How Far Can A Ring Doorbell See?

Video doorbells are becoming increasingly popular these days, with estimates that around 20 million homes in the US alone have video doorbells. The leading brand of video doorbells is called Ring. 

Ring doorbells and the company itself was founded in 2013, but has been bought out and owned by Amazon since 2018. The company, Ring is a home security system brand that sells cameras, alarms, video doorbells, chimes and so much more to keep your home secure. 

If you’re thinking about getting one of the best video doorbell cameras on the market, then you’ll need to know about Ring doorbells, what you can use them for and how far the camera can see, to see whether it’s worth your time and money. 

How Far Can A Ring Doorbell See

What Is A Ring Doorbell?

A Ring Doorbell is a type of video doorbell product made and developed by the company Ring. A Ring doorbell is a smart security device, which allows users to see, talk to, interact and record people who ring the doorbell or are near the property. 

Ring Doorbells can be purchased with HD cameras and easy installation or in compact designs that can be wired into an existing doorbell system.

With a Ring Doorbell, you are able to video or record anyone that the video doorbell detects moving around the property, so that your home is always safe and secure. You are also able to listen to the microphone on the camera to hear any commotion outside your home, and you are able to use the speakers to communicate with anyone outside the home.

This is perfect for accepting mail and packages from delivery people when you are not home, or instructing someone to leave a package in a certain designated spot to keep it safe. You can also ward off intruders and see who is calling or ringing the doorbell without physically opening the door itself. 

For most people, a Ring Doorbell gives people a heightened sense of security and confidence in the safety of their home when they are not there. The video doorbells are often attached to the door, so you can see out the front of your home, or ensure that your driveway and vehicles are safe from harm too. 

Why Do You Need A Ring Doorbell?

One of the great things about Ring Doorbells is that they allow you to see anyone or anything around the outside of your home. These doorbells are triggered by motion detection, and by the doorbell button itself if a visitor rings it. 

You can connect the Ring Doorbell to the Ring application on your phone in order to check footage, turn on/off certain cameras and security devices, or to arm and disable your home as needed. 

The video quality is exceptional, the audio is crystal clear, and you are able to use the two-way functionality with simplicity and ease. It’s a great addition to your home, as you are able to see everything that is going on around or near your home when you are not there for your peace of mind. 

In addition, if you work from home, and don’t have time to answer the door due to meetings and work commitments, then you can keep track of your home and ensure that it is safe at all times. Having video footage can also assist in police investigations if needed, and can back you up with evidence if anyone vandalizes or damages your property. 

You can also use the incredible motion detection technology to get notifications whenever anyone is near your home or walking around the perimeter of your property. 

How Far Can A Ring Doorbell See? 

A Ring Doorbell is actually able to detect motion up to 155 degrees horizontally and from five to twenty five feet outward from the fixture. When mounted at the right height, your Ring Doorbell will be able to detect motion and record movement outside of your home in great detail up to 25 or 30 feet away. 

The Ring Doorbell has a great, wide field of view due to the fish-eye style lens that can see almost 180 degrees around the camera. In addition, the Ring Doorbell has a network of PIR, or Passive Infrared motion sensors that are equipped with heat sensors that detect motion. 

As people and animals are naturally hotter than the surrounding environment, the camera sensors register this as a change in movement and sends out an alert or notification to your phone to let you know. These motion sensors also have a focused field of view that kick into action when someone enters the proximity of the home.

With the Ring Doorbell application, you can also set up a Geo-fence, which is a virtual perimeter or boundary around your home. When you leave the geo-fence, you can set up your Ring account to activate and arm your home, and when you re-enter the geo-fence, you can disarm or snooze alerts from the cameras and doorbells so you do not have pointless motion detection alerts. 

Where Should I Position My Ring Doorbell?

When installing a Ring Doorbell, Ring recommends that you mount the doorbell about 48 inches or 4 feet above the ground against a flat surface for the best visibility. This should give you an eye-level view of what is going on outside your house and around your property, so that you can capture people around your home rather than unwanted alerts.  


To summarize, you can use a Ring Doorbell to be notified of motion and movement around your home to keep your property safe and secure at all times. Ring Doorbells are great additions to the home, because they are able to see up to 155 degrees horizontally and up to 30 feet outward from the camera, so you never miss a thing!