How To Turn Off Ring Doorbell

There’s few things more irritating than constant notifications when you’re trying to sleep! 

Is there a solution? How do you turn off your Ring doorbell?

How To Turn Off Ring Doorbell

Turning Off Your Ring Doorbell 

It first depends on what exactly you’re looking to turn off. Remember, if you want everything off – batteries or power are the way to go about it. Remove them/turn off the power source. Having said that, here are some ideas for you: 

Turning Off The Motion Recording 

Generally the cameras work on motion sensors. Reducing the sensitivity of this can help save some battery life and stop pinging on your device when a pointless event happens, like the mailman walking past your door. 

Assuming you’ve already downloaded the Ring app (if you haven’t, do so first!) you’ll want to go on there. Choose which Ring doorbell device you wish to manipulate and then click motion settings.

You’ll now notice a sensitivity slider that starts at “people only” and ends with “all activity.” Slide it all the way to the left (people only) and now you’ll only get notifications for crucial events (someone literally at your door.) 

Motion Zone Reduction 

Back to settings on the app and open motion zones. Depending on which model Ring doorbell you have, you’ll either have another slider for your motion zone or you’ll need to draw a zone up yourself. 

Disabling Motion Alerts

For those of you who want the alerts completely switched off, you’ll need to open the app and go back to motion settings and then select motion scheduling. You can then decide to have time/date based alerts or switch them off entirely.

It is still recording but just not notifying you – remember that you can look at the footage at your own convenience even if it doesn’t tell you what’s happening right away. 

Speaking Of Motion Recording…

On your Ring app, you’ll see motion record – simply switch that off. Although this might save some battery life and stop notifications, it isn’t recommended to have this setting selected for night time or if you work away from home all day. 

Turning Off Chime 

Using the Ring app, select either Ring Chime or Pro and select Chime snooze. This can be done for up to 12 hours. However, this doesn’t work with the other models. For those, you’ll want to open the app and go to settings.

Then, you’ll need to select doorbell kit. Ensure that mechanical has been selected and shift the slider downwards (below) to switch it off. You’ll see that this is a permanent choice (you can change it but it won’t alter automatically) compared with the 12 hours maximum. 

Using Physical Barriers 

Another option is to cover the camera lens using tape that isn’t overly sticky. If it’s too sticky, you’ll leave residue on the lens and that could be permanent causing issues for later recording. 

Why not consider putting some wood or a metal pole over the camera lens and remove it when you want the doorbell to record?

Cutting Off The WiFi Internet Access 

Without its own local storage, Ring requires internet access to work and store recordings. Without that, nothing will be recorded except some screenshot captures.

If your router allows guest access, consider using this to enable/disable the doorbell whenever you want. Other than that, you could purchase a second router and connect it with a smart plug, allowing you to enable/disable it at your convenience. 

Transferring Ownership Entirely 

Perhaps you want it completely out of your life. This can be done pretty easily too. 

First, if you’re paying for the doorbell – cut that out straight away! You can do that by signing in online and accessing your account details from Ring. Remember to always ensure with your bank that this has happened successfully and you don’t owe anything further. 

Now, you’ll want to delete your Ring device from your account. Go onto the app – you’ll see the triple line menu at the top left of the screen. Go to devices and then choose what device you want to get rid of. You’ll next need to click device settings and then general. Click remove device. 

The final step is to reset the device ready for the next person. Simply take off the backplate of the doorbell, push down the orange button (count to about 20) and then release.

If you notice the front of the doorbell is flashing, it is resetting. If this isn’t happening, retry the step but push the button harder/longer. 

Can You Temporarily Turn Off A Ring Doorbell? 

Yes, you can temporarily disable or turn off a Ring doorbell. You can do this by simply snoozing the device, so all of your other devices and alarm systems still work. All you need to do is go onto the Devices tab of the menu, and select your doorbell. 

Then, you can click on Snooze Motion, and you will not receive alerts or notifications when this setting is enabled. That way, no one will get alerts when yet another package arrives at the door, and you can keep shopping guilt free!

Summary & Next Steps

Constant notifications can be a real pain but remember, the benefit of having a Ring doorbell is for security. It is highly recommended that you don’t switch off the doorbell entirely but rather look for better alternatives such as temporary snoozes or less sensitivity on the motion sensors.

It is perhaps important to note that you can change notification settings on your hub device too (smartphone/pc.)