Ring Spotlight VS Ring Floodlight

Our homes are precious to us, and we all want to do what we can to keep them protected. As hands on security isn’t possible around the clock, we turn to security cameras and technology to protect when we can’t. But as night draws in, cameras have a serious flaw.

In darkness, even high-powered cameras struggle to illuminate. What acts as a wonderful deterrent in the day becomes a wall decoration at night.

Ring has navigated this problem by releasing the Spotlight and the Floodlight. These combine the classic Ring security system with powered lights, allowing the user to monitor their property, even in the dark.

With lights connected to an app, the user is given control from a distance. There are many similarities, but in this guide we explore the differences to find the system for you.

What Are Ring Spotlight And Ring Floodlight?

Ring has been at the forefront of the home security market. They’ve created a line of security products that really put safety in the hands of the homeowner. The Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight are two of their popular products.

Both the Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight combine security cameras with lighting, creating a product that’s as illuminating in the dark as it is in the day. Both use the high-quality Ring camera, and both devices can connect to the Ring app.

The important difference is the amount of light coverage the options provide. The Ring Spotlight uses a smaller light, which can successfully brighten a specific area of property. With the Ring Floodlight, the bulbs are much bigger, lighting a wider space around your home.

Both devices work by using a camera and motion sensor technology. When the cameras detect movement, you get sent an alert, and the light can turn on.

So, there are a lot of similarities. But what are the differences? And is the Ring Floodlight or the Ring Spotlight right for you?

Ring Spotlight VS Ring Floodlight

Video And Audio

Both the Spotlight and the Floodlight use the same high-quality Ring camera and audio, including 1080p HD live video, night vision, and two-way audio with noise reduction. Both options also include a siren, which can be used to deter intruders and raise the alarm. Spec differences between the Ring Spotlight and the Floodlight Plus are minimal.

At night, however, the video does have a clear difference. Although video in the day is the same quality across the devices, the superior lights of the Floodlight deliver significantly better pictures. Thanks to the better lighting, the camera is able to record a clearer image of whoever might be setting off the motion detector. It can also record in color.

The Ring Floodlight is also available in the Plus option. This delivers higher quality audio, and improved motion detection. Currently, Plus is only available for Ring Floodlight.

Overall, the differences between Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight are minor in terms of audio and visual performance – at least, if they’re being used during the day. At night, the stronger lights of the Ring Floodlight lead to a higher clarity of image.


The light is, undoubtedly, the most obvious difference between the Spotlight and the Floodlight. The Spotlight is significantly smaller, while the Floodlight uses a much more powerful light.

The Ring Spotlight can provide roughly 300 lumens of brightness. This is enough to provide a reasonable amount of light to a small area.

The light can enhance the quality of images recorded at night significantly. However, there isn’t enough light provided for a color recording. Over larger areas of property, the Ring Spotlight would definitely seem underpowered. 

The Ring Floodlight, on the other hand, utilizes 1800 lumens, over two targeted lights. The difference is immediately noticeable. Light from the Floodlight bounces around the property, successfully illuminating even distant areas. The bulbs are situated in two separate lamps, which face in opposite directions.

Thanks to the spread of light, even shadowed areas become less murky. Because of this light, images are captured better, and they can even be viewed in color.

For a larger property, the Ring Floodlight will provide better results. The light output is impressive, and the extra lumens make a real difference. However, if you only want the light on a specific area, then the Spotlight works just as well.

Power Options

In terms of power options, the Ring Spotlight is currently the obvious winner. The Floodlight requires more power for those impressive bulbs, which limits the charging options available. Power for the smaller Spotlight can be provided in several ways.

The Ring Spotlight is available in four options: battery, wired, mount, and solar. Ring Spotlight Battery uses a rechargeable battery, which is included in the purchase. It can also be purchased in the Solar option, which includes a solar panel.

The Ring Spotlight Solar also has a rechargeable battery, to be used as back up. An impressive battery life is certainly a plus for the Ring Spotlight. The power lasts for a long time, and it’s easy to recharge and get going again. Bought with the solar panel, this is a fantastic, fuss free option.

Wired and Mount options are available for the Spotlight. The Mount connects to any outdoor electrical box, while the Wired plugs into a standard power outlet. Both provide non-stop power to the Spotlight.

As the Floodlight needs much more power, it isn’t currently available in a battery option. Instead, there is a Wired or Plug In option to choose between. The Floodlight requires a continuous connection, which makes it a less versatile option.

Set Up

For ease, the Spotlight is the better choice – if you buy it with a battery. When battery powered, the majority of the Spotlight set up can be done from the comfort of your home. Begin by simply charging the battery, and setting up the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Once this is done, the bracket needs to be secured to the wall. Carefully read the installation instructions to ensure the motion sensor is being installed at the optimum height, and then it’s a simple matter of screwing the bracket into the wall. Push the device into the mount, and tighten the screws into place.

Because the Floodlight requires wiring, set up and installation is slightly more difficult. The wiring is best done by a professional. However, once wired in, there’s little maintenance required, whereas the Spotlight battery will require charging.

Both the Spotlight and the Floodlight are connected to the Ring app, which offers you remote control of the device. This is incredibly easy to use, with clear instructions directing you through the initial set up. In no time, use of the Ring app should feel intuitive.


In terms of design, the Spotlight and the Floodlight both have the classic Ring styling. They’re sleek and streamlined, with little in the way of extraneous decoration. 

The Floodlight is the larger of the two, measuring 11.7’’x7.03’’x9.67’’. The larger design accommodates the two floodlight lamps on top of the camera box. This has a very typical security design – it immediately stands out as a security light and camera. If you want an obvious visual deterrent, the Floodlight is the better option.

The Spotlight is much more compact, measuring only 4.96’’x2.72’’x2.99’’. Without the large floodlights, the simple camera and light unit can really disappear on the wall. The Spotlight doesn’t draw attention to itself until the camera and alarm comes on.

The basic central unit of the Floodlight looks almost identical to the Spotlight. The main difference is the lights on top. Available in both black casing and white casing, the Ring can be either an obvious security deterrent, or a well-disguised camera.

Both options are for outdoor use only.


The Ring Floodlight is the cheaper option, but there’s very little price difference. Both systems will cost around $200 for a single device, with savings available the more cameras you purchase. 

Ring offers a subscription service, which gives you access to some additional features. However, the subscription isn’t necessary for the device to work.

Both options can be purchased via Ring on a payment plan.

The Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight can both be purchased from Amazon.com, or the Ring online store.

Is The Ring Spotlight Or Ring Floodlight Right For You?

Which option is better for you will depend on the size of property you need lighting. The smaller Spotlight is better for porches and doorways. The larger Floodlight can illuminate across a yard or driveway.

If your home is close to other properties, the Spotlight might have another benefit. Light from the Floodlight spreads, which means nearby homes might also be lit up.

Although this would be appreciated whenever a suspicious person is in the area, when you just want light to take the trash out, Floodlight could irritate the neighbors.

When considering the options on their own merits, the Floodlight is the better choice. Increased lighting allows for better visibility, and a superior video recording. But not every home needs that much light.