 

The camera allows you to communicate through the app via a microphone and has a built-in loudspeaker. In addition, you can watch videos live from the app wherever you are located. 

The camera can rotate making it an effective device for recording videos from all angles. It contains LED lights meaning it works well in the night giving you a clear view of potential intruders.

It provides instant alerts to your phone when it is triggered by movement. Furthermore, it has also been programmed to differentiate between animals and humans.

Videos are stored within the camera as well as providing cloud based storage for easy access. Reviews are mostly good, and product users comment on the efficiency of use. 


  • Remote 
  • Easy to use 
  • Night vision


  • Must set up an iCloud account 
  • Doesn’t rotate automatically


REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera Wireless Rechargeable Battery 1080P Home Surveillance Support Cloud Night Vision PIR Motion Detection SD Slot, Argus Pro with Solar Panel

The Reolink camera is an affordable option and comes in cheaper than the previous contender. Easy to install, this camera offers a rechargeable battery that’s suited to inside and outdoors. 

A nice feature of this camera is that it is Alexa enabled, so you can give it voice commands through an echo dot.

Download the Reolink app to view videos and save to the Reolink cloud. There will also be a copy of videos saved to the camera’s SD card. 

The app also has a handy privacy mask, so you can block out neighbors' property view or public footpaths and walkways. 

Two way speakers enable you to communicate with people in the yard including delivery drivers or visitors.

A great little camera to deter potential intruders or provide instructions to visitors in your absence.  

Reviews are good and most people find the camera easy to use and an affordable option that they recommend to others.

People love the wireless nature of the product. 


  • Cheap 
  • Small and compact 
  • Voice activated


  • Speaker a little distorted 
  • Daytime sharpness not perfect 


Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi 360° PTZ Camera, ieGeek 15000mAh Solar Security Camera Battery Powered, Home Surveillance Camera with 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection, 1080P Night Vision, SD/Cloud

The PTZ ieGeek camera has the benefit of 4dbi antennas giving the camera a super stable reception and supports 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi.

The cloud edge app has the handy feature of locating the best signal to assist with placement. It’s easy to install and requires no lead or wires, just a handy bracket fixed to the wall. 

The camera is able to fully rotate and can be controlled within the app, no need for manual rotation. You are able to adjust the camera and the bracket if required.

In addition, It also comes with a high quality color sensor that records clear images and videos and automatically detects nighttime and switches mode. 

The PTZ also has sophisticated technology that identifies humans to avoid the alarm going off due to animals and wildlife. 

The alarm plan is customizable, so you can choose when the camera sends you an alert and for what reason.

You can also allow access to other family members if you want to get away for a minimal technology holiday. 


  • Good Wi-Fi connection 
  • Remote rotation 
  • Clear videos


  • Slightly pricey 


VOSKER V150-V | LTE Cellular Security Camera, No Wi-Fi Needed | Security Pack | Solar-Powered Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Camera | Receive Photos on Your Mobile App from Virtually Anywhere (V150-V)

This camera is a compact, portable and affordable security device.

You can get photos sent to smartphones or tablets. It’s not Wi-Fi enabled but has a super long battery life along with a built-in solar panel.

It’s ideal for areas that don’t have Wi-Fi and electricity is limited.  No extra subscriptions needed as the camera comes with a SIM card that connects to the VOSKER cloud. 

The camera comes with high quality motion detection to detect movement and its wide angle allows for a panoramic view. 


  • Portable 
  • Don’t need Wi-Fi 
  • Long battery life


  • No live video 


Wireless Security Camera Outdoor, Zumimall Solar Powered Surveillance Camera, 1080POutdoor WiFiSecurity Camera,NightVision,Two WayAudio, PIR Motion Detection, IP65 Waterproof

The Zumimall camera is ideal for those that want a powerful battery. It runs endlessly, and you’re able to recharge the battery with no worries of running out. 

The wireless option works seamlessly, and the pack comes with enhanced antennas for optimal performance. 

The camera detects only humans and will instantly alert you via smart device.

It’s easy to keep tabs on activity at your home or place of business. Infrared LEDs means that picture quality is sharp even in the dark. 

As with most of them this camera has a two-way talking option for easy communication when away from your home with shared access with family.

The camera has mostly 5-star reviews with the night vision being a definite plus although specific details can be compromised. 


  • Wireless 
  • Long battery life 
  • Sharp LEDs


  • Some trouble connecting to Wi-Fi 


Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, Solar Powered WiFi System, Pan Tilt, 2K Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Works with Alexa/ Google Assistant/ Cloud for Video Surveillance, REOLINK Argus PT w/ Solar Panel

The solar-powered Reolink Argus has everything you need in a high quality security camera. It’s wireless, has a long battery life and designed to endure any weather conditions. 

The camera has the ability to turn 140 degrees vertically and 355 horizontally with 1080p HD.

The tilt and pan provides crisp and clear color images and is enhanced due to a clever image sensor that works excellently even when light is poor. 

The Argus records live videos to the integrated card as well as the cloud. It also works with Google Assistant and responds well to voice commands.

You can watch live videos from your camera via your Google home hub or Chromecast. 

The camera can be used inside or out and is easy to install and has privacy settings within the cloud service alongside a 2-year warranty, what’s not to love. 

Most reviews are good with positive reviews overall especially in regard to the camera’s responsiveness. With just a few concerns over the wall bracket.  


  • Panoramic coverage 
  • Live videos 
  • Low risk purchase


  • Slightly weak wall bracket 


eufy Security SoloCam S40, Solar Security Camera, Wireless Outdoor Camera, Battery Camera, Integrated Solar Panel, Spotlight Camera, 2K Resolution, Wireless, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, No Monthly Fee

The eufy solocam comes with a super powered spotlight that comes on when triggered by the motion detector.

The 600 lumen light will illuminate the entire area scaring off potential intruders and lighting the way for visitors. It works up to 8 meters and works swiftly. 

Although slightly more expensive than most, the Eufy has no monthly fees or hidden extras so well worth the initial investment.

The 2k resolution makes for clear photos and videos for easy identification. 

Reviews for this camera are positive with focus on the spotlight being the biggest advantage. Some have commented on the weakness of the motion detector. 


  • Powerful spotlight
  • No monthly fees
  • Sharp picture/video quality


  • Motion detector can be slow 


Solar Wireless Security Camera System, 1080P Solar Camera Security Outdoor(Includes Base Station & 2 Solar Camera), 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection, IP65 Waterproof

The 1080P boasts an easy set, no wires and a few screw requirements.

Although the camera has solar technology it also comes with a battery for extra convenience, this eliminates the worry of the camera running out of power at any time. 

The PIR detector is super efficient at capturing all movement and sending your phone a video recording, great if you like to keep up with Mr Foxes daily activities as well as intruder alerts. 

The camera has a base station that can accommodate up to 4 cameras ideal to place in different parts of your home.

Easily set up with a QR code and synced with the base. 

If you want the video stored to the camera’s SD card you will need to purchase this separately otherwise store to the cloud via the CloudEye app. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Sensitive motion detector
  • 4 camera option


  • No SD card included 


Solar Security Camera Outdoor, FUVISION Wireless WiFi Pan 360° View PTZ Camera, Rechargeable Solar Battery Powered with 2-Way Talk, Motion Detection and Siren, Color Night Vision Cloud/SD Storage

The Fuvison camera comes complete with a 100 degree vertical and 355 horizontal tilts as well as a super digital zoom for sharp crisp visuals. 

The two-way talk offers noise cancellation for clear communication.

The camera is fully water-resistant and can withstand all weather conditions. A truly robust camera it also has a fully waterproof battery. 

Four white LEDs create clear nighttime images and videos even in complete darkness. The videos are created in full HD 1080p. It’s 4g enabled meaning the camera can be placed in a remote location. 


  • Digital zoom
  • Noise cancellation 
  • Powerful LEDs


  • Very popular, not always available

Best Solar Powered Security Camera Buying Guide

The great advantage of solar panel security cameras is they enable you to monitor areas without access to Wi-Fi or where running cables would be tricky. However, with so many on the market what should you look for ? 

If you’re using the cameras for remote areas, think about buying those that are easy to install and accessible.

If it’s a farm, stables, garage, construction site, or boat you may not have too much equipment nearby to assist in a  complex installation process. 

Best solar powered security camera

The great thing about solar panel cameras is that they are portable and easy to move if no longer required at a specific site.

You can also choose models that are easy to scale in case you want to add extra cameras at a later date. 

Look for cameras that offer real time video.

Delayed recordings may lose your precious time and if you have intruders you can contact police at the moment to get a better chance of catching thieves. 

Hopefully the existence of the cameras will ward off thieves, and they will think twice before their actions. 

When purchasing solar cameras ensure you get the right size batteries in case of limited sunlight. They need to be X 10 the capacity of maximum solar panel output to avoid damage.

If you are installing the cameras in a Wi-Fi enabled place they are easily connected to the network and great for continuous information.

If there is no Wi-Fi do not fear most are also compatible with 3g/4g perfect for the remote areas. 

Another important factor to bear in mind is how robust the camera is. If you plan on placing it in a remote location that you are away from for lengths of time then it must be strong enough not to attract potential vandals.

Mounts that are easily removed will defeat the object of the camera as thieves will easily be able to remove them and avoid detection.

Place the cameras out of reach and away from objects such as ladders or boxes. Keeping them unreachable is more likely to deter thieves. 

Most cameras come with a standard 25-year warranty which makes it a risk-free purchase and provides a guarantee if things go wrong. Generally the cameras require little maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does There Need To Be Continuous Sunlight For The Cameras To Work?

Not necessarily. It’s useful to read reviews of different solar cameras as some work very efficiently with low light levels. You can purchase a separate battery pack for back up. 

How Clear Are The Pictures And Videos?

This will depend on the specific camera chosen. Read reviews to find out other peoples experiences.

In general the higher the resolution the better the picture quality. Choose cameras that offer color images at night for a clearer view. 

Will I Need Separate Software To Control The Camera?

Most cameras come with compatible software you download onto your computer or smart device.

This enables you to control the camera remotely from wherever you are. You can view the camera from your phone and check in at any time you get an alert. 

Where Will Videos And Images Be Stored?

Most cameras come with an integrated SD card that will automatically store activity, but it will also be stored in the cloud.

Each camera has a different cloud storage option that will be explained in the operation instructions when you purchase it. 

Should I Choose An Expensive Model?

Like purchasing any product more expensive does not always determine quality. It’s useful to understand how specific models work and the benefits you get from each one.

Some may be more suitable for the home and others for work premises in remote areas. 

Ask questions from the customer service department, so you understand what you're buying and ask for a demonstration.

Most reputable companies will willingly show you how a product works.

Many online retailers will have a live chat option and possibly a video demonstration of the camera. Be sure to read independent reviews to find out how it’s working for others. 

Choosing the right solar panel security camera need not be an arduous task and with this handy guide to refer to you’ll be installing new cameras in no time!

Securing your property will allow you to go away happy in the knowledge that your home or business is protected providing peace of mind. Happy shopping!